Can I Give My Dog Cheese?

Can I Give My Dog Cheese?Most dogs love cheese and will wolf some down when given the opportunity. Obviously this doesn’t mean that it’s good for them. Most canines will eat all kinds of things, regardless of the consequences.

Some owners give cheese as a reward for good behavior. Giving rewards is a part of dog ownership but you have to be smart about it. A cheesy treat can actually be healthy but it should be done in moderation.

Feeding certain foods, too often, may set a precedent for what your dog begins to consider the norm. Craving or begging could be the result. So, if you use cheese then do so for a good reason.

Can I Give My Dog Cheese? Answer: On Occasion

There may be some healthy aspects to providing it but it’s best to use cheese tactically, like for hiding medications and such.

But first, do you even know if they can handle cheese? If they have dairy tolerance, then perhaps you’ll put it on the list of occasional treats. Otherwise, it may cause some short term digestive issues including flatulence, diarrhea and other bowel complications. Any food that’s never been fed before, especially diary, should be introduced with caution.

The Effects of Cheese

If a dog eats too much cheese, their body may not be able to process it all at once and they could end up having a bout of diarrhea. As stated earlier, many dogs have lactose intolerance problems. This is because they don’t have the digestive enzyme called lactase. If you already know this to be the case for best bud, you should avoid giving them cheese altogether.

If you notice any peculiar behavior afterwards, it’s best to avoid such a strategy in the future. Instead, look for another treat that is just as yummy but without the trouble. If your dog has accidentally gotten into some cheese, monitor them for any problems with indigestion and constipation, or even vomiting. Usually such occurrences aren’t a huge problem.

A Judgement Call

We personally don’t give our dogs cheese but some owners say they uneventfully provide it on a regular basis. You really don’t want your pooch to develop a taste for such foods as they may start to get a bit finicky when given their normal dog food fare. Such snacks should remain unexpected, so they don’t take them for granted. If you want to, try to feed cheese irregularly so that it remains very special for them. Also, avoid the processed kind when possible.

As a Pill Popper

Given the chance, dogs will become cheese junkies. In that sense, it may make for a great way to deliver medicine that’s prescribed by your vet. They may not even realize there’s a pill wrapped in the prize, it’s already gobbled down and being digested. Of course, you can use this method with other foods besides cheese. Some have reported that peanut butter works well as a pill delivery method. There are many good options for achieving such objectives.

Cheese in Perspective

The truth is that dogs don’t need a lot of variety in their diet which means cheese certainly is not something you ever need to share. Even with the potential health benefits, it really doesn’t fit in their diet. So don’t concern yourself with cheese despite the protein, vitamin C and A, calcium as well the the fatty acids.

It seems so boring but domesticated canines just need their high quality dog food. Sure it’s nice to give the family dog a treat every once in awhile but consider a specially formulated dog biscuit. You should probably forget the processed cheese sitting in your refrigerator.

Conclusion on Cheese

It’s okay on occasion but avoid forming bad feeding habits. If your dog has gotten into a whole lot of cheese, you’ll want to confine them to an area and wait for the coming mess. If they were just fed a reasonable size piece of cheese, there’s probably no need for alarm. They likely will be able to process it just fine assuming some dairy can be handled. In any case, consider a better treat for feeding regularly.

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Mike December, 2015

I think we really screwed up. My Lhasa loves cheese and my wife started giving him cheese every night with his dinner. Now my Lhasa weighs nearly 27 pounds! So I got upset and told her no more cheese. Well tonight my Lhasa looked up to my wife and basically said, “where’s the cheese?” When no cheese appeared for over an hour he got mad and went to bed and didn’t eat anything. Did we yank it too fast?


Camila January, 2016

I think I’m having exactly the same problem but it’s been a week now and my dog won’t eat without the cheese. He’s lost a lot of weight. Were you able to solve this problem with your dog?


Ryan April, 2015

Cheese is high in salt. Ideally, it should not be given to dogs.


Jackie April, 2015

I mix in a handful of shredded cheddar cheese mixed with dry dog food and one half chicken breast boiled in plain water. I have noticed that her stools are very soft, not watery just soft. Is this a reason for concern? She is a 7 year old Standard Schnauzer weighing about 50 pounds. Do you think that the shredded cheese will harm her? We want to do what is best for her, always!


Tanya April, 2015

Try feta cheese instead of cheddar or other hard cheeses. Ideally, soak the feta in water to get some of the salt out before giving a piece to your dog. You will find they like it as much as the other and feta is way healthier than the high fat hard cheese versions. Good luck!


Oddie April, 2015

From my personal experience, your dog is probably lactose intolerant. She may seem okay and diarrhea-free, but you probably should keep an eye on her behavior outside. When my dogs eat too much cheese, they go outside to eat some grass. This is due to upset stomach, you know, gas. Maybe you should tone down the amount and frequency of feeding cheese for a week and see if there’s any difference.


Scott November, 2014

My dog eats cheese all the time and has since he was a puppy. He loves it. It never hurt him at all except some trouble pooping, but don’t we all have that after cheese?


Lauri Sue Robertson September, 2014

I think that our dog would run away from home if we didn’t give him cheese every morning with his breakfast!


Camila January, 2016

Same here!


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