Can I Give My Dog Something for Upset Stomach?

Can I Give My Dog Something For Upset Stomach?Dogs are definitely prone to cases of upset stomach. There are many potential reasons for this but poor food choices and/or overeating can be culprits.

If your pet already has an upset stomach, maybe you are considering an over-the-counter product or a natural remedy. But often, time itself can fix such a problem. A typical canine stomachache can be cured by withholding food for several hours.

Owners worry because it’s tough to determine the severity of a dog’s upset stomach. Certainly chronic or recurring stomach pains require a vet visit for a proper diagnosis. Obviously that’s urgent if your dog is vomiting severely, has a prolonged case of diarrhea or is noticeably lethargic.

Can I Give My Dog Something for Upset Stomach? Answer: Yes

Vets sometimes use Imodium, also known as Loperamide, to cure dogs of stomach aches. This is especially true if they’re suffering with a combination of associated symptoms including diarrhea.

Imodium for children is even safer but your dog’s size and their overall health still plays an important factor. The general rule of thumb is not to exceed 1mg per 20 pounds over a period of 8 hours. Small dogs are particularly vulnerable to improper doses.

Even better may be a good canine probiotic because it can help to restore your dog’s gastrointestinal balance rather than just dealing with the symptoms. Also, if you know they have food sensitivities, consider a high-quality limited-ingredient dry dog food made specifically for food sensitive dogs.

Diarrhea & Dehydration

Some pets with upset stomachs will refuse to drink or eat, causing them to become dehydrated which worsens their problems. Evaluate your dog’s hydration by pulling some skin up between their shoulder blades. If it doesn’t instantly bounce back into place, then a visit to a vet would be prudent. Skin that takes a second or two to get back into place is a telltale sign that your dog is considerably dehydrated, perhaps seriously.

Dogs with uncontrollable diarrhea often need to have their bowel movements examined for blood in the watery stool. When this is observed it means they’re likely experiencing dehydration. Upset stomach and dehydration often go hand-in-hand in dogs.

Some Natural Remedies

If your dog’s upset stomach isn’t very severe and they are still their happy-go-lucky selves, try removing all food for 24-hours. They’ll act as if they’re starved, but it’s an effective way to give the stomach time to return to normal.

After they’ve had no food for awhile, start feeding them smaller meals made up of cooked white rice and boiled chicken. This food is plain and bland which is easily digestible. After a couple of days, return them to their normal dog food. You’re likely to see a full recovery assuming your dog isn’t suffering from some other underlying condition.

Sometimes we put our dogs on a special diet combination of oatmeal and pumpkin to treat an irritated stomach. Carrots are also good and bananas mixed into yogurt isn’t bad either.

Things to Watch For

If your dog is vomiting severely and is also lethargic, maybe they’ve eaten something poisonous. In such a case, get your beloved dog to the vet as soon as possible. Food poisoning is serious enough but a veterinarian can also diagnose and possibility rule out more serious conditions.

Keep an eye on the severity of any diarrhea symptoms, such as blood in the stool, in conjunction with upset stomach. If your dog develops the squirts, beyond anything short term, then they need professional dehydration monitoring. Do not underestimate how severe diarrhea can very easily and completely dehydrate your dog. The skin test is very highly recommended.

Conclusion on Upset Stomach

Dogs live and eat in the moment and tend to experience bouts of stomachaches more often than we do. If your dog’s upset stomach is worsening, it may be necessary to visit a veterinarian. In any case, prioritize the prevention of dehydration during such a vulnerable time. You may be able to successfully treat a routine upset stomach by withholding food for a period, giving bland meals thereafter. Imodium is also commonly used. Most importantly, if your four-legged friend isn’t recovering, go in for a veterinary diagnosis for your dog’s sake.

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Robin September, 2015

My 10 year old Australian Shepherd mix has been dealing with stomach problems for the past 4 days. She is eating and still goes outside to urinate but I have not seen her poop yet. She has messed on the carpet but it’s clear liquid and a lot of it. She gets into the backyard and eats other critters poop. She is being a little mellow, for her breed, but still has bouts of energy. What should I do?

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John July, 2015

It is well known that Collies and related breeds can have adverse reactions to drugs such as Ivermectin, Loperamide (Immodium) and others. Advances in molecular biology at Washington State University led to the discovery of the cause of multi-drug sensitivity in affected dogs. The problem is due to a mutation in the multi-drug resistance gene (MDR1). This gene encodes a protein responsible for pumping many drugs and toxins out of the brain. Dogs with the mutant gene cannot pump some drugs out as a normal dog would. This may result in abnormal neurological signs. The result may be an illness requiring an extended hospital stay or even death.

