Can I Give My Dog Rescue Remedy?

Can I Give My Dog Rescue Remedy?Some folks swear by Rescue Remedy for alleviating stress and anxiety. This natural product can calm nerves which makes it very attractive to dog owners. So it is safe and appropriate for pets?

Many factors can negatively affect your dog’s demeanor. While Rescue Remedy can be given to canines, try to pin down the actual reasons for such anxiety. While often difficult, the best way to help a stressed pet is by truly addressing behavioral issues.

In any case, a few drops of Rescue Remedy will usually work to calm your dog down during times of stress. Just be sure to get the pet version and try not to get into the habit of providing it too often. Also, learn some natural techniques for relaxing your best buddy.

Can I Give My Dog Rescue Remedy? Answer: Yes, the pet version

It can really ease negative behavioral symptoms in the short term.

It’s important to get the pet-formulated version of Rescue Remedy because it doesn’t contain the harmful alcohol. Lots of dog owners turn to this product for calming their hounds during loud thunderstorms, fireworks or other types of upsetting loud noises. Dogs have also been known to respond well to Rescue Remedy when it’s given prior to long car rides. It really works to reduce most types of stress and anxiety. No doubt, this appealing potion has lots of situational uses for dogs.

Tip: The two-pack offered by Bach is a better deal.

A Remedy for Rescued K9s

It’s well known that treating separation anxiety, as well as shock and trauma from being mistreated, is very difficult. Rescue Remedy can be a short-term solution for unfortunate rescued dogs, while techniques for improving stubborn behavioral issues progress. So, think of Rescue Remedy as a useful tool but not a long term fix.

Bad behaviors like chewing on furniture, scraping of walls, constant barking, yanking on the leash, overactive jumping, constant biting or obsessive licking are all known to be reduced when Rescue Remedy is properly administered. If your dog is exhibiting any of these traits, it certainly can’t hurt to give this product a try.

This Remedy to the Rescue

Behavior issues can be reduced and even entirely controlled with proper dog training. That isn’t to say your dog’s anxiety issues aren’t very frustrating. If you cannot afford a behavioral professional, then it’s important to understand that most types of medications will simply cover up such problems. At least Rescue Remedy, without the alcohol, isn’t dangerous for dogs. It’s actually not even that sedative, which is great.

Consult With Your Vet

It’s always a good idea to talk it over with your vet when you add a new medication or substance to their diet. Only your vet will have your dog’s medical history handy, and know a bit about their personality as well and will be able to let you know if this is something you should give them, or whether you can safely pass on it. They may recommend better options for your dog and allay the concerns you’re having that are leading you to want to give them Rescue Remedy in the first place.

Other All Natural Products

A lot of companies these days are insinuating that an all-natural product means that it’s inherently safe, and won’t produce side effects. This is not true at all, as many people as well as pets can be just as allergic to naturally sourced ingredients as they can to man-made or synthetic ones.

Conclusion on Rescue Remedy

Yes, you can administer Rescue Remedy to your pet dog for all sort of behavioral issues, particularity for stress and anxiety. The pet-formulated version is much more appropriate because it’s designed and dosed for canines. While this well-regarded product works, it should not be used as a long-term solution for your dog’s problems. While difficult and often frustrating, try to address the root causes for your pet’s emotions issues or misbehavior.

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Glenda June, 2016

Is there a difference between the human version and the pet version? I have the human product and would like to give to my 30 pound Fox Terrier. Also, what would the dosage be?


Meg May, 2016

My rescue dog, who is now 2, hates traveling by car. She trembles, is sick, and hates every moment. I have tried everything and nothing works. How long in advance of a trip should I be using Rescue Remedy? Is it effective almost immediately? Is there any other way of giving it apart from in the water bowl?


Debbie January, 2016

My Bull Terrier is 11 months old and very big for his age. He has the tendency to get very excited and then he will start jumping onto us while he nibs us in the back. It’s very difficult to stop him while he is doing it and at this point we can’t let small kids around him because he is just so big. We are afraid he will bite them in the face. We are desperate for help because if this does not stop we will have to think of other options, before he really bites someone.


