Can I Give My Dog Aloe Vera Juice?

Can I Give My Dog Aloe Vera Juice?Aloe Vera juice is something that is gaining popularity in health food circles, but is it something that translates to your dog’s health too? We’re always looking at ways to prolong the lives of our furry friends, or to add to their enjoyment of life, but sometimes we have to draw the line at what we give them.

The health benefits of aloe vera juice for humans is supposedly that it is good for your digestive tract, can help with your immune system, and reduces inflammation and relieves pain. These sound great, and all of them sound like something your dog would also benefit from. But their circulatory and digestive systems are different from ours even if they might share many of the same organs, and are mammals as well.

You may think that you can get away with giving your dog low quality or cheap aloe vera juice, but you should only give them the good stuff, because you don’t want to give them an inexpensive brand that is full of sugar. Dogs don’t really need aloe vera juice, so don’t just give it to them because you think they need it, and if you decide to give it to them, make sure it’s a grade that you would consume yourself.

Can I Give My Dog Aloe Vera Juice? Answer: In small amounts

Giving your dog a bit of aloe vera juice on a daily or regular basis is fine, as long as you don’t overdo it, and as long as you remain consistent with how much you give them.

It might not be very easy to determine if it is having a positive effect on them, but over time you will be able to see if their digestion seems to be improving, or if they are showing fewer signs of being in pain.

Aloe Vera juice can cause diarrhea if given in large enough doses, which is why you want to verify with your vet the proper amount to give your dog before you start using the trial and error method on your own.

Giving Your Dog New Things

Whenever you introduce new foods and drinks to your dog, you want to isolate the occurrence so that you can properly monitor them for any behavioral changes. You can even start with a smaller dose that your vet recommends, and then gradually build up to the recommended dosage as they assimilate to it.

As the owner, it’s important to realize that you are in control of most of what your dog eats, and what enters their body. Of course they’re bound to get into stuff they’re not supposed to from time to time, but being the official gateway is an important role of a dog owner.

Consulting with Your Vet

Any time you give your dog something like aloe vera juice or gel, you’ll want to run it past your vet first. Don’t worry, they get calls like this all the time, and you’re not bothering them, that’s what they’re there for.

Why Aloe Vera Juice?

The aloe plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and is well known as a remedy for burns and other skin ailments. As research into this plant continues, more and more health benefits seem to be popping up, and many people swear by it as a source for all natural healing and well-being.

The divide occurs when we try to take common remedies for humans and apply them to animals and pets. Dogs are pretty simple when it comes to what they need: regular dog food and a clean and full water dish. Dog owners have a knack for complicating this otherwise simple set up.

You should really resist the urge to give your dog all of these extra bells and whistles, and just keep it simple. Unless there is a pressing reason for wanting to give them things like aloe vera juice, you should just stick to the basics.

Your dog is happy as can be just having the same dog food and water every day, and tinkering with this only adds inconsistency to their diet, and potentially has side effects that negate any benefits.

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Marc September, 2014

Aloe contains saponins which are toxic to dogs. It can create a soap-like substance in your dog’s intestinal tract and can cause upset stomach. Giving your dog aloe is probably not a good idea. No studies find it to be beneficial for dogs. The only information I found was negative.

Aloe can be used on the skin in small doses, other than that…from what I have researched, not for the tummy. Keep away from all the nonsense, they are carnivores, not herbivores. Studies even show that saponins can be dangerous for herbivores, especially while pregnant.

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Terence December, 2013

Aloe Vera contains saponins and ingestion by dogs can result in an upset stomach, anorexia (loss of appetite), tremors and, at times, a change in urine color.

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