Can I Give My Dog Greek Yogurt?

Can I Give My Dog Greek Yogurt?Greek yogurt is much higher in protein compared to the regular variety. This, and the probiotic effect, would explain why owners often ask about feeding it to their pet dogs.

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Compared to plain yogurt, we favor the Greek variety. Remember, though, it’s still a dairy product. Despite the reduced lactose, it may not fully agree with your dog’s stomach.

On the other hand, if all goes smoothly, sharing some Greek yogurt is harmless. Small portions are advised, but even then, consider better ways to improve your dog’s digestion.

Can I Give My Dog Greek Yogurt? Answer: Yes, in modest amounts

As an occasional treat only.

Greek yogurt, even with its protein, is not a natural fit for a pet dog’s diet. This pretty much goes for all dairy products. We think that Greek Yogurt should only be a very special treat, even if your dog seems to handle it well. Get a quality canine probiotic if you are interested in bacterial cultures and their amazing digestive health benefits.

Dogs are often easily intolerant to dairy, despite Greek yogurt’s reduced lactose. That’s not to say it cannot be okay for your pet pooch.

Greek vs Regular Yogurt

Greek yogurt is more appropriate, and a bit healthier, for dogs when compared to regular yogurt. The extra straining means less lactose (whey), sodium, sugar and carbohydrates yet there is more protein!

On the other hand, Greek yoghurt also contains less potassium and calcium. Overall, we agree that this particular type of yogurt makes more sense for a pet dog in comparison to the conventional kind.

Probiotic Yogurt Benefits

Greek yogurt can, at least in theory, also improve a dog’s digestion. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a live bacteria strand that’s good for gut health. But this microorganism, and others like it, isn’t only in Greek.

All probiotic yogurts may strengthen the immune system which is another great attribute. These benefits apply to dogs, but consistency is important for these effects to be truly realized.

The Answer Is Debatable

We aren’t raving about Greek yogurt for dogs because it is, after all, a dairy product. It also doesn’t make sense from a cost standpoint.

If you don’t want to hear an alternative and hard-hitting viewpoint then certainly don’t watch this video!

A non-dairy high quality probiotic designed specifically for four-legged friends would be way better.

Just as a Light K9 Treat

Greek yogurt also happens to be low in calories which means it won’t make your dog sluggish. It can be a light snack, once in awhile, if a furry friend can handle the moderate lactose. It is a health food, for sure!

Though Greek yogurt is extra creamy, the carb count comes in low – just like the lactose levels. It’s a nutritious treat, but limit a precious pet’s portions much like with cottage cheese and fermented kefir.

Cheese, itself, is also quite low in lactose. In all cases, be conservative with canine consumption.

Conclusion on Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt, if it agrees with your dog’s stomach, is fine on occasion. There is a probiotic potential for pets, but the expense factor makes it impractical. It’s packed with protein and fares well against regular yogurt. That said, Greek yogurt is a dairy product. Limit it to a special treat for your dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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