Can I Give My Dog Eggs?

Can I Give My Dog Eggs?Eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious foods. Eating eggs provides you with vitamins and minerals. Eggs are one of the only foods that contain naturally-occurring vitamin D which is needed for healthy bones and teeth.

Eggs also contain calcium, which results in healthy bones and teeth, Choline which is essential for normal development of brain and memory and Folic acid which is very important if you are pregnant. They also contain high levels of iron and selenium which are useful in fighting cancer. Besides this, eggs are a good source of iodine that helps in healthy thyroid activity and they contain vitamin E and zinc as well. It’s okay for your dog to have the yolks, as that’s where all the nutrients are.

Eggs have the best quality protein including all of the eight essential amino acids. One medium egg contains less than 80 calories and 5g of fat. Because of their low calorie value eggs could actually protect you from heart disease. Compared to meat and other high protein foods, eggs are budget-friendly. Fresh eggs that are certified salmonella-free make for an excellent food. Also, it’s been proven that people who eat eggs for breakfast have more energy during the day, thus standing a chance to lose more weight.

Can I Give My Dog Eggs? Answer: Yes, but sparingly

Be careful when giving your dog food meant for human consumption. This includes eggs.

In some cases this can lead to them having gallbladder problems. Of course the fact that every dog is different remains, so two different dogs might have a different reaction to the same type of food. Eggs in small quantities remain good, and so does any kind of food made for dogs.

Also, dogs are allowed to eat some kinds of cereal, as a snack and they can have about a half of a handful of cereal a day. You can also give your dog meat products from time to time. Raw carrots can be on the menu too. However, there are some foods that you should never give to a dog such as chocolate, grapes, or citrus fruits.

Eggs are quite good for dogs. They are one of the most valuable forms of proteins that a dog can get but it’s very important that they are cooked. Still, as good as they are you should not give cooked eggs to dogs too often. For dogs, they are considered more as a treat. In their natural habitat, dogs would eat eggs on occasion and with the shell.

Your Dog & Raw Eggs

In recent years, dog owners have been receiving information that a raw diet has a lot of positive effects on their dogs’ health. Raw diet includes everything raw: meat, fruit, vegetables, but dogs can also eat dairy products and raw eggs. Many owners question how raw eggs affect their dogs.

A raw egg is actually very helpful as long as the dog gets it up to once in a week. It is very helpful when it comes to shaping the dog’s coat. They are a great source of protein. Those proteins keep your dog’s fur shiny.

When giving the dog a raw egg it has no harm if it eats the shell as well. On the other hand, if you give the dog more eggs than they can, it can upset their stomach and also affect their white blood cell count. So, be sure not to give them more than one raw egg a week, because that can lead to problems.

Benefits of Cooked Eggs

Many dog owners insist on giving their dogs raw eggs, but cooked eggs should be served to dogs more often, because raw eggs can block the absorption of biotin. Eggs contain selenium, which is beneficial to dogs.

Crushed eggshells can give your dog a nice calcium boost. Boiled eggs are a favorite of many dogs, so you should by all means treat your dog to a boiled egg or two every now and then.

Should Dogs Eat Eggs?

You know how they say that everything is good in small quantities. Well, for dogs this saying is half-true. Yes, it is safe to give eggs to your dog, but it is also important not to go overboard with this habit. Keep it under a few eggs a week, and there will be no side effects at all.

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Ginger January 20, 2015

I’m feeding my 15 pound, 9 month old Miniature Pinscher 2 fried eggs per day. Is that good or bad?

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Boris January 30, 2015

Eggs are an awesome treat for your pup. However, if you do fry them, be sure not to use too much butter or oil because they aren’t healthy for dogs. Two eggs a day is a bit much for a small pup such as yours. I’m a proud owner of a 110 pound Rottweiler and even he only gets a few eggs, fried or boiled, twice a week. It’s great for their coats and they do love the treat. My pup enjoys his eggs sunny side up and over his dog food. Remember, too much of anything can be bad.

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Terence December 1, 2013

Eggs are allergenic ingredients for dogs. Some dogs are allergic to chicken too. The chicken is normally cooked and not the raw form.

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Susan January 24, 2015

It’s all the chemicals and parasites. Doctors have known for years that chemicals create a hostile environment leading to inflammation and creating health problems. We must remove as much chemicals as possible and put back into our foods all the herbs, fruits, vegetables and grains.

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Trish Miller September 2, 2013

I know of no physiological reason why it would not be okay to feed an egg a day if you choose to. If you check with the nutrition department at a leading vet school like UC Davis or Cornell, I believe this will be confirmed.

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