Can I Give My Dog Cucumbers?

Can I Give My Dog Cucumbers?Are cucumbers a good treat for a pet dog? Low in carbs and high in nutrients, a few fresh slices is a fantastic snack for a furry friend!

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Even though dogs are somewhat carnivorous, cucumbers are recommended as a light treat. Sharing with your buddy makes a lot of sense.

The cucumber has valuable vitamins, minerals and many potential health benefits. Learn more about giving your dog this succulent snack!

Can Give My Dog Cucumbers? Answer: Yes

It’s an excellent way to provide a reward. This food is a winner!

Cucumbers are safe and appropriate for your dog. They’re not only nutritious but also useful for training. As with anything, too much cucumber may disrupt your dog’s digestion and cause loose stools. Overall, this vegetable is one of the best foods you could feed to a pet dog.

There’s even a topical application for keeping your pooch smelling fresh. Try a natural moisturizing fragrance cucumber-melon spray for pets that contains no sulfates or harsh chemicals.

Numerous Health Benefits

Cucumbers are beneficial in several ways and there’s no reason why this doesn’t apply to dogs. They can help fight cancer, lower blood pressure and improve diabetic symptoms.

The kidneys and liver are two organs that are fortified by canine cucumber consumption. Another great perk is that your dog may get a burst of energy due to the vitamin-B.

There are practical uses like cucumber’s ability to reduce bad doggie breath. Yes, this veggie contains phytochemicals which can effectively kill stinky bacteria.

Cucumber & Arthritic Dogs

Being plant-based, cucumbers contain desirable nutrients. One attribute is silica which is beneficial for bones and joints. Lots of older dogs have arthritis-related aches and pains.

Cucumbers could, in theory, reduce this type of debilitating stiffness and discomfort. Many pet parents swear by cucumbers and carrots for treating such symptoms.

For Fighting Canine Obesity

Cucumbers are low in calories and, therefore, a light weight food. That’s desirable because you don’t want to add too many additional carbohydrates (4 calories per gram) to your dog’s regular chow.

If your pet is overweight have them sit, roll or do other tricks. Incorporate sliced cucumbers as part of this workout routine. It’s a great habit to get into, assuming your dog likes the taste.

Hound hydration is always very important, especially during the hot summer months. Cucumbers are mostly made up of water!

Feed Fido Fantastic Food

Crunchy green cucumbers are a good food for everyone and the same can be said of zucchini as well as broccoli.

Just keep in mind that the latter, if fed too much, will likely cause your dog to be gassy or have a bout of diarrhea.

If your pet dog is unhealthy or diabetic, you really should speak with a trusted vet about what fruits and veggies can be given to improve well-being.

Conclusion on Cucumbers

Fresh cucumber is a suitable snack for your dog. There are health benefits and also practical reasons for sharing. From behavioral training to increased energy to the reduction of bad breath, cucumbers are a winner for dogs. Pet parents can positively provide cucumbers to their curious canines.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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