Can I Give My Dog Robitussin?

Can I Give My Dog Robitussin?Everyone knows Robitussin and people depend on this cold medicine. But providing this popular product to a sick pet dog raises some eyebrows. Learn more before you do anything!

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Robitussin now comes in more than 15 different variations, including some formulated for children. It’s obviously not intended for animal use and dog dosing is somewhat of a grey area.

Robitussin AC contains Codeine which is risky for dogs. You need to be familiar with dosage, side effects and which version is safest before even considering this over-the-counter medicine.

Can I Give My Dog Robitussin? Answer: Yes, some versions and with vet approval

It’s routinely used in many households, but be careful when giving this OTC product to a precious pet.

Does your dog have a cough, lingering mucus, sinus problems or a combination of flu-like symptoms? Robitussin also works for dogs and vets do sometimes prescribe it. That said, the AC version is a Schedule V Controlled Substance and is not recommended. Look into Vet Rx for Dogs, it’s a much safer way to help.

Some veterinarians surprisingly utilize Robitussin for kennel cough, but there are usually better options.

Dogs & Dextromethorphan

Keep in mind that Robitussin is a cough suppressant only. It will not cure your dog’s cold. Check the label for Dextromethorphan. That’s the active ingredient in Robitussin and it’s safe enough for dogs.

Dextromethorphan will suppress canine cough reflex signals, but it’s only a temporary solution. Robitussin is only intended for short-term use. Dogs with lingering symptoms need to see a vet.

Robitussin’s Side Effects

Robitussin can cause side effects. Your dog may experience hallucinogenic effects from too high a dose. Other signs include shallow breathing, anxiety, dizziness, nervousness, restlessness and confusion.

Dogs can also suffer withdrawals or other nasty symptoms due to Robitussin, especially if it’s taken for an extended period. Remember, temporary relief only.

Alternatives should be considered for canines. In any case, closely monitor your furry friend when they’re on Robitussin. This goes for all antitussives!

Careful of Codeine for K9s

Stick with a Robitussin that contains Dextromethorphan. Look for the DM version. AC contains a narcotic opiate codeine, a naturally occurring morphine. A dog taking this powerful OTC can be tragic.

Dosing Info for Pet Dogs

Robitussin comes in liquid and tablet form. It’s easy to administer tablets by crushing and concealing in dog food. Ideally, you should get a veterinarian to determine a proper dose.

Weight, size, age, breed and known allergies are all factors. Every canine case is different. Generally, every 10 hours up to half a milligram (0.5mg) per pound is okay for dogs. Never exceed this amount!

The same formula applies to liquid Robitussin, but check the label’s concentration.

Alternatives to Robitussin

Mucinex is similar to Robitussin. They both contain an expectorant called Guaifenesin that will clear mucus in your dog’s lungs. Again, we recommend Vet Rx for Dogs.

To go the home remedy route, honey can treat many of the same symptoms. Also, certain types of teas can relieve Fido’s flu symptoms. These work for dogs too!

Conclusion on Robitussin

Robitussin isn’t intended for dogs. The AC version is out of the question. It’s too dangerous. If you use a safer version on a pet, it should only be for a short period of time. A professional should dose your dog for Robitussin. Watch for bad reactions. Go to a vet if your dog isn’t getting better.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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