Can I Give My Dog Sudafed?

Can I Give My Dog Sudafed?Giving your dog Sudafed may cause increased heart rate, change in blood pressure, hypertension and other issues. These effects are frightening.

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It’s true that some vets use this OTC nasal decongestant for dogs with incontinence. So what’s the true verdict on providing Sudafed to pets?

Giving any amount of Sudafed without a professional’s guidance is a bad idea. Don’t experiment when it comes to your dog and their well-being.

Can I Give My Dog Sudafed? Answer: Only with a vet’s approval

But less and less veterinarians are administering Sudafed these days due to the real potential for toxicity.

Benadryl is a much safer antihistamine for your dog but natural remedies are preferred.

Some Dosage Guidelines

Sudafed is never meant to be used long term. Regarding dosage, in smaller dogs a 30mg dose is ample and 60mg is enough for larger breeds. This is just for reference and, again, we don’t recommend any dose for your dog.

Please Note: Canines with cardiovascular problems as well as diabetes are at very high risk for negative effects if given this decongestant.

For Treating Incontinence

Uncontrolled bladder in dogs may not actually be incontinence. It could be a bladder infection in which case specialized antibiotics may be needed, not Sudafed.

Symptoms to Watch For

Problematic symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, excessive salivation, staggering, skin rashes, decreased appetite, fever, itching, and lethargy or restlessness.

Obviously Sudafed isn’t designed for dogs. It’s very dangerous in large amounts, even for humans. Phenylephrine is in most decongestants and your dog may not handle it well.

Go to a vet if you think your dog ate some Sudafed. Keep them calm during this time since the poisoning can bring upon a seizure in some cases.

Warning: If your dog is showing any of the above symptoms, visit your vet ASAP.

Monitor Your Pet Dog

You know your dog’s behavior better than anyone. With close monitoring, you can observe signs right away and act appropriately.

Dogs have small bodies so things take less time to be digested and go through the blood stream. You may notice changes within a couple of minutes after an ill-advised dose of Sudafed.

In Case of Emergencies

Should your dog collapse or start having seizures, get help immediately. Do not wait! Bring the pill container with you. If you’re not sure which pills your dog ate, take all the meds.

While your vet may not be able to determine the exact cause, it will give them a good idea of what they are dealing with. They should be able to help your dog quickly and effectively.

Pet Poisoning Assistance

Something like activated charcoal could be needed to prevent further Sudafed absorption. Vomiting helps to purge toxins.

An uneven heartbeat is a serious Sudafed side effect. Veterinary assistance is crucial for a potentially fatal dose of any human medication.

Conclusion on Sudafed

Always confirm Sudafed use with a vet before giving it to your dog. Otherwise, keep all human meds, including other decongestants, out of reach. Severe Sudafed symptoms require urgent professional help.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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