Can I Give My Dog Potatoes?

Can I Give My Dog Potatoes?Sharing a potato with your dog is harmless, but there are some factors to consider before feeding time. This vegetable has several variations. Most belong to the Nightshade family which could complicate matters.

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Sweet potatoes and yams are nutritionally superior and more appropriate for dogs, particularly if a pet doesn’t agree with nightshades. But carbs and sugars are also considerations for canines.

Don’t get us wrong! You can share some veggies with your dog, including potatoes, but do it in the best way. Learn more about this starchy staple before providing it to a precious pet.

Can I Give My Dog Potatoes? Answer: Yes, cooked and in moderation

It contains vitamin A, B & C as well as iron. Nevertheless, keep portions to a minimum and never serve raw.

A high-quality dog food that incorporates potatoes is the best way to provide this vegetable. For example, there’s an excellent whitefish and sweet potatoes recipe without GMOs or preservatives. When sharing, in whole form, know that sweet potatoes are better than the regular white variety. They fall outside the Solanaceae categorization and offer extra nutrients.

Diabetic dogs shouldn’t partake and, obviously, potato chips or french fries are always out of the question!

Properly Preparing Potatoes

When feeding a straight potato to a dog always wash, peel and boil until soft. Always cook this nightshade vegetable prior to serving.

Raw potatoes have a naturally-occurring chemical called solanine. This can be toxic and may affect your dog’s nervous system. So, boil or bake before chow time.

Mashed potatoes are questionable. They often contain added butter, cheese, bacon bits, milk and salt. Take these ingredients into consideration before they’re gobbled up.

Your dog will likely wolf down their plain potato portion, in short order, without critiquing the taste.

Carbohydrates For Canines

Potatoes are a starchy vegetable and high in carbs. Active dogs can burn these calories. But if your buddy isn’t running around for much of the day then potatoes may weigh them down.

They’re healthy and contain some nutrients for dogs, but the carbohydrate factor is also a concern. That’s why you should limit those potato portions.

In other words, make room for what Fido actually requires to thrive. Too much will contribute to obesity and other medical issues later in life.

A quality dog food will contain the right balance of nutrients which is something potatoes simply can’t do.

Forget a Vegetarian Diet

Don’t tip the scales towards a vegetarian diet. Your dog needs meat protein and lots of starchy potatoes just won’t cut it. This food in particular is high on the Glycemic Index which needs to be considered.

That’s not to say potatoes can’t be shared, but keep them at secondary status. Protein from meat is much more important. Nevertheless, check out this wonderful sweet potato recipe for dogs!

Don’t feel bad if your dog doesn’t get to regularly eat healthy vegetables. Potatoes, even though they contain vitamin C and iron, aren’t going to help out a hound as much as you may think.

Conclusion on Potatoes

You can feed your dog potatoes. Cook this veggie and exclude butter or sour cream. Ration portions due to carb concerns. Sweet potatoes are more nutritious and a better choice for dogs. Potatoes aren’t a great people food for pets, but they’re harmless in moderation. Consider a quality canine-formulated potato recipe for a more balanced approach.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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