Can I Give My Dog Whipped Cream?

Can I Give My Dog Whipped Cream?Does your dog get whipped into a frenzy at the sight of whipped cream? This fluffy sweet treat is a tasty topping but for a pet pooch?

A small amount of whipped cream isn’t going to harm a dog. That said, feeding Fido this light but fatty dessert topping is not recommended.

Some dogs can handle dairy without any complications. Nevertheless, canine consumption of whipped cream should be kept to a minimum.

Can I Give My Dog Whipped Cream? Answer: Just a taste

But, really, all desserts are questionable for pets.

It’s fair to say that Crème Chantilly, the fancy French name for whipped cream, is inappropriate for dogs. That does not mean a taste will be harmful. Whipped cream is not dangerous for your dog but sharing too much is a bit irresponsible. Strictly limit this type of special treat.

Do you know how your dog handles dairy? It’s a feeding factor for a furry friend and just one whipped cream question mark!

The Saturated Fat and Sugar

Hopefully you’d be feeding your dog only a tiny amount of whipped cream. The dairy is less likely to upset their stomach if you maintain moderation.

In any case, there are other reasons why you should think twice about sharing this very popular topping. This pretty much applies to ice cream too…

Whipped cream is high in saturated fat as well as sugar. These are considerations to think about because you care, very much, about your dog.

As you can see, the idea looks fun but that isn’t reason to do it.

Fattening and Cavity Causing

If you aren’t yet convinced that whipped cream is bad for your dog then consider how fattening it can be.

Pet obesity is a really big problem nowadays. Keep in mind that just a single tablespoon of whipped cream typically contains over 50 calories which is more than Jell-O.

Desserts are not how you should be delivering fuel to a dog. Your best buddy will also be more prone to developing dental cavities.

Dairy & Digestion Downsides

Gastric complications are likely whenever too much dairy is given to a dog. Smaller breeds tend to have a lower tolerance for lactose compared to bigger dogs. There’s also your pet’s individual sensitivity.

Whipped cream is made to be consumed in small amounts and this applies to humans too! Either don’t provide this topping to your pet dog or allow only a miniscule taste.

Whipped Cream Alternatives

The closest thing we can recommend to whipped cream is a pepperoni-flavored dog treat. It’s more of a paste though it dispenses just like whipped cream!

This is much more appropriate for a four-legged friend and you can incorporate it with a fun Kong toy. It’s nice to have a similar alternative on hand.

One thing’s for sure, there’s no need to feel guilty about withholding a dollop of whipped cream from your pet dog.

Conclusion on Whipped Cream

Whipped cream isn’t toxic and your dog can have a taste, but don’t make it a habit. Dairy products require caution. Many dogs are lactose intolerant and whipped cream falls into this category. Most importantly, this dessert topping isn’t healthy for your dog.

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