Can I Give My Dog Raw Foods?

Can I Give My Dog Raw Foods?Awhile ago there was a pet food recall. That created interest in raw foods. Nonetheless, many dog owners are skeptical and cautious. Too much conflicting info!

What’s certain is that folks are increasingly abandoning commercial dog food for alternatives. A raw food diet, though, is something most folks can’t commit to.

Still, some aspects of a pet’s diet can be raw. We’ll compare popular raw food diets. This way you’ll get a better idea as to which one is right for your dog.

Can I Give My Dog Raw Foods? Answer: Yes, but a raw diet isn’t easy

Feeding raw vegetables is one thing, but a complete raw food diet is quite another.

There are many pros and cons to consider before making a major change. If your dog is already healthy, switching to raw foods exclusively may not be a good idea. Another factor is the difficulty of maintaining your dog’s nutritional needs. Commercial dog foods, the premium brands at least, are much better than decades past.

Are you up for the challenge that a raw food diet? Often times getting a high-quality dog food is the most sensible choice.

Practical Considerations

Nowadays most people lead busy lives. A raw food diet takes considerable time to prepare. Changing over means you’ll lose the convenience of commercial dog foods.

If your intent is to make a big difference in your dog’s life, then taking the raw food plunge may be worth it. You just need to be knowledgeable and go about it the right way.

The BARF Diet Plan

With the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food plan you’ll be incorporating various raw meats and evaluating the results. It involves preparing uncooked muscle and organs too.

Another aspect to this diet is raw bones, which is a controversy in its own right. Veggies, yogurt and cottage cheese can also be incorporated into BARF.

Many view this raw food strategy favorably. Extra enzymes are absorbed, those that commercial dog food cannot provide. It makes sense, but you can actually take it further!

The Prey Model Plan

Another way to feed raw foods to dogs is with the Prey Model. Similar to BARF, it takes into account that your dog is related to wild wolfs. The philosophy considers your buddy a carnivorous beast.

As such, your dog will be gnawing on and tearing apart unprepared meat muscle. They’ll consume edible bones and organs. We’re talking whole carcasses, like in the wilderness!

Watch this stunning video!

One benefit to this raw food approach is improved dental health. In comparison to others, the Prey Model is hands-off. It requires less work.

Nutritional Balancing Act

With raw foods, your dog may not always get a balanced diet. Deficiencies are common, unless you really know what you’re doing.

You have people on both sides of the debate. Each claim their pet’s have shiner coats, more energy, etc. So who is actually right?

Commercial dog foods and raw food diets can both keep dogs happy and healthy. They’re all valid diet plans, it’s just that conventional canine chow is easier and consistent.

Conclusion on Raw Foods

You can feed your dog raw foods. Veggies are easy to share. Switching over to a raw diet requires some extra commitment. There are many health benefits, and a few downsides, to going raw. If your dog is prone to allergies, raw foods are something to consider. Consult with a veterinary nutritionist.

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