Can I Give My Dog Cucumbers?

Can I Give My Dog Cucumbers?Are cucumbers a good treat for dogs? After all, this health food can satisfy hunger while providing lots of excellent nutrients. Throw in low carbohydrates and perhaps a few slices could be a great snack for Fido.

Even though your dog is primarily a carnivore, cucumbers are surely suitable as a light treat. There are lots of good reasons why sharing some with your four-legged friend makes perfect sense.

This popular vegetable, the cucumber, offers so many important vitamins, minerals and potential health benefits! Let us dig deeper into this subject for your dog’s sake.

Can My Dog Have Cucumbers? Answer: Yes

It’s actually an excellent way to reward your pet pooch. This food is a winner for sure!

There is no doubt that cucumbers are safe and appropriate for dogs when given in moderation. They are very healthy but also useful for training, assuming that your canine considers it a rewarding snack. As with anything, too many cucumber slices can disrupt the digestive tract and may produce loose stools. In any case, this well known vegetable is one of the best human foods that can be given to your dog.

Interestingly, as a way to keep your best friend smelling fresh, there’s an excellent canine cucumber spray that contains no sulfates or harsh chemicals. We’re excited to begin trying it out!

So Many Health Benefits

Cucumbers promote health in so many areas and there is no reason why your dog cannot also benefit. From fighting cancer to lowering blood pressure to improving diabetic symptoms and these issues apply to dogs as well. In particular, the kidneys and liver are two organs that are known to respond well to cucumber.

There are also everyday practical uses such as the cucumbers’s ability to reduce bad doggie breath. That’s because this veggie contains phytochemicals which can effectively kill stinky bacteria. Another great cucumber perk is that your dog may experience a burst of energy due to the vitamin-B that it provides.

Help For Arthritic Dogs

Being plant-based, cucumbers contain very desirable nutrients. One such attribute is silica which helps with joint health. Many dogs suffer from arthritis related aches and pains and cucumbers could, in theory, alleviate some of that stiffness and discomfort. Many people swear by cucumbers and carrots for treating such symptoms.

Fight Against Canine Obesity

Cucumbers are pretty low in calories and, therefore, a light weight food. That’s desirable because you do not want to add too many additional calories to your dog’s regular chow. If your pet is overweight then have them sit, roll, or do other types of tricks as part of a small workout. You can then reward your dog with some sliced cucumbers which is a fantastic routine and a great habit to get into.

During the summer months, hydration is very important and cucumbers are overwhelmingly made up of water!

Some Other Healthy Foods

It’s safe to say that cucumbers are a good food for everyone and the same can also be said of zucchini as well as broccoli. Just keep in mind that the latter, if fed too much, will likely be gassy and your dog could end up with a bout of diarrhea. Carrots are also a good choice.

If your beloved dog is unhealthy or diabetic, you really should speak with a trusted veterinarian regarding exactly what kind of fruits and vegetables can be given to improve their overall health and well-being.

Conclusion on Cucumbers

Yes, cucumbers are suitable and even healthy for dogs. The potential benefits are numerous but there are also practical reasons for sharing some. From behavioral training to increased energy to the reduction of bad breath, cucumbers are a winner for pet dogs and their owners. Of course, this common vegetable should only be fed in moderation but you can certainly supplement your canine’s regular diet with fresh slices of cucumber.

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