Is It Bad For Dogs To Eat Grass? And Why Do They Do It?

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Does your dog ever try to eat grass while out on a routine walk?

Many owners wonder about this seemingly odd activity because, after all, it happens to be very common.

Can I Let My Dog Eat Grass?Turns out there are many different reasons why dogs desire grass. Truth be told, it can be hard to pin down exactly why this behavior occurs.

Sometimes your dog will consume blades of grass to make themselves vomit. But boredom, curiosity or a nutritional deficiency are explanations as well.

Clean Grass Is OK For Dogs When Eaten In Moderation

Some experts say a lack of fiber could cause a pet pooch to graze.

Others claim that consumption of grass is a disorder called Pica.

We disagree!

Your dog likely views grass as a form of food. It is normal, especially young pups, to be curious with their mouths.

Do not worry if you know the blades of grass are untreated and clean.

FYI: Consider that the chlorophyll is healthy for hounds and, thankfully, it is not an issue.

A Grass Game Plan

There is no need to stress if your dog enjoys chewing on a bit of grass.

Animals, being in touch with nature, are naturally going to be sniffing and tasting things while they get to explore the outdoors.

Your job is simply to prevent your dog from eating inorganic material, but also organic things which may have been sullied and otherwise tainted (poisoned).

It is that straightforward.

Do not allow any grass to be eaten if you suspect pesticides or other chemicals have been used. When in doubt, move to a better location.

In other words…

Be selective about where your dog gets to eat their fair share of grass.

Feeding Fido Fiber

You may notice that your dog is not as interested in grass on a full stomach.

This has been observed by many owners and it further advances the theory that dogs see grass as a natural food source.

You could see even less grass grazing after switching to a high quality dog food that contains extra prebiotic fiber, Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids.

Why is that?

Grass offers lots of these above-mentioned nutrients and dogs needs them to thrive. Do not underestimate the amazing instincts (and smarts) of canines!

An Extra Precaution

It is possible for dry, crisp grass blades to sometimes be sharp.

You may wish to be extra cautious by only allowing your dog to eat from slightly moist lawns, parks or otherwise damp patches of grass.

While unlikely, certain types of grass can actually cut the inside of the mouth or even the esophagus.

If this concerns you then, by all means, take steps to prevent your dog from encountering this danger.

The Bottom Line

The act of eating moist, pesticide-free, chemical-free green grass is not harmful for your dog.

There are numerous speculative reasons why they chew on weeds and lawns. In any case, it is generally not a problem.

Try adding more fiber to your dog’s diet to reduce grass eating behavior.

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2 thoughts on “Is It Bad For Dogs To Eat Grass? And Why Do They Do It?”

  1. My baby Max sometimes eats grass. It doesn’t have pesticide, but he sometimes chokes on it. He now responds to “No” and leaves it alone.

  2. My Lab/Shepherd mix gets occasional stomach upset. He also leaves food half-eaten, starts eating grass and passes gas that will bring tears to your eyes. Regular strength generic Pepcid, recommended by my vet, works great. I may have to re-dose a couple of days later, but beyond that, I’d probably take him to the vet. This just occurs a 6-7 times a year. I just push it down his throat.

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