Can I Give My Dog Something for Upset Stomach?

Can I Give My Dog Something For Upset Stomach?Dogs tend to get an upset stomach more often than people do. Questionable foods and overeating are common culprits. Whatever your canine’s case, we’re here to help!

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A dog’s upset stomach will respond to certain over-the-counter meds, but natural remedies are preferred. Withholding Fido’s food, for several hours, is also recommended.

It’s difficult to know the severity of a dog’s stomach upset, but suspected chronic or recurring abdominal pains should be diagnosed. Keep reading for more tummy tips!

Can I Give My Dog Something for Upset Stomach? Answer: Yes, there are ways to help

For a long-term fix, get a good probiotic that’s designed for pets.

You may need to restore your dog’s gastrointestinal balance. Treating only stomach symptoms isn’t the best approach, but vets do sometimes utilize Imodium for this purpose. The children’s version can improve a dog’s upset stomach. Just don’t exceed 1mg per 20 pounds of your buddy’s body weight.

A high-quality limited-ingredient dry dog food made specifically for tummy sensitive dogs could also make a huge difference.

Fast Fido for a Full Recovery

If your dog has a mild upset stomach try removing all food for 24-hours or so. Fasting is an excellent way to give the stomach time to return to normal.

After you do this for awhile, start feeding your dog smaller meals. Cooked white rice and boiled chicken are recommended. This food makes sense because it’s bland and easily digestible.

Resume normal dog food a couple days later. This technique usually does the trick for an upset stomach. On the other hand, it may not work if your dog has some other type of gastric problem.

Best Food for Upset Stomach

Utilize certain foods before turning to Pepto or any other OTC product. Sometimes we give our dogs a combination of unflavored oatmeal and pumpkin to alleviate an irritated or upset stomach.

Another soothing remedy is bananas mixed into yogurt. Shredded carrots are also good. Perhaps the best thing for a dog’s upset stomach is bone broth although it does take awhile to prepare.

Check out this video for more tips!

Dog Diarrhea & Dehydration

Some dogs with an upset stomach will refuse to drink which will lead to dehydration, especially if they’re repeatedly vomiting. Hydration should be a top priority as it can worsen a pet’s situation.

Uncontrollable diarrhea is another common contributor. Unfortunately, such symptoms go hand-in-hand so you really do need to be vigilant.

Test a hound’s hydration by pulling up skin between their shoulder blades. It’s worrying if it doesn’t quickly bounce back into place.

A dehydrated dog may be more serious than an upset stomach.

Concerning K9 Conditions

Both vomiting and lethargy are indications that the dog has eaten something toxic. Food poisoning can be serious and you may need a veterinarian to diagnose your dog.

Diarrhea, with blood in the stool, often occurs with upset stomach. If your dog develops the squirts, beyond anything short term, they could use professional dehydration monitoring.

In other words, sometimes a stomach ache is a sign of more serious issues.

Conclusion on Upset Stomach

Before trying Imodium, use natural remedies to soothe your dog’s upset stomach. This can involve withholding food for a period, giving the dog bland meals thereafter. It’s important to prevent dehydration when a pet has stomach upset. Get your dog diagnosed for serious or recurring gastro symptoms.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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