Can I Give My Dog Metamucil?

Can I Give My Dog Metamucil?Metamucil is a fiber supplement used for normalizing bowel movements. It assists with constipation issues and can alleviate some hemorrhoid problems as well. When used as directed, using Metamucil isn’t known to have harmful side effects in people.

Are you considering giving Metamucil to your pet dog? There are known cases of dogs having irregular bowel movements and this can cause stress to these lovely creatures as well. Not being able to expel stools everyday can make your pet dog uncomfortable and it can even affect their general mood.

So what can you do if you notice that constipation is driving your canine friend crazy? Should you give your pet dog Metamucil from your medicine cabinet?

Can I Give My Dog Metamucil? Answer: Yes

Metamucil’s main ingredients are comprised of fiber which  is generally safe for your dog.

In fact, this is one type of people medicine that’s frequently prescribed by vets in order to treat canine constipation problems.

Metamucil comes in powder form. Since it carries no flavor, it can be easily given to pet dogs without them realizing that they’re consuming medicine.

The Wonders of Metamucil

Metamucil is typically prescribed to people who are having constipation problems. This serves as a laxative, and as such, it results in softer stools that are easy to expel from the body.

For dogs however, you might be surprised that Metamucil is being prescribed by vets in cases of hard stools and soft stools as well. If your pet dog is constipated, a few doses of Metamucil can usually resolve the problem within 24 hours. And if your dog is very prone to constipation, giving Metamucil regularly will also result in soft but firm stools everyday.

Should your dog have extremely soft stools all the time, your vet can also prescribe Metamucil to solve the problem. You might be surprised of the prescription in the assumption that it will only make your pet dog’s poop softer or even watery. But that is frequently not the case.

You see, Metamucil can also act as a binder. Think of it as poo glue. It doesn’t make stools unnecessarily hard or soft, but what it does is it makes the stools soft yet compact (not hard!).

By giving Metamucil to dogs with frequent bowel movements, it will simply make your pet dog’s daily defecating routine more normal and regular.

Problem of Constipation & Loose Stools

Having very hard stools and very soft stools in dogs can really present both dog and dog owner with problems. Hard stools will cause pain and stress to the dog. And dog owners will find it hard to clean soft stools all the time.

Fortunately, with the help of fiber supplements like Metamucil, both the dog’s problem and the human’s problem can be solved. And this type of medication is safe too.

You should however consider other factors when dealing with your pet dog’s irregular bowel movement. There could be an underlying problem that’s not fiber-related and giving Metamucil will not treat problems other than constipation and loose stools. One such problem is having parasites, and if this is the case, your vet may need to prescribe some other types of medicine.

Although Metamucil is proven safe for dogs, they can overdose. Giving too much Metamucil than what is necessary can lead to diarrhea.

Proper Metamucil Dosage

The proper dosage for your particular dog will depend upon the breed, weight, size and their age. The general health condition of your K9 will also be assessed by the vet in order to come up with the exact amount of Metamucil that your dog can tolerate to ease his or her condition.

Typically, a small breed of dog can be given 1/2 teaspoon of Metamucil 2 times daily. A large breed, on the other hand, can be given up to 2 teaspoons 2 times per day. Metamucil can either be mixed in their dog food or water. It will usually take 12 to 72 hours for your dog’s bowel movements to return to normal.

If unsure consult with your vet regarding the proper dosage.

Your Dog’s Health

By understanding your dog’s behavior and habits, you will get an insight as to the general health of your beloved pet. That’s why you should always be observant in noticing sudden changes in your dog’s routine and behavior. This includes their bowel movements.

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Becky March, 2015

My puppy is a 10 pound, 7 month old Chiweenie. Is it okay to give Metamucil to her? Her stools are small and kind of hard and she bites at her tail and chases it. She acts like something is bothering her when she’s biting at the base of her tail. Sometimes she even scoots her bottom on the carpet. How much should I give her?

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Jena April, 2015

If your dog is scooting her bum on the floor, she likely needs to have her anal glands expressed. But generally hard poos are enough to do this on their own. Have you checked her poo for worms? Little white grains of rice, or longer like spaghetti noodles could be signs. If she’s constantly biting at her bum, I’d take her to the vet to be sure that it isn’t something else. In the meantime, yes, you can give her Metamucil. I’d recommend a quarter of a teaspoon twice a day, with a meal would probably be best. But like I said, only a vet can give a proper diagnosis.

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Kathleen September, 2014

My vet recommended that I give my 20-pound dog 1 Metamucil fiber biscuit each day to help bulk-up her stools, which helps the anal glands to express on their own. It works great and she thinks it is a cookie. The only problem is that she is sensitive to wheat. So I’m looking for a wheat-free fiber supplement. The internet recommends brown rice, so I’m going to try that next.

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Caitlin October, 2013

One of my dogs has been having some strange symptoms the past few days. When I pick her up she is fidgety and doesn’t want me supporting her under her bum. Also, her stool has been very soft and she has been acting odd, not really very social. She is normally a more nervous dog but never like this. I can tell she is uncomfortable so I am going to try Metamucil and hopefully she feels better. If not I will be making a trip to the vet very soon.

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James November, 2013

Caitlin, did your dog’s condition improve? Have you been to the vet? Here is something for nervousness that could work for your dog if Metamucil hasn’t helped.

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Gloria Wood September, 2013

This has helped greatly. I tried the pumpkin and it worked good, but he won’t eat it anymore. I want to give him Metamucil, but it would be easier in pill form. Would this be the same? Also, how many should I give a 45 pound older dog?

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Laura August, 2015

I have the same question as Gloria. Is the dosage the same in the pill form? I emptied some capsules into a measuring spoon and 5 pills is a little less than 1 teaspoon. My dog weighs 25 pounds.

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