Can I Give My Dog Candy?

Can I Give My Dog Candy?When your dog sees their master eating candy they may want to join in, perhaps tempting you to let them have a taste. It’s so true that pets can be experts at tugging on our heart strings.

Some candies are worse than others when it comes to sharing with dogs. Chocolate, if present, is a huge risk and any kind containing it are out of the question. But most kinds of candy should not be given to pets for obvious reasons.

Candies, by their very nature, tend to be loaded with sugar and dogs shouldn’t be eating such sweet things. Even moderate amounts can rot their teeth, disrupt their metabolism and even contribute to the onset of doggie diabetes.

Can I Give My Dog Candy? Answer: No

Just about any type of candy should be off limits for so many reasons.

While sharing a small amount with your dog likely won’t do harm, it certainly won’t do any good either. You are your dog’s gatekeeper and what goes in their mouth is important. Just because someone has a sweet tooth doesn’t mean the family dog should partake. At the very least it could create a bad habit which sometimes leads to behavioral begging.

The Common Misconception

Many people think of dogs as being able to eat just about anything, including candy. This just isn’t the case. Dogs are just as susceptible to many of the same diseases that humans are prone to. This includes cancer and diabetes which are often linked to dietary habits. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dog can handle anything that’s thrown at them and that includes candy.

Never Chocolate Candy

A lot of the candy out there has chocolate in it, one way or another, either inside or outside. This may be the worse type you can feed your dog since it can result in tragedy. Never forget this. Not just candies but many desserts and other types of snacks often incorporate chocolate. Be on the look out!

Not Food Connoisseurs

Dogs don’t stop to savor what you give them so sugary or sweet treats are truly wasted on them. There’s no need to shake things up in their world because dogs only eat to live. They consume so they’re not hungry anymore so candy doesn’t fit into that unless you want to sick pup.

Setting aside the terrible things about providing candy; the more variety you add to your dog’s diet, the more likely they’ll end up with digestive problems later on. There are no good reasons, or positive things, about giving a dog candy whatsoever.

Designated Dog Treats

Opt instead to keep a ready supply of dog treats made especially for dogs. These will typically come with the added bonus of scrubbing your dog’s teeth while they eat it, or providing extra vitamins and minerals that are good for them. This way your dog will get something special, and you can make them feel like they are part of your candy eating experience without actually giving them candy.

Keep It Simple, Really

Your dog is a simple, lovable creature that just needs a good quality dog food, fresh drinking water, daily exercise, and a lot of love. They may be domesticated, and they’re a part of the family, but that doesn’t mean they’re human. We like to have sweet treats like candy and cookies and pies, and cake, and ice cream, but your dog doesn’t need to have these.

Conclusion on Candy

Never give your dog any candy. It’s just not true that canines can consume candies or anything you toss at them. The potential negative health effects of feeding sweets to a dog are, in fact, much worse compared to us humans. It’s a really bad idea and if you personally enjoy consuming candy then keep them out of their reach. Your dog will be much better off without that artificial and unnatural junk!

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