Can I Give My Dog Biotin?

Can I Give My Dog Biotin?Giving your dog Biotin might seem like a good idea, since a lot of it’s supposed benefits seem like they would be good for a dog to have. However, there hasn’t been much testing of this vitamin in dogs, and it’s only recently gained attention for its benefits to humans.

The beauty of dogs is that they’re pretty self-maintaining creatures. They don’t need a whole lot in the way of bells and whistles to make them go. As humans we’re always tinkering with our diet and getting caught up in the next diet or well-being craze. But dogs just need a simple diet and they don’t need you giving them things like Biotin.

If you simply focused on providing the best of what they do need, you wouldn’t have to concern yourself with all of the extra nonsense. They need a good dog food, not the kind you typically find on sale at the local supermarket. Go to the local pet store and get them the good stuff. Then all you have to worry about is keeping their water dish full with clean cool fresh water and they’re good to go. You can expect years of good health and lots of activity out of them.

Can I Give My Dog Biotin? Answer: Not Needed

Dogs really don’t need to take Biotin.

They are a very natural creature that is more in tune with the natural order of life than we as humans are. They don’t have medications for every little thing that ails them, and they don’t need any supplements like this as long as they are getting their recommended daily allowances of what they do need from their daily dose of dog food.

It’s been said that Biotin can help create healthy hair in humans, and you’d think that this would be a good thing for dogs, giving them a nice, shiny coat. It’s also been said that this can help strengthen brittle nails.

If your dog is suffering from this condition, you might like to see it improve by giving them Biotin. There are also signs that this may help with conditions like diabetes and depression, which more and more we’re discovering that dogs can get both of these.

Theory vs. Reality

So while on paper it seems like Biotin would be a great thing to give your dog, the fact remains that their body won’t digest and process it the same way that ours does, and if left to their own devices in the wild they wouldn’t be eating Biotin supplements, or eating foods that naturally contain it.

Try to keep your dog as bound to nature as possible. The more you stray from what they would normally be eating, and the more you give them stuff that’s made for us humans, the more you create the possibility of a volatile situation.

Importance of Good Dog Food

If your dog is getting all of the vitamins and minerals they need from a high quality dog food, you won’t have to worry about supplementing their diet with anything else. And in the long run it makes more sense to put a little extra into a premium dog food rather than buying the cheap stuff and then supplementing with a lot of expensive additives.

If you really want to give your dog something extra, make it a dog treat. Dogs love to be given treats, if they’ve done something good or just because. You can have the satisfaction of breaking away from the monotony of the same food and water every day by giving them a dog treat that you can buy at the store.

These will contain extra vitamins and minerals that can help your dog in addition to what they’re already getting.

Remember, you don’t need to do much for your dog, and that doesn’t make you a bad owner, it makes you a smart owner. Inundating your dog with all of the trappings that we humans enjoy is pretty much a counterproductive way of being nice to your dog. You may think that you’re helping them, but simplicity is far more effective, both for them, and you.

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