Can I Give My Dog Away?

Can I Give My Dog Away?For whatever reason, you maybe asking yourself can I give my dog away and how? Perhaps you are moving to a new apartment that does not accept pets. An inability to keep up with vet bills, food or maintenance costs are also common reasons.

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It happens to lots of people and, unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a new home for a fully grown dog. Obviously you want them to be adopted by a nice family. During this time, feelings of stress and guilt may arise.

It’s a difficult situation, but giving a dog away doesn’t have to be so awful. Address this pet problem head on by working hard, and being creative, and you’ll be successful. For one, networking will open possibilities for finding Fido a new home.

Can I Give My Dog Away? Answer: Yes, don’t feel bad

The most ideal way is to find a family member or close friend that will take them in.

But knowing someone personally, that can adopt a dog, is sadly a rare scenario. Most prospective owners favor finding a dog by making a selection at a pet store that offers many adorable choices. On the other hand, not having to pay adoption fees can be a good incentive for some families. In any case, don’t beat yourself up.

Unlike you, there are people who actually don’t care and abandon their dogs without looking back!

Try Utilizing the Internet

Besides Craigslist, there are several dog profile websites that assist with pet adoption. Be sure to include a flattering picture and a good description so prospective owners get a sense of your dog’s personality. You may be surprised when people contact you asking specific questions. Internet networking, for sure, is one of the best ways to go about giving your dog away.

This web-based method will also allow you to screen potential candidates, ensuring your dog gets a loving new home.

Avoid Adoption Centers

Most options are better than using a typical pet adoption center. These places are usually not so motivated to find a good home for any one particular dog. Adult pets often linger after having only a short window to show their love-ability. This can be a stressful and depressing time for any dog which, in turn, could make them appear less adoptable. They won’t be feeling their best, much like a fish out of water.

Making the Right Choice

Weigh the decision to give your dog away thoroughly and thoughtfully. Perhaps you can fix the problems that are causing you to want to give your dog away. For behavioral issues, consider obedience training which can make owning your dog more enjoyable. It is possible that you will no longer want to give them away! On the other hand, if the issue is something beyond your control, move on and don’t feel so bad.

Look on The Bright Side

You may have a lot going for you when you give your dog away. It’s not as if they’re a stray or a rescued animal that has been abused or neglected. Show your pet in their best light, as a well taken care of and fully vaccinated dog with a good temperament. Do that and finding them a home shouldn’t be too difficult. The trick is to show prospective owners that they will make a great addition to a loving home.

Conclusion on Finding Your Dog a New Home

You can give your dog away if it’s necessary to do so. It can be done if you put in the work. Start by networking with family and friends. Otherwise, consider online services because you can reach more people who are looking for a new pet. But before making such a big decision, consider solving whatever problem you are having with keeping your dog. Either way, keep your chin up!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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