Can I Give My Dog Brownies?

Can I Give My Dog Brownies?If you made fresh brownies, and the smell is filling the room, your dog probably wants in on the action. But is it something that you should give them? Most brownie mixes these days tend to have less real chocolate in them, but they usually still contain some.

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While there may be no visible direct effects, brownies are still not recommended. The sugar and dairy aren’t well suited for canines. And the more natural your brownies are, the more likely they’ll contain real chocolate, the greater your dog’s risk.

Further, additives in your typical store-bought brownie mix will likely include many chemicals and preservatives that just don’t belong in your dog’s body. So it’s best to just avoid them altogether.

Can I Give My Dog Brownies? Answer: No

The major offender here is the chocolate that is usually in brownies.

Most of us know that chocolate is off limits to dogs, but we sometimes fail to see the connection to chocolate since it’s not a direct form of it. Also, most brownies have nuts and other things like caramel stripes in them which are better off being off limits to the family dog.

This is not to mention the very high fat content in this classic comfort food. While fat in itself isn’t off limits for dogs, this isn’t the kind they should be chowing down on. If you make a habit out of feeding your dog brownies then it’s safe to assume they won’t be operating at their best which will be your fault!

If they do end up consuming a lot of brownies, call a vet and see what they say about the situation. While they’ll likely just fine, you may be dealing with a sick pup for the next day or so.

No Sweet Treats for Dogs

A dog isn’t going to appreciate the sweet or chocolaty flavor of brownies the way we do. Don’t go out of your way to find them a chocolate substitute. Most dog treats have a savory flavor, which is more appealing to dogs than sweet foods anyway. Only we go gaga over things like ooey-gooey delicious brownies!

Dogs, in general, are very non-discriminating eaters. If you think about it, food is only in their mouths for a very short time, not long enough to even know what it is they’ve eaten. If you want to treat them in this manner, I recommend a dab of peanut butter if you have nothing else more suitable for them. Whatever you do, surely you can come up with an alternative besides brownies that can satisfy your dog’s cravings.

Better Dog Food Instead

One way to treat your dog to more delicious fare is to upgrade their dog food. Many owners skimp on this and go for a bulk bag of whatever is on sale. Try something better. You’ll likely see the difference shortly after switching them over.

With a new diet you’ll see an improvement in how much energy they have, how shiny their coat is, and even how wet and cold their nose is. Food, but certainly not brownies, is the number factor when it comes to your dog’s livelihood and well being. Are you seeing how a brownie doesn’t make any sense? Go for the healthy food instead!

Conclusion on Brownies

While there are many neutral human foods for dogs, a brownie isn’t one of them. But it’s good that you’re thinking about what’s appropriate for your dog to eat. You probably already knew that you shouldn’t be giving them brownies because of the chocolate. Dogs really only need their dog food, fresh water and some love to be happy and healthy.

On the other hand, some owners come here looking for answers after their dogs have accidentally gotten into some. In any case, always closely monitor your dog after they’ve eaten something that deviates from the norm. If you see signs that things aren’t right, then a call to the vet may be in order. In the meantime, you have the brownies all to yourself!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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