Can I Give My Dog a Jalapeno?

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Can I Give My Dog a Jalapeno?The jalapeno is finding its way into more and more dishes these days, as we humans just can’t seem to get enough of their spicy flavor. They add just the right amount of heat to many Mexican dishes, and are even starting to show up in other cuisine. But is it something that’s appropriate for your furry friend?

If your dog already ate some jalapenos, you don’t need to fret too much because they’re not lethal, or toxic to your dog. But you’ll want to help them by making sure their water dish is full, and keep an eye on them to see how they’re handling it. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to help soothe their digestive system after an episode like this with such time-tested remedies as adding canned pumpkin to their dog food.

It’s best to keep an off limits policy on human foods, because a lot of the food we eat is complex, with many different ingredients and spices that we don’t even realize a dog might not be able to handle. Many dogs are also opportunistic eaters, and will grab whatever they can when they see it’s unguarded. It’s a hard habit to break and sometimes ends up with your dog eating something they shouldn’t.

Can I Give My Dog a Jalapeno? Answer: Not Recommended

You’re definitely not doing them any favors by giving your dog jalapenos.

There are no health benefits to a dog eating a jalapeno, and there’s no valid reason to give it to them. It’s recommended that you don’t give your dog jalapenos and keep them away from your pets to prevent them from accidentally eating them.

Dogs and Spicy Foods

Dogs are not used to eating spicy things, especially if you’re feeding them a straight diet of dog food each day. Their digestive system is used to the predictable nature of the dog food they eat, and giving them a jalapeno is like throwing a wrench into the gears.

It definitely is a shock to their system, and they’ll do their best to get rid of it, either through the back or the front. So it’s really not a good idea to give it to them, not only because you’ll be giving your dog an unnecessary stomachache, but also because you probably don’t like cleaning up messes.

Accidental Ingestion

If your dog ate a jalapeno, or food containing jalapenos without your consent you don’t have to worry about any long term problems, but you should prepare for some diarrhea and keep an eye on them over the next few hours to see how they’re doing.

Many owners like to confine their pets to an area that is easy to clean when they get into something they shouldn’t.

In all likelihood they’ll stop eating the peppers on their own before eating so many that they have a bigger problem than they can handle. Luckily it’s not a food item that will result in a trip to the animal hospital.

Better Options

If you want to feed your dog something special, most times it’s not a good idea to give them table scraps or pieces of food that you’re eating.

If your dog is begging for some of your food and you know it’s not good for them, have some dog treats on hand so that they can have a snack while you’re eating your meal.

In order to improve their behavior you can wait until they stop begging and leave you alone and then reward them with their own treat. This reinforces the behavior you want and they’ll eventually learn that if they let you eat in peace good things will come to them.

It’s always a good idea to keep spicy foods clear of your dog, or vice-versa. While we may enjoy their hot flavor and the rush of heat that hits the lips, dogs just aren’t used to digesting that sort of thing and there’s no reason to try to get them used to it.

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