Can I Give My Dog Prunes?

Can I Give My Dog Prunes?If your pet dog has been backed up lately, you may be considering the use of prunes to get things moving again. This food helps to keep bowel movements regular for people so why not for canines, right?

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Dogs are known to get into pretty much anything. They’re not very discerning about what goes into their mouths. Pets tend to figure out the world by sniffing, licking and eating stuff. So prunes are fair game.

So when your dog eats something they shouldn’t, and they’re showing signs of straining to go, it’s normal to be concerned and try to help. Constipation can also occur if you’ve changed their dog food brand, or started to change up their normal eating times.

Can I Give My Dog Prunes? Answer: Not Recommended

Prunes as we know them don’t really occur naturally, and therefore a dog would not eat them if they were on their own in the wild.

Therefore, their bodies aren’t really ready to take on the effects of eating a prune or drinking prune juice. It could take the situation from one extreme to another, making them go from constipated to having diarrhea. That being said, it’s not as if it will harm them if they eat one dried prune or so.

The best method to deal with a dog’s digestion problems is patience. They have a quick metabolism, so most any problem they are experiencing, especially constipation, will resolve itself soon enough. Adding things like prunes or other laxative type solutions only adds confusion to their otherwise simple digestive process. It’s hard to be patient when your dog is suffering, but most times it’s best just to turn a blind eye and let nature run its course.

Your Pet Pooch and Prunes

Prunes and plums are not the same thing, although they are closely related. The plums they use to make prunes with are easier to dry out, and contain more fiber than other varieties of plum, which gives prunes their reputation as something to take if you’re constipated.

Feeding your dog a fresh plum is different then giving them dried prunes. When fruits get dried out like that, the flavors get concentrated, and the effects of the fiber are more pronounced. Fresh fruit is something that dogs can have, for the most part.

So What About Prune Juice?

Prune Juice is not something you should give your dog either. Just stick to water. Water will help them stay regular because it keeps all of their internal organs well lubricated, and it helps the food they eat move through their body and out the other end. Any other liquid besides water will only dehydrate your dog, and lead to further constipation, even with the added fiber.

Better Constipation Remedies

So if prunes and prune juice isn’t really the best thing for a constipated dog, what else can you give them? Avoid going the over-the-counter route because this is even worse than something all-natural like prunes. Some owners give their dog cooked rice, to help move things along, and this can certainly be effective. In truth, sometimes the best action is to do nothing. If you want to take action then mashed up pumpkin may be the best constipation remedy of all.

Conclusion on Prunes

If you feel something is obstructing your dog’s bowels you’ll need to contact the vet. You don’t want to be treating your dog for constipation if you suspect they’ve swallowed something that’s now lodged in their system. Of course, follow your vet’s advice if they recommend prunes or prune juice for your dog.

We have to speak in generalities here, but your vet will know your dog’s medical history, specific breed, size, and you’ll be able to fill them in on the exact details of what symptoms your dog is exhibiting.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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