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Judy May, 2015

My 7 year old Beagle woke up this morning, ran outside and started to eat grass. He came in and looked like he didn’t want to eat but, finally, slowly ate his regular food. He’s been drinking, pooping and peeing normal but is not himself as he’s just laying around yet seems restless. There’s no vomiting. Should I switch to chicken and rice or just continue with his regular food?

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Lori May, 2015

Our 5 year old Puggle does this often. From what we have researched, dogs do this sometimes to help an upset stomach by eating the grass to induce vomiting. Other times, they may be seeking a nutrient. We gave our dog Pepcid AC, as agreed upon with our vet. She has a very sensitive stomach and eats a special grain-free bland diet.

The Pepcid stops the grass binging. We also added a probiotic to her diet to stop the problem, instead of just the symptoms. We use Best Probiotics for Dogs by Amazing Nutritionals which is highly rated on Amazon

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Donna May, 2015

My dog spit up yellow foamy liquid this morning. In the past couple of months, I have been transitioning her from Benefil after the poisoning scare to another food. She has had a little bit of diarrhea but nothing frequent or urgent more just loose bowel movements. Will oatmeal help her settle her stomach?

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Elizabeth May, 2015

Hi Donna. First, we experienced this exact issue with our Keeshond when she was eating Beneful. She would throw up yellow foamy bile. I took her to the vet who ran a Liver Panel, which showed liver damage. Of course, we can’t prove the damage was caused by eating Beneful. But, we were able to start treatment immediately to help her liver enzyme levels.

When a dog vomits yellow, foamy bile, it is directly related to something wrong with the liver. I would get your pooch to a vet ASAP and ask them to run a Liver Enzyme Panel. Depending on the results, they may order an ultrasound to see the liver better and look for damage.

We did all of this with our Keeshond and she is now happy and healthy. She’s eating fresh boiled chicken breast, brown Rice and fresh chopped apples every day. She loves her new diet and is happy to be off of Beneful. If you have any questions, or if there’s anything I can help you with, feel free to text me on my cell or email me. My cell number is 207-252-4101 and my email is Good Luck to you and your little fuzzy one!

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Kate May, 2015

I just happened to see your comment about yellow throw up. My dog has thrown up yellow stuff before as well and I have been occasionally feeding her Beneful also. If the problem is coming from this food, I wonder what is the culprit in it? Are they using some garbage from China perhaps? Do you recall what happened to pets a few years ago from that incident? I don’t want to kill my animal so I will not be feeding her anymore Beneful!

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Elizabeth May, 2015

Hi Kate. If you run a Google search, “Beneful Problems 2015” you will find a world of information. Provided you wish to do so, there are instructions on how to join an ongoing class-action law suit against Purina. In the interim, stopping any consumption of Beneful would be a wise decision. Of course, having your little fuzzy one checked out by your vet is a good idea. Having a liver panel run would be a top priority in this case as yellow bile is a sign of something malfunctioning with the liver. If caught early enough, there are many ways to ensure your dog still leads a long, happy and healthy life.

Also, while your waiting to see your vet, stop feeding any kibble or grocery store brand wet foods. Grab some white meat chicken breasts, no skin and no bones. Trim off all of the fat and then boil it until it’s well cooked. While you’re waiting for that to cook, throw some white rice on the stove too! Shred the chicken and then toss it together with the cooked white rice. They’ll love it and it’s easy on the liver.

Your vet may prescribe Hill’s Science Diet, Prescription L/D Kibble and Canned food, until your little one’s liver panels are lower. The L/D diet is quite bland, but, you can continue to add fat-free, skinned, de-boned white meat chicken breast into the kibble for a more enticing meal time.

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Kate May, 2015

Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for taking the time to add your reply! I have been feeding my dog raw food ever since I got her. Then I decided to supplement that with making my own doggie meals and a bit of Beneful as well. I thought that a little variety of foods would be a good thing. But it does sound like Beneful is full of poison if it’s having an effect on the liver. I’m now throwing out all the Beneful I bought and just sticking to my homemade meals and the raw food I buy.

This reminds me of that Chinese situation a few years back when pets were dying. If the pet food manufacturers are at it again, I think they do need to be sued. I call this situation, “more than likely another bad case of greed” and I shall look into joining the class action law suit. Thanks for your advice and comments!

Tania May, 2015

Hi Elizabeth. Did your vet tell you that by adding apples she would have the proper vitamins and minerals? I ask because I have wanted to take my dogs off of commercial dog food for what seems like forever. Thanks for your time!

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Veronica March, 2015

I have a Yorkie Schultz mix. I gave him an flea treatment on Friday. He ate yesterday morning and has not eaten or drank anything since then. This morning he started throwing up foamy clear liquid and just laid around. He has an appointment with the vet on Saturday, I don’t get off until 5pm when the clinics are closed. What do I need to do?

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Robin March, 2015

My Bichon would get violently sick from flea meds. Don’t use them, instead get a natural repellent like neem oil tea tree and just rub on them.

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