Rebecca April, 2016

Keep treats in your pocket at all times. When your dog starts exhibiting this type of excited behavior, give him treats to distract him. The idea is he will begin associating good behavior with something good to eat.


Margaret May, 2015

My daughter has an 8 year old Staffie but he’s had health problems. He is also stressing when he’s left alone. Just recently, when they leave him with me, he cries all the time and won’t settle down. Any ideas?


Susie May, 2015

I give my dog something called Calm. You can order online or from a good dog health store. It helps when my dog hears thunder. Also, try a Kong toy that you can fill with peanut butter or something he likes. Freezing it might keep him busy a while. And try going out for very short periods, 10 to 20 minutes, working up to longer periods. I hope this helps!


Karen March, 2016

What diet is the dog on? Diet plays a huge roll in the behavior of our pets. If your daughter is feeding processed food, then I’d suggest to remove it. I’ve known this to fix a lot of health and behavior problems.


Gia March, 2015

My rescued 9 year old female Chihuahua attempts to bite and growls at me and my boyfriend when we put on and take off her harness. I only have her two days. She also has separation anxiety. I have another Chihuahua, since 8 weeks old, and she is also 9 now. I have zero problems with her. So far they have no problems with each other. I’m hoping they can be friends, which is the reason why I got the second dog, and thought it would be a good idea to get a rescue. Now I’m regretting it because life was perfect with my original Chihuahua named Sophia. Any advice?


Michelle April, 2015

It’s hard isn’t it? I have a Yorkie that is 9 years old and we decided to get another Yorkie, a 3 year old female, for company for him. The people lied about our new dog which has made it hard for us. She likes to leave us a treat if we go out so we assume this is separation anxiety. She also doesn’t like other dogs or cats but has no choice but to get along with our dog. All of this was not told to us and I did think I could rehome her but we’ve gotten too attached so couldn’t go through with it.

To top it off our lovely no problem 9 year old is losing his hair and has been drinking too much. I took him to the vet. He has had blood tests and his urine checked which shows a slight infection but nothing worrying. This doesn’t explain his hair loss. We can only put that down to stress! We feel so bad for getting another dog. As recommended by the vet, we are going to use Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) collars. I’m also going to try some Rescue Remedy for him to see if this helps at all. Please let me know how it goes.


Kacee July, 2015

Have your vet check his thyroid because that is most likely his issue.


Karen March, 2016

If it’s come back as an infection, yes, hair will fall out. What diet is he on? Get the dog off processed food and feed them some real food, preferably a natural raw diet.


Carol January, 2015

My Beagle has seizures and is currently taking Phenobarbital. He also has severe separation anxiety. I was looking for something to quiet him down and possibly help with the seizures. I found several websites that mentioned Rescue Remedy and bought some. I didn’t even know to look for a label with a paw print. It did work to calm him, but now realize that I gave my dog Rescue Remedy with alcohol. Should I take him to the vet or will he be okay? I will not give him any more until I receive the right stuff in the mail. He seemed okay this morning, but now I am worried about the possible effects of the alcohol.


Michele October, 2015

How is your Beagle doing? My 14 year old started Phenobarbital a month ago, but her anxiety over food is troubling. I was informed that Phenobarbital affects the part of the brain that makes dogs feel satiated, they often think they’re starving. She pants and circles looking for food. I am thinking of trying Rescue Remedy.


Linda October, 2014

Is Rescue Remedy for people the same as rescue remedy for dogs? Can I give my 1 year old Shih Tzu a few drops for separation anxiety?


Lucea October, 2014

Rescue remedy sells a pet version which has a paw print next to the title. I used it on my horses, dogs and cat with no ill effects. I place a couple drops in their water and also put some on the back of the neck.


Julie September, 2014

My dog has Aortic Stenosis. Is there something natural I can give her to stabilize her blood pressure and calm her during cough attacks?


Rita September, 2014

If she’s having problems with cough and BP, I’d suggest you try the traditional drugs. You could try a herbal calming agent though, might help you too.


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