Can I Give My Dog Hot Sauce?

Can I Give My Dog Hot Sauce?Hot sauce is used in lots of foods. Think barbecue! While many dogs may enjoy the spicy and tangy kick, that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. Think twice before providing your best buddy with this condiment.

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Feeding a dog something smothered in a spicy sauce could be unhealthy for them. There’s no doubt that giving your pet any type of hot tasting food is, at the very least, a bad idea.

Dogs typically don’t handle spicy foods all that well. Such a concoction, of questionable ingredients, could complicate matters. Let’s look at all the factors concerning your pooch and hot sauce.

Can I Give My Dog Hot Sauce? Answer: No

It’s not healthy and may disrupt the stomach.

Hot sauce is inappropriate for pets. Often these spicy concoctions contain chili which is, needless to say, a highly unusual food for a dog to be eating. Consider all the unhealthy chemicals that go into making a bottle of hot sauce. Fortunately, spicy foods in general aren’t known to cause lasting damage. But this assumes your dog hasn’t eaten a particularly intense and fiery variety.

A canine consuming hot sauce, over a long period, certainly raises lots of concerns!

The Digestive System Myth

There’s a misconception regarding the digestive systems of dogs. Their willingness to try just about anything, and their ability to bounce back, doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from poor choices.

If you allow your dog to have an occasional meal containing some hot sauce, just like other questionable foods, enforce a strict policy of moderation. Fido and fiery foods don’t mix!

Hot Sauce on Accident

There are situations where your dog may knock over a bowl of chili, or perhaps a bottle of hot sauce, causing it to spill. Dogs are known to happily lap such a mess, which could be worrying. The good news is that any digestive symptoms after such a mishap will likely pass and your dog should be fine.

That said, too much hot sauce will be bad for any pet. Expect episodes of indigestion or diarrhea. While lots of dogs may appear to digest spicy meals without incident, typically their internals aren’t as resilient as humans. Consider that many people cannot actually handle spicy foods.

Avoid Bad Feeding Habits

Giving your pet dog hot sauce is a bad feeding habit. Dinner scraps, more often than not, are a dog’s favorite meal and we are all guilty of it. Occasionally feeding your dog a bell pepper is fine, but those which are spicy should really be off limits.

Over the long term, hot sauce may do damage to your dog’s health but also their behavior. Some pet owners mistakenly consider it safe, because it seems to bring pleasure. Such thinking is the wrong approach!

Hot Sauce Consequences

If you must feed your dog something with hot sauce, make sure it doesn’t have much kick. Wicked fiery hot sauce can lead to an irritable bowel, and perhaps long term internal damage. This means big trouble for both you and your dog since vet visits may be inevitable.

Another thing to watch out for is your dog’s eyes. Canines can be quite messy eaters. An incident can be very painful, possibly dangerous if they get hot sauce in or around their eyes. In such a case, using Clear Eyes is unlikely to help much.

Conclusion on Hot Sauce

Don’t feed your dog anything containing hot sauce. That includes foods like chili, hot sauce or anything processed for that matter. Short term consequences may be non-existent, but long term damage is our concern. Obviously the more spicy the hot sauce, the worse the situation could be for your dog. Keep this condiment out of reach, regardless of your dog’s preference for spicy foods.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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