Can I Give My Dog Dramamine?

Can I Give My Dog Dramamine?There is nothing worse than having a dog that suffers from severe motion sickness, but is Dramamine really a possible solution for dogs? Sadly, motion sickness is a reality that many dog owners deal with on a daily basis.

You are probably here reading this because you want to be able to take your pet out and about and no matter how short the distance. I sympathize with those who often have a mess to clean up upon arrival due to a K9s’ motion sickness.

There are many ways to overcome this condition, but they are time consuming and will take weeks, even months, to get the dog out of the habit. The most popular is to put your dog in the car with the engine running, going nowhere, as a first step. A couple of days later you can pull out the driveway and straight back in again. Over time slowly start lengthening the journey until your dog gets used to the motion.

Can I Give My Dog Dramamine? Answer: Yes

Dramamine, real name dimenhydrinate, is often used to help with motion sickness in dogs and is sometimes prescribed by vets. Don’t ever use this medication without the prior consent of your vet. It’s not an animal-approved medication by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and there are some animals that cannot use it, such as dogs that are pregnant.

This medication sedates the dog. It doesn’t make them go to sleep but causes them to be lethargic and thereby reduces the car sickness feeling. If you’re going on a long journey with a dog that cannot travel, speak to your veterinarian regarding how much you can give and how often you should administer this medication to ensure that your trip goes better.

Dosage and Directions

As with almost all human over-the-counter medication, you do not want to give it to your dog without speaking to your vet first. Remember it is only a phone call and you can confirm the exact dosage amounts and how often you should be administering a drug like Dramamine for the desired result.

Normally you would give two to four milligrams of medication per pound of dog. This medication is available in both tablet and liquid form, so you can determine which is easier for you.

It is usually most effective when given thirty to sixty minutes before you get into the car. This way it’s had time to start working and your dog should be pretty relaxed by this stage. If you have previously used this drug on your dog, please share your experience with others who are considering this car sickness solution by commenting below.

Possible Side Effects

This medication is known to present a couple of side effects including dry mouth, sedation and difficulty urinating. On the rare occasion a dog may suffer from appetite loss, vomiting, and diarrhea, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve by giving this medication in the first place. You won’t know if dimenhydrinate is good for your canine until you try it. Just be sure you are giving them the right dose beforehand.

Remember, when administering human medication to a dog, always monitor them closely for any side effects. At the first sign of a problem, stop the medication immediately and if necessary, call your vet.

If you’re administering Dramamine, known as Gravol in Canada, to reduce car sickness and your dog starts vomiting, it has defeated the purpose and there is no point continuing this medication in the future.

Signs of Overdose

When giving Dramamine to your dog, dosage is key because it will either harm them or be ineffective unless you get it right. It’s very easy to overdose a dog without meaning to. Calculating the right dosage may mean breaking it up into smaller pieces. With the liquid form, it means measuring with exceptional care.

Overdose symptoms include seizures, respiratory problems, lethargy, coma and even death. If you notice any of these symptoms starting, get to your vet as soon as possible. There is a small window after seeing these symptoms to getting your pet to the vet. For serious cases, you will notice when they get to the point of falling into a coma in which case you should get them help before matters get much worse.

Natural Solutions

If you are unsure at any stage about the dosage or how often to administer this medication, contact your vet to reconfirm. They will ask about your dog’s current weight and exact symptoms to determine a good solution. This medication should not be given to your pet without prior consent from your veterinarian.

In cases where you can’t reach your vet, ginger is an excellent natural way to relieve nausea. Try giving your dog a ginger tablet or ginger biscuit before traveling. Another tip is to never put your dog in the car with a full stomach. Ensure their food has been withheld for at least twelve hours before traveling. See if the level of motion sickness is dramatically reduced when they are relatively hungry. Observe how they do under different variables such as these.

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