Can I Give My Dog DayQuil?

Can I Give My Dog Dayquil?When the family dog comes down with a nasty cold it can be tempting to reach for your supply of DayQuil. Could this popular cold and flu product help and what about its safety record for pets?

DayQuil is known to be a quick fix for congestion, fever, cough, runny nose and similar symptoms. These annoyances can obviously affect dogs as well, but this OTC medication isn’t a safe option for a four-legged friend.

This combination medicine contains active ingredients that are potentially dangerous for pets. Dayquil is not only inappropriate but internal organs can be harmed. Your dog is precious so don’t risk it!

Can I Give My Dog DayQuil? Answer: No

Also avoid giving Nyquil since most variations, of both products, contain acetaminophen.

Last year our youngest dog had some sort of upper respiratory ailment along with congestion. We had success treating it with something called Vet Rx which is a 100% natural remedy. DayQuil, in general, isn’t safe for dogs. Acetaminophen can seriously harm the liver and kidneys. It can be particularly dangerous for smaller breeds as well as puppies.

If your pet dog’s respiratory symptoms seem to be worsening then reaching out to a vet is the best course of action.

Different DayQuil Versions

Cold & Flu, Mucus Control DM, Sinex, Severe Cold & Flu are just a few over-the-counter product variations of Dayquil. In addition, most of these versions come in liquid, liquicap and caplet form. All of these options tend to complicate matters for pet parents.

It’s so very important to avoid introducing active ingredients that carry a toxicity risk for your dog. Acetaminophen, basically Tylenol, is what makes Dayquil so darn dangerous. Effects will vary based on the amount taken, the size of your dog and many other factors. Let’s not find out and just avoid!

Safer Solutions for Sickness

There are certainly better alternatives for treating Fido’s cold or flu symptoms. You can pick up a time-tested all-natural veterinary remedy as previously recommended. You could also use ingredients at home. For example, instead of Dayquil, consider giving a teaspoon of honey as this can ease your dog’s throat irritation.

Look into Plantago lanceolata which is a herbal remedy that works by reducing bronchial tube inflammation. Another is Echinacea purpurea which could boost your dog’s immune system. Finally, Bryonia C6 can moisturize mucous membranes which may clear mucus buildup.

Have you considered that your dog’s symptoms may be related to allergies?

Steam for a Canine Cough

Steam is an effective treatment for cough in humans and it has the same effect on canines. If you can, place your dog in a vaporized room. Running hot water in a small bathroom will work. Leave them in there for about 20 minutes. Repeating the process several times a day could help to ease your dog’s cough symptoms. This is much preferred to Dayquil.

When a Diagnosis is Needed

It’s absolutely essential for your dog to drink plenty of fluids when they have a respiratory sickness. If they refuse solid food, try feeding chicken broth. Encourage eating by moistening foods. Soft food is much easier to swallow when your dog’s throat is sore or irritated.

Sometimes you’ll have to bite the bullet and go to a vet for your dog’s sake. A thorough check-up can determine the root cause of a stubborn canine cough and associated symptoms. You definitely cannot get that piece of mind with Dayquil.

Conclusion on DayQuil

Dayquil, especially versions containing Acetaminophen, is not recommended for dogs. Improper dosage or misuse of this medication can be very harmful. There could be many reasons for your dog’s cough, or flu-like symptoms, with each one perhaps requiring different treatment. Address root causes which may first require a vet’s diagnosis. DayQuil is a human cough medicine that’s fraught with unacceptable risks for your pet dog.

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