Can I Give My Dog Benefiber?

Can I Give My Dog Benefiber?Can Benefiber work for a dog in the same way it’s effective for humans? If your pet pooch is often straining to go to the bathroom, you may be considering this popular over-the-counter product to help with their bowel issues.

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Bouts of canine constipation are common and sometimes you don’t need to concern yourself so much. Chronic symptoms, however, are a different story. Such cases should be diagnosed by a veterinary professional instead of trying Benefiber.

Dogs are pretty simple animals, and it usually doesn’t take too long to figure out why they are having problems passing their stool. But giving your pet something like Benefiber would only give symptom relief, if it has any effect at all.

Can I Give My Dog Benefiber? Answer: Not Recommended

Introducing such a high amount of fiber may not be the right treatment for your pooch.

The correct Benefiber dosage is difficult to determine for dogs. It’s also possible this product may result in stomach discomfort, even worse diarrhea or just a general exacerbation of the situation. Instead of giving your dog some Benefiber, consider a more natural constipation cure. Many owners swear by feeding a can of pure mashed pumpkin. Others have luck providing their dogs with cooked rice. These types of foods tend to move everything out of their digestive system and help normalcy return.

Try to avoid bad bowel situations altogether by giving your dog easily digestible foods but also ingredients they need for a healthy life.

Quality Food Instead

What many people do is buy the cheap dog food from supermarkets and grocery stores, and then try to supplement their diet with people food, snacks, and little tidbits of food throughout the day. When something comes up like constipation or diarrhea, they look for a quick fix to try to get their dog back to normal. This is a backwards way of going about things, and just invest a little bit more in a high quality dog food, you’ll notice that a lot of the problems like these just don’t occur.

This is because these foods are formulated especially for dogs, and they take into consideration the dog needs, and also what it can easily digest. They don’t use a lot of fillers, vegetable attitudes, and other things like gluten, so your dog should have no trouble going to the bathroom, and you won’t see them straining to pass their excrement. You also won’t need to think about giving them things like Benefiber which avoids the whole situation entirely.

What Not To Do

Giving your dog human medications and supplements such as these for constipation or other stomach problems will only make matters worse because the dog is not a human, and they’ve only been domesticated for so long, their bodies are still mostly like they were thousands of years ago.

Plus, the manufacturers of things like Benefiber don’t take into consideration that the product might be given to an animal, so they don’t provide any sort of dosing instructions, and the effects will be unknown.

You might find owners out there that say they gave the dog Benefiber or some other fiber supplement without any incident, but what does that really tell you caps? You have no idea what sort of breathing out, how will their doctors, what sort of medical history to have, and whether or not they even constipation at the time. If you are thinking about getting your dog a fiber supplement on a daily basis in order to keep the regular, this is definitely a bad idea.

Stick to giving them a whole some diet of a high quality dog food, and you can even ask your veterinarian assistant to help you pick out the recommended food based on your dogs medical history, age, breed, and weight.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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