Can I Give My Dog Cucumbers?

Can I give my dog cucumbers?Is it OK to give dogs cucumbers? Many times, when we are hungry, we open the kitchen cabinets and grab a convenient snack like potato chips or maybe a chocolate bar. We know those aren’t great choices for dogs but cucumbers are a different story.

Cucumbers are a health food that can help satisfy hunger while providing the right nutrients. Sure it may take some time to wash and cut, but it is worth it. In cucumbers, there is just a small amount of carbohydrates and little or no fats and oils. Maybe this is something a dog could benefit from?

Instead, when we are snacking we feed junk to our animals causing them to eat unhealthy. These bad habits causes them become overweight and then later some health problems develop as a result. Eating healthy foods such as cucumbers sets a good example for everyone around you including your children and pets.

Can My Dog Have Cucumbers? Answer: Yes

Dogs are a lot like humans when it comes to eating. They need some vegetables in their diets as well and it may be healthier when it comes to snacking giving them extra energy. Cucumbers (peeled unless you grow cucumbers organically) can be good for a dogs teeth and bones and when cucumbers are mixed with carrots and can help promote a healthy liver and kidneys.

If you are using cucumbers and other vegetables as an alternative to dog treats keep in mind that too much vegetables can be hard on your dog’s digestive tract especially if you are mixing vegetables in your dog’s food as well. Instead of giving your dog treats for good behavior also try more attention like going out for more walks or playing with his favorite toy.

Other Healthy Foods for Your Dog Besides Cucumbers

In moderation fruits and vegetables are good for your dog. Some are better than others of course for example garlic can help protect your dog from fleas but can be dangerous to your canine friends health if given too much (like onions, garlic can thin out the blood).

Broccoli and cabbage can be given to dogs as well, but if given too much they will be gassy and could end up with diarrhea. Cucumbers are a pretty good food for everyone, so you can’t go wrong if you came here wondering about it.

Carrots are good for your dog, and are often used as a substitute for dehydrated dog treats that are full of dyes and processed foods. If your dog is unhealthy or is diabetic you should check and see what kind of fruits and vegetables your pet can have and how many servings are appropriate.

Overweight Dogs

If you are looking at feeding your dog healthier foods because they are overweight and you are trying to help them lose a few extra pounds you may want to consider having them work for their food. Make them sit, roll, or do other types of tricks as a small workout routine.

If your canine gulps down their food in a hurry, let them know it is unacceptable by taking the food every time it is eaten too quickly. If that does not work give them some food a little at a time. Food that is not chewed properly can be hard for the body to digest. Cucumbers go down pretty easy.

Keep in mind if your dog does not eat all of his food within fifteen minutes you are most likely feeding them too much. Dogs should not be allowed to snack or graze throughout the day even if it is just dog food. They should only be given dog food twice a day and it should be gone or emptied within fifteen minutes.

How a Dogs’ Digestive System Works

The reason we only give our dog a fifteen minute feeding time twice a day is to help the digestive system. When the dog is only given one big meal and they take a nap or sleep, the digestive system slows down and often causes them to have an upset stomach upon awakening. The best thing for your dog is to learn when they sleep the longest (usually at night) and give them a small portion in the early evening and a larger portion most mornings.

When we feed our dogs treats and snacks we do not always think about what we are giving them. Often times we treat dogs like little monsters that can eat and digest anything given to them. What most of us do not know is dogs have the shortest digestive systems of mammals and it takes approximately 8-9 hours for the entire digestive process to complete.

Your Dog Will Age

There are worse foods out there than cucumbers and chances are your dog has had with or without your permission or knowledge. Cucumbers can be given to your dog and can actually help provide them with more energy (especially if you have a lazy dog that does not enjoy playing as much as they did in their earlier years). We cannot stop the aging process but we can give our dogs a healthy path. We all hope they will live a long and happy life.

Just because we take good care of our pets doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen. It is like a healthy child getting cancer or accidents occurring that we have no control over. Think of cucumbers and other vegetables as insurance policies against such terrible things as, for example, colon cancer.

There are things we just have no control over but you do have control over your dog’s diet. That is why we should take care of ourselves and our pets in the best way possible. So, if something does happen, we know we did our best and probably gave them a few extra years. Cucumbers is something that can contribute to that piece of mind.

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Sabrena October 23, 2014

Wow this is really cool. Too bad my dog doesn’t like cucumbers.

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Malena October 27, 2014

I believe in feeding my 3 furry babies every 8 hours for better metabolism. Just like people, more smaller meals makes us lean and feel better. And, mixing in some lean turkey or chicken and a little healthy green veggie is perfect! Try it!

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Terence April 2, 2014

Cucumber helps to heal a range of illnesses including lung, stomach and chest problem, gout, arthritis and tapeworm.

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