Can I Give My Dog Honey?

Can I Give My Dog Honey?Busy bees make sweet honey by using the nectar from flowers. For thousands of years, it’s served various culinary purposes all over the world. No doubt this gift from nature is wonderful but what about for dogs?

Honey can be great for adults, but be careful about giving it to infants, puppies and other very young animals. This is because it may contain dangerous botulism spores which can harm those who aren’t mature enough to tolerate it.

But, under normal circumstances, honey is useful and healthy for canines. You can provide some to your dog on occasion. Just understand the risks and restrictions. We will be offering additional tips and recommendations here.

Can I Give My Dog Honey? Answer: Yes, but not young pups

Giving a small amount is beneficial, but avoid providing it to puppies.

Honey is excellent when used as an all-natural sweetener for homemade dog treats or as a natural remedy which we’ll discuss later on. For now we can recommend an excellent peanut butter and honey-flavored canine snack which we sometimes use as a convenient and rewarding treat our dogs.

Fact: Raw honey is pure and unaltered which means it hasn’t been heated or pasteurized or transformed with any other ingredients.

Moderation is the Key

Just like most foods, honey should be used in moderation since it contains a lot of sugar. It’s also high in calories. If your dog has too much it could cause an upset stomach or diarrhea. Processed honey isn’t really healthy so it’s best avoided or at least restrict its consumption.

If you have a puppy, be very careful about providing them with any amount. Their immune systems aren’t fully developed and they may not agree with the botulism spores sometimes found in honey.

Honey for Canine Allergies

You’ve heard that a spoonful of honey can help with allergies. It’s true! A bit can alleviate canine allergies as well. This is because raw honey contains traces of pollen which can help acclimate your dog to the pollinated air. So, in theory, honey tends to reduce the potency of some airborne allergies which also applies to Fido.

Indeed, raw honey can be great for dogs suffering from certain allergies. But if your dog has recurring allergy problems and nothing seems to help, including honey, talk to your vet about other solutions such as Apoquel. Of course, not all types of allergy problems can be treated with honey.

Good For Digestive Health

Everyone needs digestive help every once in a while. What better way to do it then with natural raw honey instead of medications that could be dangerous for your dog’s health. Raw honey contains enzymes that will help your dog digest food better. This natural alternative is great when compared to the potentially harmful over-the-counter products found at your local supermarket or pharmacy.

Please consult with a vet if your dog’s digestion is a serious and ongoing problem.

A Natural Energy Booster

Dogs love to be outdoors to play and get down and dirty. It’s just what they do. So when your best buddy seems lazy and inactive, a little bit of honey can help. Raw honey has natural sugars that are broken down by the body and this tends to boost energy. So you may notice that your dog is hyper.

Consider that natural honey is certainly better than providing a dog with any type of energy drink or sports drink. These kinds of energy boosters often contain many undesirable ingredients such as sugars, dyes and caffeine.

Conclusion on Honey

Adult dogs, but not puppies, can have honey in moderation. It’s healthy for them especially when it comes to digestion, allergies and for boosting low energy levels. Provide some by mixing a tablespoon of it in water, or by purchasing quality dog treats that incorporate honey. Use unheated and unpasteurized honey when making homemade treats as adulterated kinds aren’t nearly as beneficial.

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