Can I Give My Dog Pink Eye?

Can I Give My Dog Pink Eye?If you’ve got Pink Eye, could your pet dog possibly get it too? It’s understandable to be concerned about their susceptibility to it. Dogs are hugged, kissed and petted all the time making them more prone to sickness and infections.

One common and highly contagious infection is pink eye, also known as Conjunctivitis. This condition is usually caused by allergens, bacteria or a virus. With pink eye, the conjunctiva and inner linings of the eyelids get inflamed creating an annoying itchy sensation. You do not want your dog getting this!

Those with pink eye will often have teary eyes as well as yellowish or greenish discharge until it’s treated. This particular infection is highly contagious and those infected are advised to be isolated in order to prevent spreading it further. So is pink eye actually transferable to dogs?

Can I Give My Dog Pink Eye? Answer: Yes

Yes, you can unfortunately give it to your dog!

You can transfer this eye infection to your dog if you aren’t careful. They are susceptible to bacteria and viruses present in the condition known as Pink Eye. It’s advisable to stay isolated, if you have the infection, even if just for your canine. This can be tough and if you can’t resist being close to your dog at least wash your hands often.

Understanding Pink Eye

If you got pink eye from bacteria or viruses and not from allergies, this makes your condition contagious to every member of your family (yes, even your dog). If you don’t stay away from everyone, you risk spreading the infection. Pink Eye is a bummer.

Bacteria and viruses exist everywhere in the air. As a result, the infection can spread quite easily because people share the same environment inside their homes. But more often than not, conjunctivitis or sore eyes is spread through direct contact with an infected person. That’s why proper hygienic practices are so important for dealing with pink eye. This goes for your dog’s sake as well.

With pink eye, there is a tendency to rub and touch your eyes. The bacteria in and around the eyes can be transferred to your hands. Anything you touch is potentially contaminated. For example, someone who uses a door handle that you’ve come into contact with has a chance of getting the infection.

Touching your dog with unsanitary hands similarly exposes them to the condition. Don’t cause your dog vulnerable to pink eye when you can take steps to prevent it.

Treating K9 Pink Eye

Pink eye hurts and it’s very uncomfortable. Your dog will feel the same way if infected. In order to restrain them from rubbing and scratching their eyes, which will only worsen the condition, get a funnel collar. Fasten this around your dog’s neck. It looks bad but this way their paws won’t be able to reach the eye area which will help.

It’s prudent to use mineral water to clean your dog’s eyes frequently so they won’t be a breeding ground for various germs and bacteria. If there is hardened mucous around the eyes, apply lukewarm water to soften the buildup. You can use artificial tear eye drops to help ease the itchy sensation. If your vet prescribes a topical ointment or eye drops for the infection, carefully use these medications as directed.

Pink eye conditions usually heal within 1 to 2 weeks for both humans and the canine species. Even without antibiotics, it usually clears up through self-healing and proper sanitation. Rest assured that your pet dog will recover from this condition in time.

Prevention is Best

Take the necessary steps to avoid transmitting Pink Eye to your dog, especially if your pup is around someone who is already infected. It can be really irritating and so you really don’t want them to suffer from this infection. Those who’ve had a dog with pink eye know this.

Although this isn’t a life-threatening condition, it can lead to eye damage and other complications if not attended to properly. Pink eye carries a stigma for people which dogs luckily don’t care about. However, it’s still a somewhat depressing experience even for dogs.

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Kathy October, 2015

Can I pet my dog if I have Pink Eye? The vet told me its only transmitted through the membrane of the eyes or saliva. I found out five days later, after I got it, and have kissed my dog and I also get the goop out of his eyes. He’s a small dog and I can’t see his lower lid. Now that I know, I’m very careful with him.


Kadence December, 2015

I hope he is feeling better!


Katie September, 2014

Thank you. I had this exact question and it was really helpful!


Jordyn May, 2014

I think this was very helpful and I will not touch my dog. Thanks!


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