Can I Get My Dog GPS Tracking?

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Can I Get My Dog GPS?If you’re thinking of becoming a high-tech dog owner you may consider GPS. Everyone loves their electronic devices. What’s great is that prices have dropped for some particularly cool pet gadgets. Incorporating technology with dog ownership seems like a great proposition. This is exciting stuff so let’s check it out.

People use GPS every day to navigate the roads. This same technology can now be used for tracking your dog’s location! Does this seem like an awesome idea? I’m going to break down particular situations for needing such pet tracking devices so you can choose which option best fits you and your dog.

Most canines being tracked with GPS are hunting dogs. If you live in a rural area and bring your dog with you during hunting season then you may be familiar with Garmin’s GPS device for tracking sporting dogs. If you aren’t a hunter but still wish to utilize tracking technology there are several other options. This is our Dog GPS reviews page!

Can I Get My Dog GPS Tracking? Answer: Yes, there are awesome devices!

Garmin designed the Astro 320 GPS Tracker which is used primarily for sporting dogs and hunting. This is the top of the line when it comes to GDP technology.

Garmin also offers the Track & Train System which incorporates more advanced hunting techniques such as teaching dogs to not chase what is considered unwanted game. These handheld devices are capable of tracking up to 10 dogs simultaneously. Also, the data updates every 2.5 seconds and the tracking range can be up to 9 miles.

If you aren’t a hunter but you want the best device out there you can still go with the Astro 320. Your neighbors will be jealous for sure. It’s expensive but in my opinion worth it if you are a tech geek with a dog. It may even turn into a hunting hobby depending on where you live.

Cheaper Yet Effective Alternatives

If you want something without all the bells and whistles then consider the RoamEO Pet Monitor System. The price point for this product is much lower than the Garmin yet the reviews are generally positive.

With this device you can track 2 dogs at once with a maximum range of 500-600 acres or about a half mile in any direction. If your dog moves out of this range you may lose the signal. It’s accurate within 9 to 12 feet but doesn’t track altitudes like the Garmin.

This is more of a practical solution instead a focus towards hunting. When you compare prices this really does seem like a good value.

Basic Yet Effective Gadget

If you don’t need a visual handheld display but just want to be able to track down your dog then you are in luck. There’s a solution which will set you back less than $100 and it works well according to those who’ve purchased it.

Loc8tor uses audio and visual clues which emit from a handheld device in order to lead you in the direction of your dog. As you get closer the sounds and lights increase in frequency which continues to guide you.

This device does not use GPS but rather radio frequency signals which can track your pet up to 400 feet away. That’s a small range so this is for more of a close quarters neighborhood solution. You’d bring this out if you are calling for your dog and they don’t run back to greet you.

Which GPS Tracking Device

We’ve presented 3 very different products which perform tracking functions to varying degrees. It really comes down to balancing your needs together with your budget.

Think about what kind of range you realistically need. Is 500 acres enough? If so, and you live in a city or suburb and don’t plan on hunting consider RoamEO. It seems to be fairly priced while you still get to tinker with a cool interface and some decent features. Loc8tor, while useful, really has some range limitations but again that goes on a case by case basis.

Amazon is really good about returns so if you try it out and don’t like it you can probably return it for a full refund. If you do decide to test out one of these devices please come back and tell us about the product and share your story here.

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Gordon October 13, 2014

I live in Newfoundland and I want to be able to track, pinpoint accurate, my dog from one end of the island to the other. Is there a GPS device available to do this?

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Rita Adams July 29, 2013

I can’t afford to loose my dog so having him equipped with a GPS tracker sounds like a great idea.

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