Can I Give My Dog Something for Constipation?

Can I Give My Dog Something for Constipation?It’s normal for dogs to occasionally experience constipation, but help may be needed if your best buddy hasn’t had a bowel movement for 2 or 3 days.

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Your dog could have a medical condition that’s causing chronic canine constipation. Rule that out while also focusing on alleviating the straining.

There’s no shortage of medicines that loosen stools. We’ll offer up safe and sound solutions so your dog’s constipation will normalize in no time.

Can I Give My Dog Something for Constipation? Answer: Yes, there are many options

Conventional treatments such as enemas and strong laxatives should be used with caution.

Dogs with frequent constipation may have this symptom due to something more serious. Taking the dog to a vet is smart. For home treatment, Metamucil is often used for K9 constipation though we favor food remedies. Pumpkin works for dogs but there are others that we will recommend!

A proven option is a well-regarded product called Lax’aire (a gentle laxative and lubricant) which is specifically designed for pet constipation.

Switch Their Dog Food

Try switching to a quality canned dog food if you are always feeding your furry friend dry kibble. It is worth doing and you may be surprised at the bowel behavior results.

What you are providing your dog could very well be contributing to their constipation. You may be able to rid their straining misery if you simply change the brand or ingredients of regular meals.

Diet can play a big role when it comes to constipation. This applies to humans and dogs alike.

Proven Food Remedies

Pumpkin, olive oil and ginger are known to reduce colon constipation and they are safe for your dog to consume in small amounts.

Carrots are another excellent remedy as is cottage cheese! Most of these choices happen to be nutritious and, as a bonus, also work for dog diarrhea. The issue may be as simple as a lack of fiber in their diet.

A more controversial solution would be milk. Some say this is a good constipation fix for dogs but we don’t use it. Many four-legged friends do not take well to lactose.

Pet Pooch Probiotics

A probiotic should also be tried when your dog’s constipation isn’t responding to those foods. It could create conditions for softer stools that are easier to pass.

Check out this video for more tips.

Dogs With Dehydration

Be sure that the dog is getting enough water if they’re constipated. A lack of fluids could be causing their bowel movements to harden to the point of straining.

This can be easily overlooked if your dog isn’t a big drinker. This brings us to exercise. Active dogs require more water but running around will also tend to reduce canine constipation.

It’s important for your dog to move around a lot throughout the day. Yes, exercise and more water could be the fix. 

Hounds & Hemorrhoids

Not only is your dog uncomfortable when they are dealing with constipation but they are also susceptible to developing hemorrhoids. Address your dog’s constipation condition and this is avoidable.

Conclusion on Constipation

Give your dog certain foods like pumpkin or olive oil when they have constipation. First, rule out other medical problems by getting a vet’s diagnosis. Other ways to treat your dog’s constipation is with a better lifestyle, Metamucil, probiotics or with a mild laxative made for pets.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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