Can I Give My Dog Emetrol?

Can I Give My Dog Emetrol?Emetrol is a human over-the-counter medication used for nausea and vomiting. There are good reasons why such a product could appeal to dog owners. If you are researching nausea treatments for your dog you’ve come to the right place.

Many of us worry when our dogs start vomiting, but it’s completely normal for dogs to get sick during their lives as they tend to eat things they shouldn’t out of the garden or while out on walks.

When your dog gets sick and can’t keep anything down, you’ll be tempted to run off and buy them something from the pharmacy to make them well again. The first thing you need to do is keep them well hydrated, leave plenty of fresh water out and encourage them to drink even when they’re not interested.

Can I Give My Dog Emetrol? Answer: Yes

Emetrol is quite safe for dogs, though your vet will need to advise you on the dosage requirements based on your dog’s size.

The advantage of Emetrol is the sweet cherry liquid is quite appealing to dogs, making it easier to administer than a tablet. This being said, if your dog is really ill and can’t keep anything down you may have to use a syringe and squirt it down their throat.

Always confirm with your vet before administering any human over the counter medications to your dog because if they are able to take it, the dosage will be determined according to their size.

Once your veterinarian has advised you of the dosage, you should notice improvements within a few hours. Keep a close eye on your dog to ensure that he doesn’t develop any adverse side effects, but this medication is usually a safe choice and is used by many dog owners.


While vomiting isn’t fatal to dogs, dehydration is. It’s very easy for a dog that is sick to get dehydrated. The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to monitor them closely and keep offering them water, if they won’t drink. Wet your finger and rub the water in their mouths every half an hour or so. You can also rub some maple syrup or honey on their gums to keep their sugar levels up and reduce the risk of glaucoma.

You can always pull the skin up between their shoulder blades to see how quickly it bounces back. If it springs back into place your dog isn’t dehydrated, but if it takes a few seconds to shrink back into place, your dog is suffering with dehydration.

When to Go To the Vet

If your dog cannot keep anything down and is vomiting constantly, you will want to ensure he’s not dehydrated. If he is showing signs of dehydration, phone the vet immediately.

The vet may ask you to bring the dog in for a checkup and they may put him on a drip for a while to get fluid into his body and reduce the risk of dehydration. If he does have to go to the vet, he will probably only be in for a day or so before he can come home again.

While at the vet he will also be given anti-nausea medication to treat the vomiting while being given fluids.

Eating Again

When your dog stops vomiting or comes home from the vet after being sick, you will want to start him on a very plain diet to help the stomach while it returns to normal. A mixture of boiled rice and chicken is a great simple meal choice.

Start by giving your dog a very small amount at regular intervals and watch to see if they get sick or can stomach it. If they are improving you can increase the amount of food for a couple of days before returning to their normal food.

If your dog gets sick once it’s eaten, hold off on food for twelve hours but ensure there is plenty of fresh water available and then try again with a small amount of food thereafter.

Reasons to Administer Emetrol

Some dog owners turn to this over the counter medication because their dog is suffering with vomiting, though some dog owners use it to reduce motion sickness. Whatever your reason is, confirm with the vet first and get the correct dosage directions for your dog’s size before administering.

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