Can I Give My Dog Pink Eye?

Can I Give My Dog Pink Eye?Dealing with Pink Eye is bad enough. Do you also need to worry about giving it to your dog? Canine Conjunctivitis is a concern due to all the hugging, kissing and petting that’s usually going on.

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This bacterial or viral infection is highly contagious. Time is the only real cure once you or your dog comes down with it. That’s why taking steps to prevent its spread is so important.

Consider how you handle your dog when a Pink Eye infection hits. Isolation and sanitation are key to avoid the spread of this uncomfortable and embarrassing condition.

Can I Give My Dog Pink Eye? Answer: Yes

Conjunctivitis is certainly transferable to dogs and vise versa.

If your dog already has this annoying condition then you can reduce itching and irritation with a highly recommended Pink Eye spray designed for animals. You can definitely give Conjunctivitis to a dog and they can give it to you as well! It’s easy to transfer this eye infection to a pet if you aren’t careful. Dogs are also susceptible to bacteria and viruses associated with Pink Eye.

Avoiding close contact is the best prevention strategy.

Precious Pets & Pink Eye

Pink eye is usually caused by a viral infection called Adenovirus. The condition is definitely contagious and could affect every member of the household, including your dog!

Conjunctivitis can easily spread. Pink Eye is transmitted through direct contact. Good hygienic practice is critical for preventing its spread to your dog.

Contamination & Sanitation

Harmful bacteria in and around the eyes can be transferred to your hands. Anything you touch is potentially contaminated.

For example, someone who uses a door handle that you’ve already come into contact with has a chance of getting Conjunctivitis.

Touching your dog with unsanitary hands similarly exposes them.

Treating Pets for Pink Eye

If you’ve ever had Pink Eye then you know it’s a bummer. Everybody hates this condition and your dog will be no different. Probably the best thing you can do to help your dog during this time is to get a quality funnel collar.

This will prevent them from pawing at or scratching their eyes. Doing so will only worsen the Pink Eye so a special canine collar is a good investment. Sure, it looks bad but it will really help.

Also, clean your dog’s eyes frequently to avoid them becoming a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Apply lukewarm water to any hardened mucous around the eyes to soften the buildup.

You can also utilize canine-formulated eye drops, if necessary, to help ease your dog’s itchiness. Vet often prescribe topical ointments or special eye drops for such infections.

Look on the Bright Side

Pink Eye symptoms usually subside within 1 to 2 weeks, which is true for both humans and dogs. Conjunctivitis usually clears up on its own with the help of proper sanitation.

Some vets, however, favor the use of antibiotics. In any case, rest assured that your pet dog will recover from Pink Eye.

Prevention is the Key

You can transmit Pink Eye to your dog. Take some precautions because you really don’t want them to get this infection. Those who’ve had a dog with Conjunctivitis know this. Pink eye carries a stigma for people which dogs luckily don’t care about. Nevertheless, it’s still a depressing experience for them. Wash your hands often!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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