Can I Give My Dog Tortillas?

Can I Give My Dog Tortillas?Tortillas are delicious, but can your dog have a taste? They’ll definitely want to wolf down this staple food. Is sharing some harmful or not?

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Dogs do not have well equipped digestive systems for flour or corn-based tortillas. As a general rule, processed foods should not be given to pets.

Feeding a dog a single tortilla is no harm done. But when this becomes a bad feeding habit, it can complicate a canine’s life. Strive for simplicity.

Can I Give My Dog Tortillas? Answer: Not Recommended

This particular food lacks nutrition and is best avoided.

Tortillas aren’t great for dogs. Feeding one, on occasion, won’t be dangerous. Just don’t make a habit of it. Consider that tortillas can’t provide your dog with much nutrition. Avoid unhealthy feeding habits as much as possible.

Tortillas aren’t the worst. It’s just that they should not really be part of a healthy dog’s diet.

Delicate Digestive System

It’s a myth that dogs have digestive systems that are very adaptable compared to humans. A great example would be feeding your dog lots of tortillas. This would actually be more unhealthy for them, comparatively speaking.

Canines don’t process pure grains, or corn, the same way we can. Tortillas could cause problems for your dog down the road.

Even though animals may wolf down whatever you feed them doesn’t mean it’s appropriate or at all healthy.

Unhealthy K9 Habits

Aside from the potential harm you could cause your dog from feeding them tortilla, you also risk changing their eating habits as a whole. If you are feeding your dog some tortilla or something equally unhealthy as scraps during dinner then they will come to expect it.

This could cause your dog to beg during dinner-time and they might even snatch something off your plate. This is obviously bad behavior which manifests from poor habits over time. It would take plenty of effort to train your dog to be obedient once more.

We don’t mean to pick on tortillas specifically because this canine problem presents itself with most human foods which is why many people avoid them all together

Two Types of Tortilla

There are two different kinds of tortilla. It’s prudent not to feed your dog either of them. The first is grain and, as mentioned above, dogs don’t digest grain as well as we can.

Sometimes wheat and grains aren’t even digested completely. In fact, if your dog is allergic to gluten, it is all the more reason to avoid providing tortillas.

The second type is corn based. Though dogs can usually digest this kind easier, it is still not recommended. Do you know if your dog is allergic to corn or not? This factor could make it the more dangerous choice between the two.

Conclusion on Tortillas

Feeding Fido this flour or maize-based food could eventually cause digestive problems. Making sure that your K9 eats only what is good for them, primarily quality dog food, will not only improve overall health but will also improve obedience. Often people forget, dogs that are not used to being given scraps will not be prone to begging.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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