Can I Give My Dog Sauerkraut?

Can I Give My Dog Sauerkraut?During summer many folks eat sauerkraut. It’s used as a condiment for hot dogs and sandwiches. This food is surprisingly healthy, but what about for a pet dog?

Sauerkraut usually turns up when friends and family have a barbecue. Your dog will want to be included at these fun social gatherings. You’ll have a feeding decision to make.

There’s nothing about this tasty topping that’s harmful for canines. That said, homemade sauerkraut is preferred to the canned kind and for good reason. Find out more for your dog’s sake!

Can I Give My Dog Some Sauerkraut? Answer: Yes, homemade and raw is excellent

Without the additives and preservatives, this fermented food is healthier than regular cabbage.

Dogs can eat sauerkraut, but they may be gassy afterwards. This is also a condiment that’s high in sodium, especially canned kraut. Limit your dog’s portions. The good news is that raw sauerkraut has antioxidants, lots of vitamins and excellent probiotic properties. So, fermented cabbage can be fed to dogs in moderation. Hot dogs are another story though!

The nutritional value in sauerkraut can be fantastic, but this depends on where you source it.

Homemade vs Store-Bought

There’s a difference between feeding a dog cheap pre-made, mass produced sauerkraut and grandma’s kraut recipe. Unfortunately, most folks favor convenience over cooking and especially for condiments.

There are reasons to make the extra effort. Homemade means your dog won’t be consuming too much salt (sodium). If you value eating healthy, consider a sauerkraut recipe for you and your pet dog!

Sauerkraut Health Benefits

Make delicious sauerkraut at home and your finely cut fermented cabbage will be high in vitamin C & vitamin K as well as iron and fiber.

Did we mention that kraut also offers valuable antioxidants! Your dog can benefit from these great nutrients too, but what is really interesting about sauerkraut is the probiotic factor.

Pets & Powerful Probiotics

The sauerkraut fermentation process creates live bacteria. These are beneficial for your dog’s digestive health. That’s why heating up homemade kraut is a bad idea. It will kill valuable microbes and enzymes.

Quality sauerkraut can enable the growth of very healthy bowel flora which can protect your dog against nasty digestive tract diseases. Overall digestion may also improve, at least in theory.

In raw and unpasteurized form, sauerkraut is a super food with probiotic potential for pets!

Fermented Foods for Fido

So now you know that properly prepared sauerkraut is a good veggie for stomach health. Pickles are another fermented food that’s usually okay for dogs. Plain cucumbers, however, are a better choice.

Another processed meat is salami, but we do not recommend it for your dog. Most vegetables, on the other hand, are healthy even after they have undergone a fair amount of fermentation.

Conclusion on Sauerkraut

Dogs can eat sauerkraut. This condiment is best homemade, unpasteurized and raw. A cabbage topping is great for gut health, due to fermentation, but it can also have nutritional benefits for dogs. A small amount of store-bought sauerkraut is likely harmless, but probably contains preservatives and lacks valuable enzymes, vitamins and probiotic qualities.

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