Can I Give My Dog Cabbage?

Can I Give My Dog Cabbage?Cabbage is among the healthiest of vegetables. This leafy green is a delicious part of many recipes. Your dog may be salivating over it, but is sharing appropriate?

There’s no reason to believe that the nutrients in cabbage cannot also be beneficial for a pet dog. There are, however, a few things to consider before feeding Fido.

As you may know, cabbage can cause dogs to be gassy. That’s just the nature of this veggie. That said, the positive aspects make sharing this food suitable and even smart.

Can I Give My Dog Cabbage? Answer: Yes, slightly cooked is best

It’s an excellent vegetable. You can allow Fido to enjoy it on occasion.

Cabbage is not harmful for dogs. In fact, this veggie could be good for their skin. Sure, there is the flatulence factor but that’s to be expected. Other than that, prepare your cabbage in a healthy way prior to sharing with a four-legged friend..

There is reason to believe that lightly-cooked cabbage is a great way to serve it to dogs. Learn more…

Raw Form verses Cooked

You would think that providing a pet dog with raw cabbage would be best. That way, none of the nutrients are lost. However, there is a potentially harmful factor which makes cooking this veggie a must.

There is a natural compound called Thiocyanate which is also in broccoli. It may affect your dog’s thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is possible but unlikely. Be safe and cook your dog’s cabbage before serving.

Steaming or boiling are both healthy when cooking most types of veggies. This goes for dogs too!

Healthy Canine Cabbage

Obviously cabbage is a healthy vegetable. It has great vitamins and nutrients. Let’s look at these benefits as they apply to dogs. Probably the best attribute, linked to leafy cabbage, is the antioxidant factor.

Any appropriate food for a dog, that is also a natural antioxidant, is a great addition to their regular diet. Antioxidants help fight against free radicals which are always working to harm your dog’s body.

A head of cabbage, at least in theory, helps prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases that are common among people as well as dogs. There is also evidence this leafy food keeps the mind sharp.

Avoid Questionable Spices

When cabbage is part of a recipe, like in Chinese food, it tends to have all sorts of spices. You do not want your dog consuming these additives. It will likely disrupt their stomach or cause a bit of diarrhea.

A dog should have a simple diet. Sharing some Savoy, Napa, red, purple or any other type of cabbage doesn’t have to complicate a canine’s life. Dogs do not mind if they are fed vegetables with a bland taste.

Just watch these guys attach this fresh cabbage!

Conclusion on Cabbage

You can feed your dog cabbage, but do not add spices. This vegetable offers nutrients and the health benefits are relevant to dogs. Incorporate cabbage into their diet with moderation. Cook it some, because there is evidence raw cabbage affects the thyroid gland. Besides that, cabbage’s downside is the gas your dog could have afterwards.

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