Can I Give My Dog Ham?

Can I Give My Dog Ham?It’s only a matter of time before your dog wants some ham. Is it an appropriate meat for canine consumption? With all the salivating going on, should you be sharing slices?

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The problem with ham is the high saturated fat, salt and preservatives. Feeding too much, to an already overweight dog, is a bad idea. The added sodium also isn’t great.

Ham is a form of pork. This type of meat tends to come with more risks for dogs. Harmful bacteria, or parasites, are another possibility. Weigh all the factors for Fido. Keep reading!

Can I Give My Dog Ham? Answer: Not Recommended

It’s typically too salty, often loaded with sodium nitrate, and not nearly as desirable as other meats.

Ham could easily add too much sodium to your pet dog’s diet. Cured, lean and salted hams generally aren’t good for domesticated dogs. Giving a small amount will be harmless. Just don’t depend on ham for a dog’s protein requirements. Canine consumption must be limited!

Feeding this salty meat, too often, may also develop into a bad feeding habit.

Ham’s Downsides for Dogs

Consider that pigs bred for slaughter are pumped with antibiotics as well as growth hormones. Many vets recommend against giving dogs this type of meat citing the high salt and a potential for diarrhea.

Sure, owners give their dogs small portions of ham all the time. Just don’t do so on a regular basis. Ham may not be well-tolerated and it’s no health food. At the very least, feed it only occasionally.

Protein but Preservatives

Ham was once promoted by calling pork “the other white meat” but, in truth, it’s not as nutritious as beef or chicken. Your dog needs meat-based protein, but ham is inferior to most other meats.

It has protein, but it’s also more difficult to digest. This is true for people and their dogs. To make matters worse, ham tends to be loaded with sodium-based preservatives such as nitrates and nitrites.

These are good reasons not to toss your dog the leftover holiday ham!

Hold the Ham & Upgrade

You can put to rest most questions about table scraps if you keep your buddy’s life as simple as possible. Get a top quality dog food. With the premium stuff, you won’t have to make up for nutritional gaps.

Prevent a pet from getting pancreatitis by holding the ham sandwich. Too much saturated fat for Fido!

Delicious but Dangerous

If you put pork under a microscope you may see a world of worms or parasites. That’s the nature of this meat. Not only is ham a bit riskier than other protein sources, it’s also unhealthy for your pet dog.

Bacon, for example, tastes delicious yet everyone knows it’s far from a health food. Ham, bologna and hot dogs are no nutritional champions either. Strictly limit these foods to keep your dog fit.

Conclusion on Ham

Ham, all pork, isn’t great for dogs. Sharing salty ham is not healthy despite the protein. Your pet dog may have some digestion difficulty, but long term effects are the main concern. The high sodium and preservatives means more leftover ham for you!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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