Can I Give My Dog Ham?

Can I Give My Dog Ham?Ham is very popular. It’s only a matter of time before your dog wants some. Is this an appropriate meat for canine consumption? Read more before sharing a slab!

A concern with ham is the high fat and salt. Feeding too much, to an already overweight dog, is a bad idea. The added sodium also isn’t great. Salty foods should be limited.

Remember that ham is a form of pork. This type of meat tends to come with more risks for dogs. Harmful bacteria, or parasites, are possible. Weigh more factors for Fido…

Can I Give My Dog Ham? Answer: Not Recommended

Canines require meat, but this particular kind is likely too rich.

Ham could easily add too much sodium in your dog’s diet. Perhaps a wild beast would hunt down and kill a pig in the wild, but domesticated dogs don’t need cured, lean and salted hams. That said, feeding a dog a small amount of ham is harmless. That’s true in the short term, but don’t depend on ham for your dog’s protein requirements.

Feeding this salty meat, too often, could also be the beginning of a bad feeding habit.

Ham Not a Replacement

Pigs bred for slaughter are pumped with antibiotics and all kinds of growth hormones. This is all the more reason not to give ham to your dog.

Many vets recommend against giving dogs this type of meat citing the high salt factor and even the potential for diarrhea.

Sure, owners give their dogs small portions of ham all the time. But this begs the question: why risk it? Ham may not be well-tolerated and it’s no health food. Avoid or, at the very least, feed only occasionally.

All Meats Aren’t Equal

The industry promotes ham by calling pork “the other white meat”, but it’s really not as good as beef or chicken. Dogs require meat-based protein, but ham is inferior to most other types of meats.

Pork is actually a low quality protein. Ham, all pork really, also tends to be harder to digest compared to others. This, in itself, is reason enough not to toss your dog a piece of the holiday ham.

Forget Ham and Upgrade

You can put most table scrap questioning to bed, including ham, by simply getting a high quality dog food brand. Many owners wince at the thought of paying more for canine chow.

They end up giving Fido people foods which costs even more in the long run. Get the premium stuff and this way you won’t have to make up for nutritional gaps. Ham just won’t cut it for your dog!

Some Ham & Pork Truths

Maybe you’ve heard about cooked pork being put under a microscope. Sometimes it has worms or parasites. The fact is, pork or ham isn’t kosher or entirely clean.

It also contains toxins and many rightly consider it to be unhealthy. We don’t think this should be any less true as it apples to pet dogs.

Bacon, for example, is viewed a sinful food. It tastes delicious yet everyone knows it’s not healthy. Ham, bologna or even hotdogs may not be the worst pork products, but they are still no nutritional champions.

Giving these meats to your dog is your prerogative, but at least consider the information.

Conclusion on Ham

Ham, a form of pork, isn’t a desirable meat for dogs. Keep healthy treats on hand to satisfy canine cravings. You can pull the ‘old switcheroo’ and avoid serving up questionable meats like salty ham. Of course, sharing a bit of ham with a dog isn’t a total disaster. Just understand long term consequences including bad begging behavior. All this means more ham for you!

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