Can I Give My Dog Garlic?

Can I Give My Dog Garlic?Garlic offers many health benefits but does the same apply to dogs and in a safe manner? Let’s look at the possibility of giving garlic to your dog and whether it can be a food supplement for pets in general.

It’s debatable as to whether or not garlic is good for dogs. Some claim there are numerous benefits. Others strongly assert the harmful effects garlic can bring upon some canines.

For sure, garlic is a great source of protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C and dietary minerals. But knowing if it’s healthy or harmful for your dog turns out to be not so simple. The answer isn’t black or white. You can, however, use it more effectively and minimize risk by learning as much as possible.

Can I Give My Dog Garlic? Answer: Yes, very small amounts

Provided that you use an appropriate amount, meaning conservatively in both frequency and amount, garlic is generally safe for dogs.

Unless your particular canine doesn’t react well to garlic, it can potentially provide cardiovascular improvement and numerous other health benefits. However, you should be cautious when initially providing this pungent flavored food.

Dogs may be even more sensitive to garlic than people. Consulting with a veterinarian on its use is smart.

Use Caution Please

Garlic contains potentially harmful components for dogs because it’s in the Allium family as are chives, onions and scallions. Many dogs are known to be dangerously allergic to them. But under normal circumstances, garlic only becomes harmful when given in large doses.

In severe cases, it can create Heinz bodies, oxidative damage to your animal’s red blood cells. This can result in Heinz-body anemia, even death. So be careful with garlic!

As you can see, garlic has its pros and cons. When you’re unsure of garlic as a remedy for your dog, seek professional advice. Better safe than sorry.

Yes, Garlic for Dogs

For thousands of years, garlic has been considered one of the most effective natural remedies. Ayurvedic, Chinese and even Ancient Egyptian medicines have used this herb extensively. With more than 30 compounds, it’s an effective remedy for many ailments. It can even serve as an antibiotic in crushed form.

This is one amazing holistic medicinal plant. There’s no reason to believe garlic can’t offer the same health benefits for dogs when used in moderation and assuming they aren’t allergic.

Immune System Boost

Garlic enhances the functions of the bloodstream by boosting killer cells. These cells are responsible for destroying cancer and other harmful microbes. Giving your dog garlic supplements can enhance their immune system and protect them from certain diseases, like cancer. So, in theory, garlic can help dogs.

Improved Liver Function

Garlic is also known for its detoxifying effects. Some compounds found in garlic improves liver function by eliminating harmful toxins. As a result, toxic accumulation in a dogs’ system, which may lead to cancer, is stopped in its tracks and possibility overcome. Your dog’s liver could benefit.

Fights Infections

Garlic is among the most potent antibiotic and antimicrobial natural foods which fight against parasitic, fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Crushed garlic, mixed in olive oil, is an effective antiseptic for ear mites, ear infections and other minor injuries. Adding fresh garlic to your dog’s diet may prevent infections of the intestines, mouth, respiratory tract, throat and stomach.

Repel Ticks & Fleas

Some studies claim that garlic’s odor effectively prevents fleas and ticks from harming dogs. This is because certain compounds are metabolized when applied to the skin. Garlic is most effective for dogs as a repellent against ticks and fleas when mixed with brewer’s yeast.

When NOT to Give Garlic

Though garlic is generally safe to use in small amounts, there are instances when you should avoid giving it to your dog. Listed below are some common unsafe scenarios:

  • Garlic shouldn’t be given to dogs that are about to undergo surgery.
  • Garlic is unsafe for dogs with anemic conditions.
  • Puppies between 6-8 weeks old should not be given garlic since their blood cells are not yet fully developed.

Responsible Dog Ownership

You can give your dog garlic provided that you’re conservative with the usage frequency and dosage level. Too much of it may be harmful for your canine so practice moderation. Seek your veterinarian’s advice and research further until you are confident.

It’s admirable that you want to take the necessary steps to help your dog. We hope you learned something about the pros and cons of giving garlic to dogs.

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Jacob October 5, 2014

My dad has always put garlic powder on top of his dog’s food, mixed in with soft and dry dog food and a tablespoon of liver oil. He has never ever had fleas on either of his outside dogs and after brushing the dogs’ coats, they shine. My dog wound up with ticks and fleas after we moved into a former rental house. I had to have the house and dogs treated. My dad says that fleas and ticks can’t stand the scent of garlic. He also sprays them with diluted apple cider vinegar.

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