Can I Give My Dog Breast Milk?

Can I Give My Dog Breast Milk?Some ask about giving their dogs breast milk as shocking as it sounds. Perhaps you’ve pumped extra, or maybe Fido got into a stored supply. Obviously there are health benefits for babies, but for a dog?

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Your canine’s mother’s milk was certainly important while they were a puppy. But they don’t need breast milk for as long as human babies do. Dogs develop much more quickly than us.

Once your pup is grown, they do not need milk anymore. While your wholesome breast milk contains great nutrients and antibodies, your buddy will get what they require from high-quality dog food.

Can I Give My Dog Breast Milk? Answer: Not Recommended

There are no normal circumstances for giving it to your dog.

Besides, many dogs are lactose intolerant. Breast milk isn’t recommended as part of your pet’s diet. It isn’t harmful but breast milk won’t provide your dog with the same benefits human newborns receive. If you are currently lactating, save your supply for your precious baby instead.

There are exceptions, and therefore, some known cases where people have nursed a dog back to health with human breast milk. But it’s highly out of the ordinary and there are usually better options.

Dogs & Milk Consumption

Dogs wouldn’t normally drink another species’ milk. They should be getting all the nutrients they need in their dog food. It’s best to leave well enough alone and not introduce dairy into their system at all.

Just because your dog may enjoy drinking milk doesn’t mean they should be consuming it. In fact, they don’t need any dairy at all, in any form.

Sick dogs should get nourishment from formulated canine treatment options. Even something like Pedialyte would be better than human breast milk.

Probably Not Dangerous

If your dog drank some of your special milk, it’s not to worry. They are unlikely to fall ill, but they may have a case of diarrhea or a stomach ache afterwards. So it’s not a good idea, and not something you want to get into the habit of doing.

While our two species have learned to coexist quite nicely, sharing milk just isn’t part of that equation. If you have successfully given your dog some breast milk please share your experience in the comment section. Strange but fascinating!

Daily Diet Instead

The best way to feed your dog what they need is to set up a regular feeding schedule with the same brand of dog food. That way their digestion will improve because and their digestive juices will start up at the same time each day.

Changing your dog’s feeding habits too often can cause them undue digestive stress, not to mention make them incredibly antsy for their next meal. When they have the regularity of a daily feeding time or times, they can get into a routine and know what to expect.

If you suspect a nutritional deficit, rather than using breast milk, upgrade to a premium dog food or consult with a vet. This will ensure that they’re getting more of what they need in the form of high-quality proteins. Maybe your dog should have less grain fillers.

Conclusion on Breast Milk

Dogs are easy to take care of once you’ve got the right system in place. Too often we wonder about all of the things you can or cannot give them to supplement their daily intake of dog food. There’s not much they need other than clean water and healthy protein packed meals. Stick to that plan and not something as ridiculous as giving them breast milk.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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