Can I Give My Dog a Pregnancy Test?

Can I Give My Dog a Pregnancy Test?Can a human pregnancy test be used on a dog? It’s an interesting question since we’re talking about two different species. These tests often don’t even work very well for humans. In any case, let’s explore this curious topic further.

If you suspect that your female dog is pregnant, you won’t need to speculate for long. A term for a puppy in the womb is only 9 weeks, not 9 months. She’ll quickly begin showing signs making a pregnancy test irrelevant.

So, in reality, a pregnancy test isn’t necessary. They aren’t effective for dogs and there’s no affordable equivalent version for canines. You’ll just need to have patience as things progress, or don’t! In the meantime, learn the signs for determining if your little lady is pregnant.

Can I Give My Dog a Pregnancy Test? Answer: No, they do not work

Besides, you’d only be buying yourself a few days advance warning.

If you’re really bent on finding out early, take your dog to a vet for an ultrasound or a blood test that will measure a hormone called Relaxin which is present during gestation. They can run these tests to make a determination, but that can be expensive. Even then, results can come back negative or inconclusive meaning you’d have wasted your time and money. In truth, the best way is just to monitor their behavior.

If you truly suspect that she’s pregnant, then she probably is. Why else would you have such a hunch?

Telltale Behavioral Signs

Find out if your dog is pregnant, throw the pregnancy test out the window, by observing changes in behavior. If your bitch shows a decreased appetite over several days, you can start to get suspicious.

Then begin checking for other signs like an increase in nipple size. Those, combined with a period of noticeably less physical activity, are good indicators that a pregnancy may be underway.

So in the vast majority of cases, there’s no need for a dog to get an ultrasound or any other test for a determination.

Make the Process Easier

A lot of owners make a big deal out of their dog having puppies. For sure, it can be a momentous occasion. Watching life unfold, right before your eyes, is something most folks will never forget.

But for your dog, it’s totally normal and just something they’re going through. It’s a natural, 58 to 68 day, process for them and they take it in stride.

Your role should actually be pretty limited. Unless there’s a complication, which rarely happens, then take a hands off approach by being an loving observer.

Get Ready for Puppies

Maybe you are trying to get ready for puppies as you await their arrival. Once again you don’t really need to do too much.

One thing you can do is set up a comfortable area for your dog to have her puppies, including putting down a soft blanket for them. Aside from that, nature takes care of the rest!

Preventing Impregnation

If you didn’t want your bitch to get pregnant, simply stop them from mingling with the opposite sex. That’s the most effective form of birth control there is.

Female dogs going through their estrus phase are most susceptible to breeding. This is usually 1 week to 10 days after menstruation. It doesn’t take long for two dogs to sniff each other out, resulting in puppies 9 weeks later.

Conclusion on a Pregnancy Test

Human pregnancy tests will not work on your pet dog. You’ll know soon enough if your pooch is actually pregnant. Clues come fast and furious since the canine term is much quicker than 9 months. Vets can perform some tests to determine if your female dog is definitively pregnant. Otherwise, watch for the telltale signs.

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