Can I Give My Dog Ativan?

Can I Give My Dog Ativan?In this day and age, many people are suffering from depression and anxiety. Taking a drug like Ativan is a possible solution but that’s much less certain when it comes to treating a pet dog. This drug is approved for treating anxiety disorders in humans only.

Some doctors also prescribe it for problems such as alcohol withdrawal, agitation, restless legs syndrome, insomnia, myoclonus and so on. But anxiety disorder is the main condition for which this drug is normally prescribed. Ask a regular medical doctor if a dog could benefit from taking Ativan and they may look at you like you’re crazy!

Anxiety disorders, as they apply to humans, can include many types. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and some phobias are all primarily human problems. People with this condition often feel overwhelming worry. So what about for dogs? Their anxiety is often of a somewhat different kind.

Can I Give My Dog Ativan? Answer: No, but a vet can

This drug has successfully been given to dogs.

However, you should never administer any Ativan to your beloved four-legged friend on your own. Vets have been known to treat canine separation anxiety by prescribing approximately 0.1 mg of Ativan per 1 kilogram, or 2.2 pounds, of body weight.

Ativan is a brand name for the generic drug which is actually known as Lorazepam.

Dogs with Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety in dogs, the situation is sort of different than cases typically found in people. Many pet owners are having problems with their dogs suffering from anxiety disorders, most notably separation anxiety. If you suspect that Fido is suffering from separation anxiety, they probably do not tolerate being left alone very well.

It’s often difficult to make a distinction between separation anxiety and extreme boredom in dogs. Both of these mental states can sometimes result in destructive behavior, depending on the dog. However, separation disorder usually starts as soon as owners leave the room or the area in which the pet resides.

If you are even considering providing Ativan to your dog, then you really should get a proper diagnosis first.

Pets and Modern Life

Our modern way of life has made people more susceptible to stress. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are struggling to stay positive. Believe it or not, dogs can pick up on this and it can affect their mental state as well. Ativan could possibly help, but you must discuss using it with your vet beforehand.

Ativan Side Effects

Much like humans, dogs and other pets can develop some negative side effects from taking Ativan. These symptoms can include lightheadedness, sedation, weakness, shakiness and loss of orientation.

There’s also the possibility that your dog could develop sleeping problems or show signs of depression. In other words, Ativan can sometimes make their problems worse. However, these side effects are not that common. In any case, you should contact your veterinarian if any of these issues begin to develop.

Treating K9 Anxiety

Caring for a stressed or depressed pet can often be overwhelming. Many dogs will destroy furniture or anything they get their paws on in order to get your attention. If your canine is suffering from separation anxiety, do your best to tolerate their behavior with the attitude they’ll get better with help.

Instead of punishing them, get them some professional help as soon as possible. Nowadays there are many behavioral techniques and specialists, as well as medications which can help. Don’t panic and, whatever you do, avoid giving your dog any of your own medication as a quick fix.

Conclusion on Ativan

This drug can be prescribed by your veterinarian for treating certain anxiety-related canine behavioral problems but there may be better options. You must get your dog properly diagnosed as a first step. The last thing you want to do is give your pup some Ativan from a leftover prescription which was intended for someone else.

In the meantime, let your dog know that you are there for them. Try to keep them happy by spending some quality time together. You never know, you may be able to actually avoid medicating your beloved pet.

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Maureen November, 2014

I have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety and excitability issues. He’s had 5 different owners and is only now going on 2 and a few months. I’m looking for a safe sedative to give him while we have visitors. We can not crate him at all. What is your advice?


Lesley November, 2014

Have you tried Bach’s Rescue Remedy? It is sold in health food stores. They may tell you to put some in water, but the trick is to put 5-10 drops on the back of the dog’s neck and rub it in gently – do not wash your hand after! It will work on you as well by reducing your anxiety and your dog senses this. My Jack Russell Terrier was a basket case in the car until I tried this. I have recommended it to others and they have also had good results.


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