Can I Give My Dog Garlic?

Can I Give My Dog Garlic?Most of us are aware of the health benefits of garlic. But does it offer the same benefits to dogs in a safe manner? Many dog owners are looking for information regarding the possible health benefits of garlic as they apply to canines. Let’s look at when it is safe to use and whether it can also be a food supplement for pets.

There is an ongoing and important debate as to whether or not garlic is good for dogs. Some people claim there are numerous benefits for pets. Others strongly assert the harmful effects they can bring upon animals.

This issue is of particular concern for dog owners. We need to know the true effects of garlic. There is no doubt garlic has many uses. Knowing if it is healthy or harmful for dogs is not so simple. The answer isn’t clear-cut, black or white so to speak. Learn as much as you can so you can use it effectively and minimize risk.

Can I Give My Dog Garlic? Answer: Yes

Provided that you use an appropriate amount, using moderation in both frequency and dosage level, garlic is safe for dogs.

It has numerous benefits for animals in general. However, pet owners must be very careful when using this pungent flavored onion. Extra precautionary measures must be observed to guarantee safety. Dogs are sensitive to it. You may want to consult with a veterinarian regarding the appropriate quantity and frequency of use.

A recent study claims that garlic has harmful components which is true. Some dogs and some people are allergic to it. Under normal circumstances, garlic only becomes harmful when given in large doses. In severe cases, it can create Heinz bodies, oxidative damage to the animal’s red blood cells. Given in large doses, on a regular basis, garlic can result in Heinz-body anemia, even death. Be careful with garlic!

As you see, garlic has its pros and cons. As a holistic medicinal plant, it is one of the most effective components around, both for humans or animals. However, when you are unsure of garlic as a remedy for your dog, always seek professional advice. Better safe than sorry.

Benefits of Garlic for Dogs

For many centuries, garlic has been considered one of the most effective natural remedies for Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. With more than 30 compounds, it is a very effective treatment for many ailments. Just like with humans, garlic offers multiple health benefits for dogs if used in moderation.

Immune System Boost

Garlic effectively enhances the functions of the bloodstream by boosting killer cells’ activities. Cells responsible for destroying cancer and other harmful microbes are strengthened. Giving your dog garlic supplements can develop their immune system and protect them from certain diseases, like cancer.

Improved Liver Function

Garlic is also known for its detoxifying effects. Some compounds found in garlic help enhance the function of the liver by eliminating harmful toxins. As a result, toxic accumulation in the dogs’ system, which may lead to cancer, is assisted and possibly prevented.

Fights Infections

Garlic is among the most potent antibiotic and antimicrobial natural foods which fight against parasitic, fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Crushed garlic, mixed in olive oil, is an effective antiseptic for ear mites, ear infections and other minor injuries. Adding fresh garlic in your dog’s diet can also prevent infections in the intestines, mouth, respiratory tract, throat and stomach. The key is not to overdo it.

Repellent Against Ticks & Fleas

According to some studies, garlic’s odor effectively prevents the outbreak of fleas and ticks. This is because certain compounds are metabolized when applied on the skin of a dog. Garlic is more effective as a repellent against ticks and fleas when mixed with brewer’s yeast.

When NOT to Give Them Garlic

Though garlic is safe to use at moderate levels, there are instances when you should avoid giving it to your dog. Listed below are the most common unsafe cases:

  • Garlic should not be given to dogs that are about to undergo surgery.
  • Garlic is unsafe for dogs with anemic conditions.
  • Puppies between 6-8 weeks old should not be given garlic since their blood cells at this stage are not yet fully developed.

Responsible Dog Ownership

You can give your dog garlic provided that you follow the appropriate usage frequency and dosage level. Too much of it may be harmful for your canine so practice moderation. Seek your veterinarian’s advice and research until you are confident.

It is admirable that you want to take the necessary steps to help your dog. Hopefully you learned a bit about the pros and cons of giving garlic to your dog.

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Anna November 13, 2012

Only a minuscule amount for taste


Narcissa April 9, 2013

I have 3 Pomeranians and the oldest is 8 years old. He has had a dental procedure recently. I suspected that although I have cleaned his teeth almost everyday since I got him as a puppy, that he would be in average condition and would need at least 3 or more tooth extractions.

I am happy and shocked to say that he only had two extractions done, ( 1-minor incisor) and one very small molar in the very back (hard to reach area for maintenance.) Other that that, his teeth & gums are healthy, and I strongly think that it is due to my use of garlic in his diet.

I do not use large amounts. I use it once a week & I have been doing so since I got him as a puppy. Also since the doctor didn’t prescribe any antibiotics for him I use this to prevent infection. Garlic is a highly recommended antibiotic among homeopathic vets.

His sister also had dental work. She is 7 years old but she is much smaller & has smaller teeth. This is her third dental visit in 7 years. She had only two minor extractions done (incisors in the lower mandible.) This was to prevent any decay from those incisors affecting her large lower canine tooth next to them. In general, she has beautiful white teeth and healthy pink gums.

All in all, I think in small amounts according to homeopathic veterinary recommendations, garlic is very beneficial for all my dogs. I’m learning many other herbs like turmeric are good also.

I would highly recommend garlic as a canine antibiotic unless the dog has other underlying issues directly correlated with a blood disorder, example being anemia. Too much of anything thing isn’t good overall. But in small amounts, for a small dog – it works wonders!

I wish many blessings to all who have concerns about their dogs. May your dogs live a long healthy and happy life.


Kelsey August 22, 2013

I have a year old pit, male. I give him one clove every month, or every other month. I live in an area with a higher risk of ticks and fleas. He takes regular walks in high risk tick areas (with him rolling around in the bushes). He is around other dogs with fleas on a normal basis.

I have never once had to buy a flea/tick medication. Either the garlic works, or he just isn’t susceptible for whatever reason. They just don’t bother biting him. Through my almost year of owning him, I’ve found a total of one tick and one flea while cleaning the ears.


James August 22, 2013

Kelsey that is interesting. We can’t be sure the garlic is a defense against fleas and ticks but it is plausible. Thanks for sharing the info.


Anne February 18, 2014

Garlic is good for dogs in small amounts. Half a clove every other day for a medium sized dog is good. It’s the only vegetable in the onion family that you can give to dogs. It has many health benefits like being a natural dewormer (killing internal parasites) and keeping fleas at bay.


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