Can I Give My Dog Birth Control?

Can I Give My Dog Birth Control?If you want your dog to have puppies, but not right now, you may have considered giving them birth control. Some people have wondered if they can give their dogs birth control for humans. That doesn’t work, but you can actually get birth control that’s made for dogs.

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You should also consider whether or not it’s a good idea to give your dog birth control, or if there are other, safer and more effective ways to get the same results.

It’s good that you want to give your dog the experience of having babies, and it’s understandable that you want to do it on your own terms, and not just randomly. So let’s look at what some of the top breeders do to make sure it happens on cue.

Can I Give My Dog Birth Control? Answer: Yes, but not the human type

You can’t give them any of your own birth control pills, but you can give them specially formulated birth control that you get by prescription from your vet.

These both contain adverse side effects for your dogs, and are disrupting their normal heat cycles, so they’re not really recommended, but you could look into it further and discuss it with your veterinarian if you want to go down that road.

Dog Birth Control?

They make two different brands of birth control for dogs. This is one way you can try to keep them from getting pregnant before you want them to, but it is not guaranteed to work, and will require a good amount of involvement on your part.

Many dog owners find that the commitment level is too great, and the margin of error to high to make the an effective treatment.

You have to make sure that you give your dogs the pills at certain times, and according to instructions. If you miss a dose, you run the risk of having it be ineffective. Humans always forget to take their own birth control pills, so it’s easy to see how they could forget to give a dog their pills.

How to Prevent Pregnancy

If you are sure that you don’t want your dog to have puppies then consider having them spayed. This is the only 100% proven way to prevent a pregnancy. Birth control isn’t guaranteed and you run the risk of forgetting to give it every day. You can also keep your dog away from male dogs while they’re in heat but that’s also anything but foolproof.

Abstinence is Best

Keeping your dog away from other dogs is a pretty good way to keep them free of pregnancy. Unless your dog is constantly in contact with other dogs on a daily basis, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it. The big concern would be those random occurrences when you’re walking your dog and another dog gets loose or is also being walked by someone else, and the two dogs get into it before you can stop them.

Just like they say in Jurassic Park: Life finds a way. You can do your best to try to keep your dog from getting pregnant, but short of spaying them everything else still provides that small chance that it could happen. It’s not the end of the world if your dog gets pregnant, but if it happens when you don’t want it to you might feel like it is an inconvenience.

If they do get pregnant, just be sure to find good homes for the babies. Then try to determine how it happened to prevent it in the future, or get them spayed now that they’ve had their litter. That way you won’t have to worry about it happening again, and you can just get back to enjoying your dog’s company.

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