Can I Give My Dog Honey?

Can I Give My Dog Honey?Busy bees make sweet honey by using the nectar from flowers. For thousands of years, it’s served various culinary purposes all over the world. No doubt that honey is a popular ingredient that gets used a lot but what about for dogs?

Although honey can be great for adults, one should be careful about giving honey to infants, puppies and other baby animals. This is because it may contain some dangerous botulism spores which can harm those who aren’t mature enough to tolerate it.

That said, honey can be very useful and healthy for canines. You certainly can provide some to your dog on occasion but understand the risks and restrictions. We’ll offer some more tips and recommendations below.

Can I Give My Dog Honey? Answer: Yes, adult canines only

Giving a small amount may be beneficial, health-wise, but avoid providing it to puppies.

Raw honey is pure and unaltered. This means it hasn’t been heated or pasteurized or transformed with any other ingredients. In any case, honey is fine to be used as an all-natural sweetener for homemade dog treats or as a natural remedy which we’ll discuss later.

There’s an excellent peanut butter and honey-flavored snack on the market which we sometimes use as a rewarding treat.

Moderation is the Key

Just like most foods, honey should be used in moderation since it contains a lot of sugar as well as high calories. If your dog has too much it could cause an upset stomach or diarrhea. Processed honey isn’t really healthy so it’s best avoided in high amounts.

If you have a puppy, be very careful about providing them with any amount. Their immune systems aren’t fully developed and they may not agree with the botulism spores potentially found in honey.

Honey for K9 Allergies

You’ve heard that a spoonful of honey can help with allergies. It’s true! A little bit can alleviate canine allergies as well. This is because raw honey contains traces of pollen which can help acclimate your dog to the pollinated air. So, in theory, honey tends to reduce the potency of some airborne allergies which also applies to Fido.

Indeed, raw honey can be great for dogs suffering from certain allergies. But if your dog has recurring allergy problems and nothing seems to help, including honey, talk to your vet about other solutions such as Apoquel. It’s important to understand that not all types of allergy problems can be treated with the use of honey.

For Digestive Health

Everyone needs help with digestion issues every once in a while. What better way to do it then with natural raw honey instead of medications that could be dangerous for your dog’s health. Raw honey contains enzymes that may help your dog digest food better. This natural alternative certainly seems like a much better idea when compared to the potentially harmful over-the-counter products found at your local supermarket or pharmacy.

However, if your dog’s digestion is a serious and ongoing problem, it’s best to consult with a vet instead of attempting to treat them yourself.

Natural Energy Booster

Naturally, dogs love to be outdoors to play and get down and dirty. It’s what they do. So when your dog seems lazy and inactive, a little bit of honey can help. Raw honey has natural sugars that are broken down by the body, when used in moderation, and it also can boost your dog’s energy.

Natural honey would certainly be better than providing your dog with any type of energy drink or sports drink. These types of energy boosters contain many undesirable ingredients such as sugars, dyes and caffeine.

Conclusion on Honey

Adult dogs, but not puppies, can have honey in moderation. It could be healthy for them especially when it comes to digestion, allergies and for boosting low energy levels. The easiest way to provide it is by mixing a tablespoon of it in their water, or by purchasing a dog food containing raw honey. But try to get your hands on honey that wasn’t heated, pasteurized or otherwise adulterated as those altered kinds won’t be nearly as beneficial.

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Trish March, 2015

Thanks for your website, Maureen. I have four adorable Maltese and they are Teddy, 16, Lacey, 13, Cameo, 9, and Pixie, 6. Cameo has a really bad cough. She was checked by our vet who feels it might be allergies. Her heart, lungs and all were found to be okay. I’m going to try the honey and see what happens. Thanks again! Hello to Daphne from our crew!

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Mia March, 2015

I have a dog who coughs sometimes. He’s about 2 years old. Is that old enough for me to give him some honey?

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Abdullah March, 2015

Certainly! Give him half a teaspoon of honey twice a day. One when he wakes up in the morning and one before going to sleep at night.

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Candice April, 2015

Are dogs considered puppies until they are 2? My Labrador is nearly 15 months old. The vet said she had bronchitis and recommended honey but according to this it’s bad for puppies?

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Abdullah April, 2015

Dogs are usually considered puppies until they are one year old. Still, my 2.5 month old puppy who had kennel cough was given honey twice each day. The cough got cured in less than a week. Honey can be bad for very young puppies when given too much. Your dog can have honey twice a day for sure!

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Maria June, 2015

Hello Mia. I was reading your comments about your dog coughing. Please check him for heart-worms. My dog was diagnosed with heartworms and she was coughing as a result. I didn’t know that the condition is caused by a mosquito bite. It may be only allergies in your dog’s case but it’s better to be on the safe side.

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Terry August, 2014

I have a 13 year old dog with a skin allergies. She itches all the time. They treat her with drugs. Can I rub some honey on her neck to see if it helps? It is pure honey with no additives.

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Timothy August, 2014

My little girl Chihuahua was diagnosed with lung cancer and given the token six months to live. That was one year ago and she’s still here, happy, just the same. I truly believe that love, attention, medication, chemo, home remedies such as honey and most of all god helped! Bless all those dealing with a sick pet.

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Terence March, 2014

I read that an Irish Terrier was diagnosed with a spleen tumor a year back. Its owner was told to bring the dog home and wait for him to die in the next week. They started giving the dog a table spoon of honey a day. One year later, they can’t find a thing wrong with him. The honey might not have cured the dog, but it helped a lot.

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