Can I Give My Dog Cottage Cheese?

Can I Give My Dog Cottage Cheese?Cottage cheese is often thought of as a healthy food for humans because it’s high in protein and low in fat. The only drawback is that it’s a dairy product, which can lead to just as many drawbacks as benefits.

So how about for a dog, does cottage cheese have any nutritional benefit for our 4-legged friends?

Dogs are simple creatures when it comes to what they need. It’s true that a fair amount of protein is required in their diet. But they should get this from a direct animal source, and not through a processed dairy product such as this.

Can I Give My Dog Cottage Cheese? Answer: Not Necessary

Giving your dog a high quality dog food is the best way to avoid doubts about what you should be giving them.

As long as you keep a consistent diet, with regular feedings daily, your dog should be getting everything they need and in the right quantities. You can save the cottage cheese for yourself.

In fact, you also really don’t have to worry about supplementing their diet. You can put the added savings towards the cost of a better grade dog food.

Not all dog foods are created equal, and a lot of the cheap stuff uses a bunch of vegetable fillers that your dog doesn’t really need. That’s why when you go with an upgrade you usually get a dog food with a meat source listed as the top ingredient.

There will also be some other ingredients but these are there to provide the dog with other nutrients that it needs, and aren’t just there to provide extra weight to the package.

That’s good news for dog owners because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of what to give your dog, and as long as you are following this system you don’t have to worry about getting called out for being a bad owner. It’s the owners that will basically give their dog whatever they feel like that should be held liable for their actions.

A dog is a living creature and should be treated with respect. Tossing them foods and seeing how they react to them is akin to animal abuse. Dogs have sensitive digestive systems, and you don’t want to throw it off balance by giving them whatever you fancy.

Dog Treats are Best

If you’re stuck on wanting to give your dog additional food on top of their dog food, don’t give them people food like cottage cheese, give them special treats that you can buy from the store. This will have a taste that is formulated so that the dog will love it, and also will contain added vitamins for their proper make up.

Cottage Cheese Accidentally?

There’s nothing outwardly toxic for a dog in cottage cheese, it’s just not something you want to get into the habit of giving them on a regular basis, or as a meal replacement if you run out of dog food.

Unfortunately it would be better for you to go out and get them a new batch of dog food than it would be to give them a sizable helping of cottage cheese. It’s got lactose in it and most dogs are lactose intolerant, so you mind find yourself cleaning up dog vomit or diarrhea if you give them a full sized serving of it.

But really, we can’t come up with any good reason as to why you’d want to give your dog cottage cheese. Perhaps you read somewhere that it is good for bodybuilders and weight lifting for putting on muscle, and you thought dogs with a muscular frame would benefit from it, but they won’t.

So just keep things simple with your four legged buddy and stick to the daily routine of a premium dog food so that they get all the nourishment they need each day. Also be sure to leave a dish of clean fresh drinking water for them so they can wash it all down, and stay hydrated throughout the day, and you’ll be handling the intake end of a happy and healthy dog.

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Judie November, 2015

I was told by a friend to mix a little cottage cheese with his kibbles. Lately he refuses to eat and I’m concerned. I feed him good dog food which was recommended by his vet.

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Jas Klair April, 2015

Cottage cheese is fine as a treat, in small doses, now and then. I wouldn’t give it on a daily basis though.

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Steve February, 2015

Cottage cheese is a good enhancement, but not a whole meal, when sprinkled on dry dog food. A small amount shouldn’t trigger lactose intolerance or other diary allergies that dogs may have. My Wheaten Terrier scoffs down his dry food when a little bit of cottage cheese is sprinkled on it.

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Dorothy December, 2014

My 13 year old Shih Tzu started on a Budwig diet with half a tablespoon of cottage cheese mixed with a 1/4 tablespoon of organic cold pressed flaxseed oil. I gradually increased it to one tablespoon of the former and a half tablespoon of the latter. I did this because the vet had given up further treatment for him after he was diagnosed with Cirrhosis and, 2 months later, liver cancer.

He refused to eat anything and went from 17 pounds to less than 10 and wouldn’t walk. He just hid himself under the chair or table, dying. Things changed after using the Budwig diet. 2 times a day, feeding him with my finger, and then we switched to a vegan diet. Occasionally, Hepatic canned food or dry food and he became more energetic and started eating the dry food. His feces also changed from black to normal color.

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Donna October, 2015

Wow, I’m not familiar with that diet. I will say your doggie is very lucky that you looked after him so well and didn’t give up until you found the best food for him.

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Judy November, 2012

My dog had extreme diarrhea from multiple food allergies and almost died. I have been feeding him skinless boiled chicken breast mixed in with duck and potato dog food, but he still had minor intestinal problems and sometimes refuses to eat. However, when I give him cottage cheese mixed in his dry food he eats it all and there are no repercussions. So, I am alternating chicken and cottage cheese.

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