Can I Give My Dog Celery?

Can I Give My Dog Celery?Giving your dog celery might sound like a good idea if they need to lose some weight, but is it a healthy choice for them, and do they need it at all?

Dogs are pretty low maintenance when it comes to feeding and watering them. They just want their daily food intake, they’re not too picky about what it is, just as long as it shows up at the normal time. Some people use this feature to get the cheapest dog food they can, because they know their dog is only going to scarf it down. But you should try to get your dog the good stuff, since it is their only source of nutrition.

Feeding them things like celery and other vegetables that we eat is not really necessary, as a dog doesn’t need as much of them as we do. A dog is a carnivorous animal, and we’re omnivores, and our ancestors were herbivores. Dogs would only get vegetables second hand by eating animals that ate vegetables. While it’s hard to think of your dog as a cold blooded killer, you wouldn’t see them grazing on grass like a sheep, you’d see them chasing after a sheep for a meal.

Can I Give My Dog Celery? Answer: Not recommended but debatable

Dogs wolf down their food, so they’re not going to spend a lot of time chewing up celery the way that it needs to be in order to be digested properly.

Because of its stringy nature, it needs to be be chewed to a pulp or else it can present a choking hazard, not to mention be hard to pass when it comes out the other end.

But the biggest reason not to give your dog celery is that they just don’t need it. They get all of the nutrients they need from the dog food you feed them. They surely wouldn’t be gnawing on a piece of celery out in the wild, so there’s no need to give it to them.

You might argue that they wouldn’t run into a bowl of dog food out in the wild either, but dog food is specially formulated to contain the things a dog would get from a meal caught in the wild, but without having to give them an animal carcass every day. A quality dog good will have a meat item listed as the first ingredient, as that’s what they would hunt and kill if left to their own instincts.

Giving Them More

If you’re just not content giving your dog nothing but dog food, you should get them dog treats as a special thing they can eat. This way they’re still getting a specially formulated treat, and you’re getting the satisfaction that comes from rewarding them for good behavior or just because.

You’ll also know that they’ll be able to chew it up properly, and that their body will be able to break down the treat without any digestive trouble.

It’s good that you want to give your dog nutritious things, but what’s good for us is not necessarily good for them. And celery, while thought of as a diet food, is not really that healthy in the grand scheme of things.

If you were going to give your dog a vegetable it would be better to make it something like spinach or broccoli or something that packs more of a nutritional punch and is easier to chew up and digest. But really, you don’t even have to get into all of that as long as you’re giving them a good brand of dog food.

And really, when you think about it, that’s the most economical way to go to. People food is expensive, and feeding your dog food that we can eat can really add up.

Instead, put that money into a better grade of dog food and they will get all of the nutrients they need. You’ll be able to see the proof in the extra energy they have, the shininess of their coat, and their overall health. This is the best way to do your dog a favor, and is a lot easier to remember as well.

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Les February, 2015

We have a Labrador that will eat anything, but his favorite treat is celery. He will literally drool watching us preparing it to go in a dish. The only thing I do before I give him some is chop the stalks down to about 2-3 inches. He chews them a little, which cleans his teeth, and swallows them down. Celery doesn’t give him gas like other veggies.

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Celadon9 December, 2014

I just started making my own dog food. I add steamed carrots and celery to her mix of cooked ground chicken and beef. I also add brown rice, flax seed oil, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, brewers yeast and one capsule of kelp for thyroid support. Also, one capsule of Acidophilus to each serving. My vet says this is great!

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Tania December, 2014

I have 2 little dogs and they eat dog food and cooked chicken breast. They also hunt me down for celery! I eat celery on most days and when I do they come running. I pull the stringy parts off since one time my little fella got some stuck in his teeth. They love it and so I share it with them.

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Rhene September, 2013

My dog was, for 3 first months I had her, on the ‘best quality’ most expensive brand I could find, organic. She had dandruff and no shine in her coat! The moment I started cooking for her she regained her shine and dandruff is gone.

I will never believe dog food is any good. It is convenient, but that’s all. Processed and unhealthy! I give her raw pieces of veg like carrots. She loves to chew a big piece when I am at work. She also gets pieces of celery, broccoli and apple.

I put it into her little Kong toys or other things to make it fun. She chews the stuff up quite nicely and doesn’t gulp down big pieces. It’s good to check if you can give your dog something but double check in few places as some stuff is okay in one place and advertised as bad in other.

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Chelsea July, 2013

I disagree with this post. My vet recommended cucumbers and celery for my dog and she loves it when it’s cut up and it helps her digestive tract. Also, giving dog treats to dogs is the worst thing you can do. They are loaded with filth and preservatives.

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