Can I Give My Dog Eggs?

Can I Give My Dog Eggs?Eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious foods. They’re loaded up with vitamins, protein and minerals. It’s no wonder owners want to share with their dogs.

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For sure, furry friends can partake. Giving your dog an egg or two will be healthy for them. Some understandably wonder if cholesterol is a canine consideration.

Not really, and we’ll be explaining why. Eggs have few downsides for dogs, but you’ll still need to limit a pet’s portions. Let’s take a closer look for Fido’s sake.

Can I Give My Dog an Egg? Answer: Yes

Your buddy will benefit. Boiled is best or utilize the calcium in the shells (see video below)!

Dogs aren’t really as prone to cholesterol risks, and associated diseases, compared to humans. After all, they don’t live as long. Even the egg yolk, where many of the nutrients are found, is okay for your pet dog. Without a doubt, feeding one or two makes for a healthy treat.

A more consistent way to add eggs to your dog’s diet is with a high-quality chicken and egg dry dog food.

Super Food for Fido

Besides the protein, eggs contain vitamin D. This works in tandem with calcium, also found in eggs, for nutrient absorption. Expect healthy bones and teeth.

A lesser known benefit is Choline, an excellent essential vitamin. Iron and selenium are in abundance. Think of eggs as a super supplement for your dog.

They’re a great source of iodine which ensures a healthy thyroid. The vitamin E, zinc, Riboflavin and fatty acids are potentially beneficial for pets.

Pet-Friendly Protein

Dogs thrive on protein. Eggs have a bunch as well as essential amino acids. That they’re also fairly low in calories means you have yourself a winner!

People who eat eggs for breakfast tend to have more energy throughout the day. There’s no reason why can’t be true for a pet dog.

Mix in some egg with your dog’s regular food for a protein boost!

Downsides for Dogs

There is a drawback to incorporating eggs into your dog’s diet. They contain enzyme inhibitors, mostly in egg whites. This may affect digestion.

If you limit portions, to just a few per week, you’ll likely have nothing to worry about. Overall, eggs are a fantastic feeding choice for a canine.

Raw Eggs and Shells

Feeding raw eggs to a dog is controversial. Consider that furbabies have quick and short digestive tracts. So, some raw egg is unlikely to be harmful.

Quite the opposite, raw eggs and even the shells can do a lot for your dog’s coat. The unaltered proteins will keep the fur shiny, an indication of good health.

Regarding eggshells, they are quite beneficial. This type of calcium is very desirable for dogs. Watch to learn about a great preparation tip!

Raw eggs shouldn’t be fed to dogs in poor health or those with weakened immune systems. Contamination could cause canine complications.

Conclusion on Eggs

It’s appropriate, even smart, to occasionally feed eggs to your dog. Keep servings to a few each week. Egg shells and yolks are also healthy. Cholesterol isn’t a concern. The nutrients in this budget-friendly food will improve your dog’s coat. There are many health benefits associated with pet dogs eating eggs.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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