Can I Give My Dog Clear Eyes?

Can I give my dog Clear Eyes?Clear Eyes is routinely used for itchy, watery or irritated eyes. If your dog is suffering in a similar way, you may be tempted to use it as a quick fix. So can this product be administered to dogs or will it do more harm than good?

One of the reasons dogs are so lovable is that their eyes look a lot like ours. They can make expressions that make us melt. So when they’re having eye trouble, it may be tempting to give them something like Clear Eyes. But there are some reasons why doing so could be a bad idea and here’s why.

Even though a dog’s eyes may look similar to ours, they are quite different. They will not respond the same way that human eyes will to Clear Eyes. Unless you are using something that is purely saline, like tears, then you wouldn’t want to give it to your dog.

Can I Give My Dog Clear Eyes? Answer: Not Recommended

If your dog frequently gets things in their eye, or you notice that they are always pawing at their eyes because they are itchy, take your dog to the vet.

They may need a prescription, if they’re allergic to something. Certainly there is a better treatment than over the counter eye medicine for humans.

When it comes to giving the family dog OTC meds you can never be overly cautious. If something like Clear Eyes was the only recourse you could take for your dog’s ailing eyes, we would say go ahead and give it to them. Nowadays we have better treatment options for them. It’s best for you to utilize those, instead of taking a “give it to them and see what happens” attitude.

Leave Them Alone

One option you have is to just do nothing. While it may seem a bit Taoist, or irresponsible, it often is the best thing you can do for your dog. They will sort it out on their own. Their eyes will produce enough tears to flush out the irritants, and they’ll be back to their normal selves without the need for Clear Eyes or other products.

It’s only us humans that like to treat ourselves for every minor ailment, so don’t transfer that to your pet. They are used to dealing with things on their own, and they don’t even register it as a problem. Unless it is causing them undue pain, you can probably leave them to their own devices. Some people wish they could get their dog eyeglasses but it is not realistic.

If they seem to be having a really rough go at things, you should take them into the vet. Very rarely do you need to intervene, as a problem is either not big enough to warrant your help, or too big that you need a professional to help you.

Try Regular Water

If they have something in their eye, try using ordinary water to flush it out. If you have a pool, have them jump in it and go for a swim. If they don’t have anything in their eye, this would not be recommended, as the chlorine could end up irritating their eyes further.

Monitor your dog to see how they’re coping with this. If it is worsening after a few hours call the vet for advice. Only they will know your dog’s history and be able to advise you accordingly. Many people turn to pet owner forums for advice. This is a bad idea on several different levels. Number one is that a dog owner will only have one breed of dog, or at most a few different breeds. They will also be speaking from a few isolated experiences.

Conclusion on Clear Eyes

Clear Eyes is not the way to go! Instead, see a vet. Often people will chime in with no medical training, and just be giving you their own personal advice, or relaying what they were told to do for their own dog. While their intentions are good, the advice often isn’t. Get your facts from the source and you don’t have to worry about it.

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Amy February, 2016

Yesterday I began to notice my dog’s left eye was somewhat irritated. Then as the night progressed it was glued shut. I just got home from school and now both eyes are grey. Whenever we go near his eye to examine it, he cries. I want to take him to the vet but it’s too expensive.


Cheech March, 2016

Call around and explain that your dog has an immediate need. Find a facility that will see you and bill you in increments based upon you providing a down payment with a signed agreement. Do not let them perform a dozen tests without first explaining what they are about to do and why. There is no end to the unrelated, ridiculous procedures vets can administer. Good luck to you and your dog in finding a caring, responsible vet and a means towards his healing.


Myla April, 2015

I have a 1 year old Maltese Poodle. She is always teary eyed. How can I prevent of her from getting teary eyes?


Terence January, 2014

Vets sometimes prescribe Diclofenac for eye inflammation if they have no other alternative. This drug is not really that safe for your dog. When prescribed by a vet, please follow their dosage instructions closely and keep them informed should there be any behavioral changes in your dog after taking this medicine.


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