Can I Give My Dog Honey?

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Can I Give My Dog Honey?The sweet food made from busy bees by using the nectar from flowers is honey. Honey is often collected by beekeepers and later jarred and then purchased by consumers and companies. Collecting honey from bees began at least 10,000 years ago.

Honey served various purposes in many parts of the world like sweetening foods such as biscuits, and other foods. It is an ingredient that is used a lot. It is used to sweeten hot tea naturally, and it is even used in cough medicines. It is one of those inexpensive things that can be used in nearly everything. Sweets, dinners, drinks, etc.

Although honey can be great for adults and young children. One should be careful giving honey to infants, puppies, and other baby animals. It may contain some botulism spores that can affect a young animal or baby since their immune systems are not mature enough to tolerate it.

Can I Give My Dog Honey? Answer: Yes

Giving a dog raw honey can be beneficial to his health just like an adult. Raw honey is honey that has not been heated, pasteurized, or adulterated with any other ingredient. Honey can be used as a natural sweetener for homemade dog treats.

Just like most foods honey should be used in moderation. It contains a lot of sugar and if your dog has too much it could cause an upset stomach as well as diarrhea. Also be careful when giving puppy dog food since it could contain honey and honey could be dangerous to a new pup as well as a baby.

Allergy Assistance with Honey

You may have heard that a spoonful of honey can help with someone’s allergies. What you may not have heard is a little bit of raw honey can also help a dog’s allergies as well. The raw honey contains some traces of pollen which can help adjust your dog to the pollen that is found in the air without bothering his allergies. Raw honey is great for dogs that suffer from extreme allergies and may help him enjoy himself a little more.

If your dog has allergies and nothing seems to help you may want to talk to your vet about how to make him happier and suffer with this problem less.

Digestion Help

Everyone needs help with digestion issues every once in a while, and what better way to do it then with natural raw honey instead of medications that could be dangerous for a dogs health. The raw honey has already become digested by the bees, and contains some enzymes that will help your dog digest his food better. Processed honey will probably not help a dog since it will not contain as much, if any, enzymes.

Again, if digestion seems to be a problem it will probably be best if you talk to a vet about the problem instead of attempting to cure him yourself, without the knowledge of dogs and medications.

Energy Booster

Naturally dogs love to be outdoors to play and get dirty, it’s what they do. For days when your dog seems lazy and inactive a little bit of honey can help. Raw honey has natural sugars that are easily broken down by the body and boosts the energy of the dog.

For an energy booster do not give your dog any energy drinks or sports drinks. There are some things that are not good for a dog that are found in energy drinks and sports drinks like sugars, dyes, and caffeine, which could be dangerous. If your dog is acting unusual and does not seem like his usual self then it may be a good idea to visit the vet. Trying to treat them yourself will only work if the condition isn’t serious. How long has your dog been lethargic?

Raw Honey & Your Dog

Dogs can have honey, in moderation, and it could be beneficial to his health. Especially when it comes to digestion, allergies, and low energy. The easiest way you can give it to your dog is by mixing a tablespoon of it in their water, or purchasing a dog food with raw honey already in it.

Just remember if it was heated, pasteurized, or adulterated it will not be as beneficial since it will not have all the necessary enzymes in it.

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Terry August 30, 2014

I have a 13 year old dog with a skin allergies. She itches all the time. They treat her with drugs. Can I rub some honey on her neck to see if it helps? It is pure honey with no additives.

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Timothy August 22, 2014

My little girl Chihuahua was diagnosed with lung cancer and given the token six months to live. That was one year ago and she’s still here, happy, just the same. I truly believe that love, attention, medication, chemo, home remedies such as honey and most of all god helped! Bless all those dealing with a sick pet.

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Terence March 18, 2014

I read that an Irish Terrier was diagnosed with a spleen tumor a year back. Its owner was told to bring the dog home and wait for him to die in the next week. They started giving the dog a table spoon of honey a day. One year later, they can’t find a thing wrong with him. The honey might not have cured the dog, but it helped a lot.

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