Can I Give My Dog Gum?

Can I Give My Dog Gum?It is a problem when your dog’s breath is really bad. Can giving them a piece of chewing gum help? This idea should be quickly dismissed for many reasons, with one being that your best buddy can’t actually chew it!

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Simply put, gum is for people and not pets. There are potentially toxic ingredients in these products, including artificial sweeteners such as xylitol. There is no good reason why a dog should ever be given any.

Perhaps, under a different scenario, Fido accidentally ate some of your chewing gum. This is very “GUMfortunate” but it does happen and we will address what should be done about it.

Can I Give My Dog Chewing Gum? Answer: No

Forget about sharing some because it’s just a really bad idea.

Not only is your dog unable to utilize gum, it could be harmful for them when swallowed. This is likely to occur and canine consumption may lead to digestive problems or worse. The ingredients in chewing gum are artificial and there are numerous unknowns. Whatever the brand, flavor or type of gum it’s a definite no-no. Consider more appropriate and effective ways to address bad breath. Start by getting a quality dental kit designed specifically for dogs.

Trust us! Giving gum or even a mint won’t solve anything.

Today’s Chewing Gum

The manufacturers of these popular products are always upping the ante. The classic sugary gum ball is rarely seen and now have mostly sugar-free kinds with plenty of artificial sweeteners with dozens of flavors. There are always new and stronger gum products meant to last longer. This is bad news for dogs since it likely means they contain even more potentially toxic ingredients, like Xylitol.

The case could be made that stronger concentrations make chewing gum even more off limits for pets.

Accidental K9 Consumption

If your dog gets into a pack of gum and eats a bunch, you can expect a bit of canine constipation. Feeding some mashed pumpkin will often help to soften their stool and carry out the gummy mass. If your best buddy has eaten a whole lot of gum, call a vet to see if they are concerned enough for you to bring them in.

There is some debate as to whether dogs typically have adverse reactions from ingesting chewing gum. Some vets recommend inducing vomiting after considerable consumption, like an entire pack. Others advise monitoring of the situation to see how the dog is reacting. You know your pet best and this is a judgement call.

But if your dog experiences alarming reactions, after consuming some chewing gum, play it safe and bring them to a professional.

Good Alternatives to Gum

If you want your dog to have fresher breath and healthier teeth you have to take steps to keep their oral health at optimal levels. Giving them a piece of gum is wildly inadequate, reckless and even negligent. To keep your dog’s mouth healthy it’s important to brush their teeth often. There are special canine brushes and toothpastes to make the process very effective. They are highly recommended.

Fighting Bad Doggie Breath

Severe halitosis it could be a sign of bigger problems. Bring up the bad doggie breath issue the next time you visit your vet to see if there are any underlying medical issues to be addressed. With a good diagnosis you should notice an improvement in your dog’s breath. Surely there is never a need for inappropriate human products such as chewing gum or mints.

Conclusion on Chewing Gum

Any number of factors can cause your pet dog to have bad breath, but giving them chewing gum is absolutely the wrong approach. Not only do these products contain potentially harmful ingredients but your dog will end up swallowing the gum which can certainly be problematic. Dental problems should be addressed with the help of a good veterinarian. Chewing gum is only for humans and never for dogs.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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