What Can I Give My Dog to Make Them Live Long?

Tips for Making Your Dog Live a Longer LifeWe all want our dogs to be with us for a long time. Nevertheless, death is part of life and this obviously goes for precious pets too. That time will come and we have to accept it.

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The good news is that your dog can probably stick around longer than the average lifespan of their breed. If you take good care of your buddy their chances of longevity greatly improve.

We’ll discuss how you can make your dog not only survive but thrive. Keeping Fido healthy is key, but there’s also new science and medicine that may some day extend life significantly!

How Can My Dog Live Longer? Answer: You can’t cheat death, but you can do your part

Life beyond 20 yearsĀ is extremely rare. Sad but true.

Your dog’s life expectancy largely depends on their breed. Smaller dogs tend to get more time in this world compared to larger breeds. However long, death is natural and inevitable, or is it? There’s actually an anti-aging medicine being tested on dogs and it shows promise! More on this later…

Realistically though, just care for your dog in a way that gives them the best shot at a long and healthy life. Some experts say specialized supplements help.

Diet, Exercise & Optimism

Give your dog a quality diet with plenty of meat protein as well as calcium. Raw diets are certainly something to look into for many valid reasons.

Combine good eating with plenty of regular exercise and the dog will likely live a couple of years more than what’s typical for their breed.

Often overlooked, if your dog’s environment is that of love and friendship then they will want to stay alive longer. Their body will try to make it happen.

Spaying & Neutering Help

Dogs that get spayed (females) and neutered (males) usually live longer based on statistics. It’s a fact.

Dental HealthĀ Importance

Don’t underestimate the need for taking care of your dog’s teeth. This preventative care is not simply for good breath or avoiding the need for a professional later on.

Healthy teeth will absolutely help your dog live longer. Do brushing on a regular basis. It’s part of responsible dog ownership.

If you neglect to make doggie dental hygiene part of your routine then expect plague, gingivitis and periodontal disease. It could lead to bad heart health and other diseases.

Anti Aging Drug for Dogs?

Rapamycin, also known asĀ Sirolimus, has been in the news and may be what brought you here. This anti-aging drug holds great promise for your next pet dog.

Unfortunately, we don’t expect Rapamycin will become available to current beloved dogs. Your best bet is regular preventive care, including vaccinations, and everything else we’ve touched on.

Check out what the University of Washington is doing with the Dog Aging ProjectĀ or get the Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

Conclusion on Longer Life

Take good care of your dog and they’ll live as long as possible. Feed premium foods, enable regular exercise, maintain their teeth and schedule regular vet visits. Your dog will likely be alive just as long as they can. Death is part of life. Rapamycin, if it’s a breakthrough, is for yet-to-be-born dogs.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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