Can I Give My Dog Emetrol?

Can I Give My Dog Emetrol?There are good reasons why a medicine such as Emetrol would appeal to pet owners. This OTC product helps to alleviate nausea, vomiting and even upset stomach. If your dog has these symptoms, can this phosphoric acid solution actually work for them too?

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First off, in order to avoid misuse of Emetrol, you should know that it’s relatively normal for dogs to vomit now and then. Turn your back, while out on a walk, and they may eat something they shouldn’t have! Vomiting, in itself, may not be reason enough to reach for this antiemetic syrup.

But when your dog gets sick, and can’t keep anything down, it’s understandable to want to help them with Emetrol or something similar. In fact, it is often used successfully for canines but there may be better options. In any case, keeping your dog hydrated is a top priority during such a difficult time.

Can I Give My Dog Emetrol? Answer: Yes

It’s fairly safe if a proper dosage is provided which is primarily based on body weight.

The sweet cherry liquid flavor makes it easier to administer compared to tablets. But if your dog is quite ill, you may have to use a syringe and squirt it down their throat. As always, and as with any human OTC med, confirm this antiemetic treatment with your vet. Assuming Emetrol is appropriate for your dog, and you have the correct dosage, you could begin noticing improvements within a few hours.

It’s very important to keep a close eye on your four-legged friend afterwards, to ensure that they don’t develop adverse side effects.

Not for Motion Sickness

Some people use Emetrol for reducing motion sickness symptoms. It has some qualities which can make it a reasonable choice for travel. However, it likely won’t be as effective for your dog as Benadryl for example. Yes, it treats nausea but primarily the kind resulting from other illnesses. There are motion sickness products which are widely considered to be a better choice for dogs.

Combating Dehydration

While vomiting is common, dehydration is the real worry for pet dogs. Sickness can make your pooch dehydrated and this could happen very easily. Ensure this doesn’t occur by monitoring them closely while providing plenty of fresh water. Make no mistake, Emetrol won’t be able to prevent such a serious problem.

You can, however, use honey on their gums to keep Fido’s sugar levels up and reduce the risk of glaucoma. Also, evaluate their hydration levels by pulling the skin up between the shoulder blades. If it springs back into place, your dog likely isn’t dehydrated. But a few seconds delay could mean that your canine is already suffering from dehydration.

When a Vet is Needed

If your dog cannot keep food down, and is also showing telltale signs of dehydration, phone a veterinarian immediately. Emetrol may be ineffective and a more targeted treatment plan may be needed. It’s possible your best buddy could require a drip, for awhile, to get desperately needed fluids into their body.

Besides, a professional may recommend something better than Emetrol following a full diagnosis.

Recovery & Eating Again

After a recovery, start your dog out on a plain diet to assist the stomach while it returns to normal. A mixture of boiled rice and chicken is a great and simple meal choice. Start by giving small amounts at regular intervals.

If they continue to improve, increase the food portions for a couple of days before returning things to normal. But if your beloved dog gets sick again, hold off on food for at least twelve hours. Do not administer Emetrol again. Instead, ensure there’s plenty of fresh water available. Thereafter, once again try a small amount of food.

Conclusion on Emetrol

Liquid Emetrol is generally safe for dogs when used appropriately, but it isn’t a cure-all. Owners sometimes turn to this over-the-counter antiemetic for symptoms related to vomiting and it often does work. However, it isn’t great for motion sickness when compared to alternatives. Whatever your reason may be, confirm it with a vet and get accurate dosage with detailed instructions prior to use.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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