Can I Give My Dog Coconut Oil?

Can I Give My Dog Coconut Oil?Coconut oil has been proven to have a lot of healthy benefits for humans, but do these transfer over to canines? Of course, dogs don’t require human food and don’t need all the requirements from a multitude of sources in the foods we eat.

That’s why it’s not an apples to apples comparison when you think of giving dogs the same things that us humans get. In most instances it’s not necessary to give your dog anything more than their specially formulated food, fresh water, and lots of activity and love.

Since coconut oil can be pretty expensive compared to more traditional oils, it’s better to put that money toward better dog food than to buy the cheap stuff and then add more expensive add-ons.

Can I Give My Dog Coconut Oil? Answer: Not Necessary

Your dog doesn’t need a supplement of coconut oil as long as they are getting a good quality dog food.

All of their nutrition and dietary needs will be covered by the dog food you give them and you won’t have to worry about supplementing it, as long as you are getting them the good stuff.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil gives the human body the good fats that it needs to feel fuller longer, to aid in digestion, and to be healthy all around. People take coconut oil for any number of reasons, or they use it in their cooking.

The truth is that dogs have a completely different set of nutritional requirements and they don’t need the same things we need. Owners might consider giving their dogs this for any number of reasons, but the fact remains that in almost every case imaginable it will not have the desired effect.

The main reason is that it won’t be digested by a dog the same way that it is with people. Since they break it down and digest it differently, it won’t have the same positive benefits that it does for humans. This pretty much renders it useless, but consider this: as long as they are getting fed their daily dose of dog food they don’t need anything else.

Dog Food is Awesome

Not a lot of consideration goes into the dog food you’re giving your dog. Scientists have specially formulated it so that it has everything a dog needs to live a productive, happy, and active life. Since it’s the only food your dog is typically given, it has to be formulated so it’s not missing anything crucial. The proof is in the vast majority of dogs that are fed nothing but dog food and have a great time here on Earth.

People Complicate Things

One characteristic of human beings is that we like to take something simple and make it more complicated. The motivation comes from a pure place, the intentions are good, but often this is lost in the fact that it’s completely unnecessary. Dogs are simple, and they aren’t eating things like fast food and junk food so their system is better able to process the dog food you give them.

When they properly assimilate the vitamins and minerals, the fats and oils, and all the other good stuff that’s good for dogs that’s in dog food, they are getting a ton of benefit from it.

What You Should Do

Keeping things simple is the order of the day. Whether you think your dog needs coconut oil for their hair, for their skin, or for their general health, it’s best to do other things for them instead. Aside from getting them the best dog food, as mentioned earlier, you can take them outdoors more and let them play in the sun.

Conclusion on Coconut Oil

The vitamin D they’ll get from that, as well as the boost to their immune system they’ll get from being active, will do wonders for their health, and is a way better option than supplementing their diet with coconut oil. Plus, it’s easier on the budget, since a walk in the sun is free, and coconut oil can cost twice as much or more as regular vegetable oil.

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Miranda March, 2016

I used coconut oil while giving my dog and cat probiotics. They seem to love the taste. I also rub it on my Chihuahua’s body after baths in the winter time because she seems to get itchy around that time. It has many benefits including anti-fungal properties.


Momma P May, 2015

We use organic coconut oil in this house. We add it to their food and have seen a huge difference in their coats and skin. I use it as a soother for a dog with ear infection which is also happens to be itchy. I only rub the flap of the inside, not in the ear. We rub a small amount on their noses, when they get crusty. We love pure, organic, unrefined and cold-pressed coconut oil only. We highly recommend it to all of our rescue friends.


Anna December, 2013

So can it be used as a substitute for canola oil if I’m baking for a dog?


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