Can I Give My Dog Kaopectate?

Can I Give My Dog Kaopectate?

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The use of Kaopectate, and other anti-diarrheal meds, is popular with pet parents. After all, diarrhea is common among canines. But, obviously, these products weren’t designed for dogs. Safety is a concern.

Kaopectate is successfully given to some animals, but you’ve got to reduce the risks. This over-the-counter antacid can cause several side effects. We’ll talk dog dosing, alternatives and other do-it-yourself tips.

The good news is Kaolin with Pectin is routinely utilized by vets. Bismuth subsalicylate, the now active ingredient in Kaopectate, is very similar to Pepto. None are long-term solutions. Learn more for your dog’s sake!

Can I Give My Dog Kaopectate? Answer: Yes

This medicine can be administered, but it must be dosed properly.

Kaopectate is known to work well for dogs. It’s provided orally, either in liquid or capsule form. The product treats mild diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and nausea. Most of these symptoms apply to dogs and Kaopectate is okay when used correctly. A prebiotic named Diarrice is an even better alternative to consider.

Kaopectate should never be given to cats!

Kaopectate vs. Pepto

The original Kaopectate formula was ineffective and an overhaul was done. It now compares closely with Pepto which is commonly given to dogs. Many owners go for the least expensive option.

It’s tough to choose between these two products. Pepto is better known, so it’s likely more dog owners use it. There’s really little difference and Kaopectate works just as well.

Know the Side Effects

A common problem with Kaopectate is the possibility of canine constipation. This is often a result of too high a dose. Different color stools, usually darker or even black, are also known to occur.

Your pet dog may want to drink more water afterwards. Dizziness or a decrease in energy are documented. Dosing Kaopectate correctly is very important and we’ll discuss it.

Some Serious Symptoms

Visit your veterinarian immediately if your dog vomits, bumps into walls, or there are involuntary spasms. These are quite serious symptoms. Some owners also report a fever after Kaopectate use.

Some dogs even cry out because their stomachs don’t agree with this antacid. Observation is critical whenever administering human drugs to a pet dog. This certainly includes Bismuth subsalicylate.

Dog Dosing of Kaopectate

Treatment should only be for 2 days maximum. After that, if the problem isn’t improving, stop giving Kaopectate to your dog. It isn’t meant to be an ongoing thing.

An expert should be consulted for Kaopectate dosage. Consensus is a max of 1ml (milliliters) per pound every 6 hours. Don’t exceed this dosing unless a vet approves.

Have plenty of water at the ready. Pedialyte is recommended if Fido is already dehydrated.

Must Have a Backup Plan

Negative reactions are possible any time drugs are given to pets. Vets routinely deal with doggie diarrhea and there’s peace of mind in a visit. Unfortunately, many folks cannot afford to do so.

Your best course of action may be to administer a conservative amount of Kaopectate or Pepto and wait 48 hours. Then, closely watch your dog for bad reactions or recovery clues.

Discontinue Kaopectate if things don’t improve. Try pumpkin as a natural remedy or the previously mentioned excellent prebiotic for dogs.

Conclusion on Kaopectate

Dogs can take Kaopectate, but getting a vet’s opinion is preferred. Correct dosage is critical for avoiding unnecessary risks. Know the side effects associated with Bismuth subsalicylate. Kaopectate cannot cure a dog’s chronic gastrointestinal problems. It’s only a short-term solution.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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