Can I Give My Dog Breast Milk?

Can I Give My Dog Breast Milk?There may be a few instances where you might consider giving your dog breast milk. Perhaps you pumped more than your baby can drink, or maybe your dog got into some stored breast milk before you could stop them. Or perhaps you’ve been reading up on all of the positive attributes breast milk has for babies and wondered if it’s the same for dogs.

The milk that a dog’s mother produced while they were puppies was just as beneficial to them as breast milk is to our babies. That’s what your dog needed when they were a puppy, but they don’t need it for as long as a human baby needs it because they develop so quickly. Once your puppy is a dog they don’t need milk from their mother, or you, any more. They’re ready for puppy chow, and then dog food from then on.

While your breast milk contains important nutrients and antibodies that can be of immense benefit to a developing baby, a dog is already getting what they need from a high quality dog food.

Can I Give My Dog Breast Milk? Answer: Not Recommended

There’s no pressing reason to give your dog breast milk, and because of this it’s not recommended as part of their diet. What to give your dog falls into two categories, things that benefit them and things that don’t, which includes things that are harmful to them.

Breast milk isn’t necessarily harmful, but since it’s not giving them the same wonderful benefits it’s giving your baby you shouldn’t feel obligated to feed two mouths with your supply.

Dogs Like Dog Milk

Dogs aren’t into the habit of drinking other species’ milk, so you don’t need to make it a point to feed your dog breast milk. They’re getting all the nourishment they need in their dog food, so it’s best to leave well enough alone and not introduce your milk to their system. After they’re past the point of being a puppy they don’t need milk at all, in any form whether it comes from a cow or a human.

Not Necessarily Dangerous

It’s not as if your dog will fall ill because you give them some breast milk, but they may have a case of diarrhea or a stomachache after you do so. That’s why it’s not a good idea, and not something you want to get into the practice of. While our two species have learned to coexist quite nicely, sharing milk is not something that we’re quite ready to do. And when you get right down to it, you wouldn’t want to drink dog’s milk, so why would they want to drink ours?

A Dog’s Daily Diet

The best way to feed your dog what they need is to set up a regular feeding schedule with the same brand of dog food. That way their digestive system knows when it’s time to eat, and their digestive juices can start up at the same time each day. If you suspect a nutritional deficit consider upgrading to a more premium dog food. This will insure that they’re getting more of what they need in the form of high-quality proteins, and less of what they don’t in the form of vegetable and grain fillers.

Regularly changing your dogs feeding habits can cause them undue digestive stress and can lead to problems, not to mention make them incredibly antsy for their next meal. When they have the regularity of a daily feeding time or times they can get into the routine and know what to expect.

Dogs are incredibly easy to take care of once you’ve got the right system in place, and while it’s fun to wonder about all of the things you can give them to supplement their daily intake of dog food, there’s not much they need when they’re getting it all in one fortified and specially formulated meal. It might not seem too glamorous, but dogs don’t live to eat, they eat to live, even if they do look like they’re going to eat the bowl along with the food at mealtime.

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Mariah June 9, 2014

Humans drink cows milk daily, it is a different species! We would give them breast-milk from us because if a dog is very malnourished and has been bottle fed because the mother rejected them, human breast milk can be very beneficial.

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