Can I Give My Dog Bones?

Can I Give My Dog Bones?Giving your dog a bone seems like the right thing to do. It’s common knowledge that canines like them a lot. That said, some types should really be off limits for safety’s sake.

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It’s not out of the ordinary if your dog often wants to chew and gnaw things. But there’s some debate as to whether Fido can safely handle real bones and so the merits of providing them have come into question.

Bones do seem like a natural way to accommodate this inherit oral fixation. Just do your homework! The truth is that fake bones are likely better, safer and more appropriate to give to your dog in lieu of the real thing.

Can I Give My Dog Bones? Answer: Real bones are more dangerous than fake

There are many reported cases of surgery being required to have pieces of real bones removed from the stomach.

Cooked bones, like those that would end up in a doggy bag from a restaurant should not be given to your dog. They really do have a chance of splintering and cutting up their mouth or insides. It’s an unnecessary extra risk that may result in suffering as well as high medical costs. It would also be a heart breaking and nerve racking situation that every owner wants to avoid. The easiest way to do this is to never give your beloved dog a real bone.

However, you can substitute with a carefully designed high-quality dog bone chew toy.

Which Bones are Best

Some proponents of bones say that you can give your dog raw beef bones, but this is disputed by many animal health professionals. There are plenty of fake bones that are specifically designed for dogs and these can help with their natural instinct to gnaw on things. It may even help to prevent wear and tear on your furniture and other items around the home that you’d like to keep in one piece.

Finding a unanimous decision as to which bones are okay for pet dogs is elusive. Cases can be made against all sorts of bones, whether beef, pork, chicken, or otherwise. It’s a controversial topic but we favor fake bones as the most appropriate for safely reasons.

Most Dangerous Types

Probably the worst types of bones, that you can give your dog, are from poultry. These tend to be too soft and can easily be lodged in the throat presenting a dangerous choking hazard. There’s also a chance that chicken bones could be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Any kind of small sized bones, which can be eaten in one bite, are to be avoided as well. These types could get stuck in your dog’s throat or further down in the digestive system. Quite scary!

Your Dog’s Wild Side

If you are still on the fence about what to do, think about what a wild dog would eat, and whether or not they would have bones. Some say a dog would just eat the meat from an animal, and wouldn’t have much use for the bones.

Others contend that the canine digestive system is able to handle them, as long as they’re raw, the way they would be if hunted and killed in the wild. Those that feed their dogs a raw diet claim that their wild roots dictate that they’re fine with raw bones, but if your dog is used to store bought dog food, you might want to keep bones off the menu.

Conclusion on Bones

We favor avoiding risks associated with giving your dog real bones. There are fake bones designed specifically for dogs that are much safer than the real thing. It may seem like a very conservative way to go, but when it comes to your dog’s health you want to be safe rather than sorry. So think twice before throwing your dog a chicken bone!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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