Can I Give My Dog Miralax?

Can I Give My Dog Miralax?Is Miralax the cure for your dog’s constipation? There are lots of over-the-counter drugs that may provide fast relief for this type of problem but safely should be your top concern.

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As the name suggests, Miralax is a type of laxative. It works by retaining water and moisture in the stool in order to make it soft. Obviously you want your dog’s stools to be easier to expel, without straining.

The good news is that Miralax can be an effective laxative for a pet dog. Vets sometimes recommend it for treating canine constipation problems and it is generally safe for them when properly administered.

Can I Give My Dog Miralax? Answer: Yes

It may provide instant relief and it’s known to be a safe and effective treatment option for constipation.

However, before administering the medicine on your pet dog, you should make sure that you know the proper dosage. As this is a laxative intended for humans, it may not be very wise to base the dosage on the accompanying leaflet on the laxative. Ask your vet for a specific dosage that is suitable to your particular dog.

Causes of Constipation

Although Miralax can provide an effective solution in treating your dog’s constipation, you should still try to find out what really caused the problem. By doing so, you can prevent constipation from being a constant issue with your dog.

Is your dog’s diet high in fiber? If not, you should switch to a different kind of dog food that can provide for this requirement. This is particularly important for senior dogs as they are more prone to stomach disorders particularly constipation. As a dog ages, the internal system also begins to slow down. And the processing of food may not be as efficient as before. With a high fiber diet, your dog will have regular bowel movement everyday.

Importance of Hydration

Lack of water can also be the cause of having hard stools. You should always make sure that fresh drinking water is available to your dog all the time. By having balanced moisture inside the body, your pet dog’s stool will always remain normal and soft.

If your dog is still having constipation problems in spite of being well-hydrated and placed on a high fiber diet, then there could be a bigger underlying problem. Just like in people, constipation can be a sign that there’s a blockage in the intestine.

If you suspect that your pet dog may have this problem, you shouldn’t delay on seeing a vet. Intestinal blockage is a medical emergency that should be quickly attended to as it may lead to blood poisoning, kidney damage and even death.

Properly Using Miralax

As Miralax comes in the form of powder, even beginner pet owners will find this easy to use. The powder easily dissolves in water and so you can simply mix this with your pet’s dog food. Or if you prefer mixing the powder in your dog’s drinking water, you can also do so.

As for the dosage, you should ask your vet about it as different dogs require different dosage. It will depend on your dog’s size and weight as well as the type of breed. But generally, a 12-pound dog can be given a teaspoon of Miralax every 12 hours.

Some Home Remedies

If your pet dog’s constipation case is not that severe, you can simply make use of some home remedies. You can add a teaspoon of vegetable oil or olive oil in your dog’s diet as this will aid in softening your dog’s stool. Vegetable oil is less expensive compared to Olive oil, but olive oil can also provide other benefits to your dog as it is highly nutritious.

Prevention is Key

As your dog’s diet plays a very important role in keeping your pet’s bowel movement regular, you should make sure that you are providing them the right types of dog food. This will ensure that your canine friend will not be having stomach problems all the time.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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