Can I Give My Dog Pumpkin?

Can I Give My Dog Pumpkin?Some folks give their dogs pumpkin to clear up constipation. There are actually many health benefits associated with this food and lots of pet parents absolutely swear by it.

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Pumpkin is a vegetable that will work well to settle down your dog’s digestive system. This includes bouts of diarrhea and upset stomach. There are also nutritional attributes.

Think of pumpkin as needed lubrication and extra bulk. It has a soothing effect on doggie digestion. Use it to help your dog out rather than potentially dangerous prescriptions, laxatives or other meds.

Can I Give My Dog Pumpkin? Answer: Yes

It’s a time-tested wide-ranging natural remedy that’s very effective.

What’s great is that most dogs seem to enjoy the taste of pumpkin. When your best buddy is sick, they may be finicky about their normal dog food. In such a case, some pumpkin may really do the trick. Just be sure to keep it all-natural, a serving that contains no added seasonings. Both Nummy Tum Tum and the Fruitables brand are highly recommended because they’re organic and specially formulated pumpkin puree for pets.

Pumpkin pie filling, or other desserts, containing pumpkin are less likely to achieve the same benefits.

Pumpkin is a Secret Weapon

Don’t get carried away with feeding your dog pumpkin. If you give them this wonderful vegetable too often, it may not have the same effect on improving digestion when it’s really needed!

Save it for when it will have a beneficial effect or you can just mix some in with their regular dog food. An occasional pumpkin treat for Fido works too.

For Constipation & Diarrhea

If you see your dog straining to go number-2, obviously that’s a sign of constipation. Small droppings or hard and very dry stools are also symptoms. Such problems can reduce your dog’s appetite, after all they’re backed up.

Pumpkin’s fiber and bulk can help your constipated dog. In fact, you can just as effectively treat a case of diarrhea using pumpkin. It cannot, however, ensure their hydration during such a vulnerable time.

Make sure your dog is getting enough water. Dehydration is a common cause of constipation, especially for dogs. On the flip side, diarrhea will lead to a dehydration.

It’s a Weight Loss Winner

Besides canine digestion, pumpkin is an excellent diet regulator for weight loss. The reason for this is because pumpkin has the effect of making your dog feel more full than they really are!

Waiting Game Alternative

Some people view a straining dog, or one experiencing loose stools, as not really out of the ordinary or terribly serious. It’s true that their systems often stabilize on their own and things go back to normal.

By the time you give them pumpkin, and it makes its way through their system, they may have been fine anyway. Pumpkin could give the illusion of great a remedy in action. Sometimes you just don’t know but it’s a winner in our opinion.

When to Call a Veterinarian

If your dog experiences recurring constipated or diarrhea, even after giving them some pumpkin, it’s time to call a vet. They’ll determine the cause(s) of these lingering problems.

A full diagnosis could be needed in which case the veterinarian will ask you to bring your furry friend in so they can carefully check them out.

Conclusion on Pumpkin

You can give your dog some pumpkin. It’s one of the best foods for digestive trouble. It could provide soothing relief while normalizing bowel movements. Pumpkin is also nutritious. This food is a healthy fix for dog diarrhea or canine constipation. Highly recommended!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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