Can I Give My Dog Something for Pain?

Can I Give My Dog Something For Pain?It’s distressing to see your dog in pain. Illness, injury, infection, old age and arthritis are common culprits. Some causes aren’t apparent and require a diagnosis.

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In any case, pain can be frightening for a dog. This can cause aggressive behavior and a vicious cycle of unhappiness. Such scenarios do not have to be permanent!

But rather than using potentially dangerous medications, you need a safe solution. There are several ways to help and we’ll be recommending a few.

Can I Give My Dog Something for Pain? Answer: Yes

Prescription and human over-the-counter meds are often used to ease pet pain. Thankfully, there are far less risky and equally effective alternatives.

We personally use anti-inflammatory pain tablets that are designed for pets. We crush them up and mix them into moist dog food. They’re safe, made in the USA and work extremely well for our oldest. It’s a great option for dogs dealing with general aches and pains, arthritis as well as other degenerative joint diseases.

There are also very affordable fast acting aspirin-free chewable tablets. They get great reviews from dog owners.

Conventional Pain Meds

Providing a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory to your dog isn’t without risks. They’re often effective but also quite dangerous. Talk with a trusted vet before administering any potent drugs.

Instead of alleviating pain, powerful medications can easily cause more suffering. This is particularly true for puppies and dogs with liver, kidney, heart and/or intestinal problems.

We cover several popular brand name pharmaceuticals designed for reducing pain. Do a search for specific NSAIDs. Rimadyl, in particular, has a good reputation for helping dogs.

Be sure to also ask your vet about Metacam and Previcox.

A Diagnosis Comes First

We understand it’s expensive, but you really should get your dog diagnosed. There may be something going on with their internals, which requires a thorough check-up.

Whatever you do, avoid experimental treatment. Obviously, you want to provide your dog with an appropriate medicine. Treating the actual source of a pet’s misery is how you can eliminate pain problems.

A top contributor to dog depression is ongoing, debilitating pain.

A Hot or Cold Compress

A hot or cold compress is a proven way to, at least temporarily, ease your buddy’s pain. This will also relax and soothe your dog. Watch this video!

A cold compress minimizes swelling, while a hot compress can reduce most aches and pains. Heat is especially useful for a pulled muscle but also for arthritis.

Acupuncture Alternative

Keep an open mind and consider unconventional alternatives. Many dogs, having struggled with pain for a long time, can be helped with acupuncture.

Yes, it’s a pain solution for pets. Vets are increasingly taking interest in this ancient field of medicine. It really works!

More Pet Pain Pointers

Constant movement may worsen your dog’s condition. Temporarily crating them can prevent injuries when they’re most vulnerable.

It’s best to avoid extended walks for the time being. Have your dog take it easy until their pain subsides.

Eating may become a challenge. Pets tend to lose their appetites when not feeling well. The same goes for water, so focus on keeping your dog hydrated.

Eventually, you may need to see professional to reduce a dog’s suffering.

Conclusion on Treating Pain

There are options for easing your dog’s pain. NSAIDs work, but there are detrimental downsides. A vet’s diagnosis, to address the source, is optimal for treating a dog’s persistent pain. In the short term, quality pet pain pills are much preferred to human drugs.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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