Can I Give My Dog Grapefruit?

Can I Give My Dog Grapefruit?Grapefruit is a nutritious fruit that can help with weight loss. But is it something that you can safely give to your dog? What’s healthy for us isn’t always beneficial or even safe for dogs. This can be especially true when talking about a food as acidic as a grapefruit.

The fact is that dogs don’t require a lot of fancy foods or a varied diet. Unless they’re starving, you likely won’t catch them eating grapefruits, or most others fruits for that matter. When left on their own, they’d much rather a juicy slab of meat.

Though your furry friend has been domesticated for awhile now, they still share many similarities with their wolf and coyote brethren. This means their diet should consist of a high protein dog food. This will provide the same sort of nutrients they’d be getting out in the wild, something that grapefruit can’t provide.

Can I Give My Dog Grapefruit? Answer: Not Necessary

Dogs don’t need grapefruit and they won’t benefit from the vitamins in it the same way us humans do.

Many human heart patients are put on special diets which includes grapefruit for breakfast. It is absolutely a health food. While it’s true that there are many benefits to eating a grapefruit, these don’t carry over to canines.

Lots of Vitamin C

One of the biggest draws to eating grapefruit is all of the vitamin C it contains. However, dogs do not need the same sort of vitamin C levels that we require. They produce their own and it would be overkill. Anything else they need is provided in their dog food assuming you are giving them the good stuff. In which case, you don’t really have to add any supplements to their diet.

Grapefruit is one of the citrus fruits and is therefore highly acidic, much more so than even pomegranate.

Simple, Simple, Simple

When it comes to feeding your dog, keep things as simple as possible. This means that whatever money you would be spending to supplement your dog’s diet with fruits, vegetables, and other add-ons can go into a higher quality dog food.

That’s the one way to ensure that you are giving them the absolute best. This way you don’t have to put a lot of thought into whether or not your dog is getting everything they need.

Meat vs. Fruit vs. Neither

Higher-priced dog foods are likely to contain a good meat source as the main ingredient. If you compare that to the low cost varieties, which you can find at the local supermarket, you’ll see that the first ingredient is usually some filler such as corn or some wheat-based substance.

These foods are doing your dog a big disservice. When you upgrade your dog food you should notice an increase in the amount of energy they have, how shinier their coat is and other signs that they’re doing better. The point is, rather than giving them grapefruit, why not try something of high quality that’s formulated for your dog’s needs.

Lost in Translation

As a society, we are always tempted by all the hype surrounding new diet fads and health supplements. There are so many claims of amazing weight loss and energy boosts as a result of eating certain things or living certain ways. A simple mentality is that if it’s good for us it’s also good for dogs.

This is clearly a dangerous and completely wrong assumption. In fact, more often than not this is simply not the case. A better rule of thumb is to treat your dog like they’re very special, which they are. They respond differently to certain foods, such as grapefruits, and many other ingredients.

There’s even a diet out there called The Grapefruit Diet. Don’t even consider putting your dog on something like that if they have issues with their weight.

Conclusion on Grapefruit

Grapefruit could very likely to upset your dog’s stomach. It’s very bitter as well and they probably won’t even like the taste. They’d probably much rather a meat-based meal on a regular basis and you should oblige. It may be best to avoid giving your dog this healthy fruit altogether.

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William January 16, 2015

Grind up the seeds from grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes or other citrus fruits and add them to food. Grapefruit seeds are effective for killing, weakening and repelling parasites.

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Edward January 12, 2015

My dog loves fruits. She steals apples from my bowl and eats a few slices. She also likes grapefruit, grapes and oranges. Honestly, it seems she prefers fruits over normal dog food.

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Robin April 26, 2014

My dog absolutely goes bonkers over grapefruit. I always give her some, but I’d like to know if I’m doing damage.

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Nicole February 26, 2014

My dog ate some small amounts of grapefruit the other day and had no complications. She really enjoyed it and wanted more.

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Jon January 9, 2014

The ASPCA website says grapefruit is toxic to dogs, cats and horses. Look for diarrhea, depression, vomiting and possible photosensitivity.

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Diana March 8, 2015

The ASPCA is referring to the grapefruit plant, not the fruit.

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Jon March 9, 2015

The ASPCA website specifically names Citrus Paradisi and even includes a photograph of the fruit. It states, “Toxic to dogs, toxic to cats, toxic to horses”

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